Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

Pintura em tecidos de flores com graficos

Oi minhas Flores ...........................
Adorei estes riscos de Flores ...
Podemos pintar nossos paninhos e tb pintar com giz de cera tb ...

Vestido creme em croche para meninas festerias

Mochila para os pequenos em croche passo a passo

Bolsinha Moranguinho com Gráfico e passo a passo

Cachecol magico multi-funcional

Cachecol mágico é novidade de inverno!

Ja esta a venda nas lojas do Bom Retiro e no site! Visite-nos.

Oi gente,essa aqui é novidade de inverno pra quem gosta de ficar na moda, é o cachecol mágico. É muito interessante as formas de como dá pra vestir ele!
Dêem uma olhada
Transformavel para : colete ,xale ,avental , cachecol , etc.....
Um cachecol na mão , traz infinitas modificaçoes!!!

The Winner Takes It All-- IL DIVO

Octava cancion del cd de IL DIVO

Kangaroo Island, Australia: The wonders of Oz - By Charles Starmer-Smith -

With duties on long-haul flights due to rise, now is the time to book a trip to Australia's magical islands. Charles Starmer-Smith suggests Kangaroo Island.

By Charles Starmer-Smith
Published: 10:42AM BST 18 Jun 2010

Cape Willoughby Lighthouse on the rugged coast of Kangaroo Island Photo: William Robinson/Alamy
A lounge with a view at the luxurious Southern Ocean Lodge
A lounge with a view at the luxurious Southern Ocean Lodge
A sea lion mother and cub enjoy one of Kangaroo Island's empty beaches
A sea lion mother and cub enjoy one of Kangaroo Island's empty beaches Photo: Alamy
Admiral's Arch on Kangaroo Island
Admiral's Arch on Kangaroo Island

Perched on the cliff above Hanson Bay, I gazed out at the Southern Ocean. With no land mass between here and Antarctica to dampen the swell, the waves were pounding the sugar-white sands with alarming ferocity. It was no surprise to hear that 86 ships had come a cropper on these reefs. Prints marked the sand – left not by stranded sailors but by the local wildlife, which, with just one human being per square mile, still roams free. Kangaroo Island (KI), off the coast of South Australia, is wild, elemental and unforgiving. But I can think of few places in which l would rather be shipwrecked.

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* Australia's best islands

Britons continue to be drawn to Australia's great outdoors: gap-year students treading the well-worn tourist trail, sports tourists following England's rugby or cricket exploits (the Ashes start in six months and already packages are being snapped up), emigrants in search of sunshine and the surf-and-turf lifestyle. That controversial marketing slogan, "Where the bloody hell are you?", could be replaced with "Why the bloody hell are there so many of you here?"

But for how long? Britain's new coalition Government, trying to plug a financial black hole, sees travel as part of the answer. Air Passenger Duty has risen by up to 325 per cent since 2006; the question is not whether it is going to rise again in next week's emergency Budget, but by how much. If the Liberal Democrats' manifesto plans are adopted, revenue from this tax (now being described as a "per plane tax") could rise from £1.9 bn to £5.3 bn, and long-haul holidays, for all but the wealthiest, could be in real danger of becoming once-in-a-lifetime trips. If that happens, you will want to make them count.

"Hold on, folks – we've hit rush minute here," said Jen, who had greeted my wife and me at the tiny airport in Kingscote with a smile as broad as her Aussie twang. We had reached a three-car tailback at one of the island's few intersections as we bounced along the Southern Ocean road. We had passed a line of postboxes. Not a sight that usually warrants a second look, but here the postboxes were a washing machine, an oil drum, a spin dryer, a jerrycan and a lavatory seat.

It was this kind of quirky individuality that encouraged Jen to leave her home in the Northern Territory – a place she felt had become unrecognisable from a decade ago, as her beloved "outback" around Kakadu National Park had became a commercial enterprise, crisscrossed with tarmac roads and flooded with tourists.

Thankfully, the lack of fresh water and the poor soil on KI has kept the population low and made it easier for conservationists to protect vast swathes of the island. But with the demise of the wool industry, tourism has become a vital industry here, too. The island has always had plenty of good-value, basic hotels and rental homes, but the completion of the luxurious Southern Ocean Lodge last year was the missing piece in the jigsaw. The architects of this wilderness-and-wellness retreat have taken care to ensure it blends into its surroundings. From the moment you walk into the limestone-clad, open-plan lobby you are confronted by a wraparound screen of floor-to-ceiling glass to show off the setting, and the views from all 21 suites (all named after shipwrecks) are no less impressive.

KI is billed as Australia's answer to the Galapagos Islands: koalas, seals, sea lions, wallabies and, of course, kangaroos, are abundant, while echidna, platypus, southern right whales and penguins can be spotted by those who are more patient. Evening "Kangas and Kanapes" drinks on the 600-acre estate of nearby Edward's Cottage, which teems with kangaroos, give a taste of what the place can offer, but to have any hope of scratching beneath the surface of an island the size of Sussex, you need an experienced guide.

Early on our second morning we met Tim – a big, brash, sports-mad Australian (is there any other sort?) whose comments on flora and fauna were offset by a refreshingly un-PC stream of one-liners. On a recent shark attack: "Look, the guy was surfing among a seal colony in a dark grey wetsuit – it doesn't take a genius to work out that that is not a great idea." On the recent forest fires: "We ran out of marshmallows in a week."

After a morning in Koala Alley, craning our necks for more than the odd glimpse of a furry rear, I began to question Tim's assertion that these laid-back marsupials, introduced in 1923, were once in danger of overrunning the island. Such was their rate of reproduction (perhaps that is why they need 19 hours' sleep) and voracious appetite for vegetation that the government considered a cull, until an international outcry left neutering as the only option.

As if on cue, there was a rustle in the bushes and a young male rummaged through the undergrowth towards us, almost close enough to touch. As we all fawned and cooed unashamedly, I could not help wondering whether his doleful expression owed more to a recent snip than to a eucalyptus-induced stupor.

Behind all Tim's "tree-hugger" badinage was a genuine concern about the regeneration of the island's rare plants, more than 40 species of which are unique to KI. We climbed out of the 4x4 in the heart of Flinders Chase National Park (named after Matthew Flinders, the Englishman who first charted the island in 1802) to find sweeping views over the vast forests of the interior, where thick brushstrokes of grey swept across the green canvas. This scorched earth was the result of fires – some accidental, some deliberate – that the authorities are desperate to avoid but that Tim believes are vital for the survival of rare species.

"While the American attitude would be to carefully cut a sample, test-tube it and take it to the Smithsonian Institution," he said, "here we start a fire." It seems perverse, but he maintains that from the embers of charred earth species rise that would otherwise be choked by more vigorous plants. He points to the tunnels of foliage that form over the roads: pleasing to the eye, he says, but they leave the forest floor almost devoid of life.

There were few such concerns for the health of the New Zealand fur seals. Basking in the sunshine on the rocks at Admirals Arch, they timed to perfection their slither into the swirling rock pools in the face of the oncoming tide. They seemed unconcerned that nearby sharks were deliberating whether to have seal on the rocks or in the soup.

Before any feeding frenzy could begin, Tim whisked us to Remarkable Rocks on Kirkpatrick Point, where a series of formations, sculpted by the Southern Ocean, offered a display of which Henry Moore would have been proud, their rust-coloured surfaces reddening as the setting sun cast contorted shadows all around us.

But it was our trip to Seal Bay early the next morning that will live longest in the memory. Accompanied by a naturalist, we crept down to the beach, deserted but for a 600-strong colony of sea lions – the last remnants of a population hunted almost to extinction. Crouching on the sands, we fought the urge to move forward as pups stomach-surfed their way down the grassy dunes behind us or rode the waves with excited bleats. The adults, by contrast, were positively catatonic, their hulking bodies sprawled across the sand after days of playing hunter-gatherer. Fathers wearily swatted away playful pups, rising only to stretch their necks skyward before flopping down again; mothers occasionally glanced towards our group whenever an inquisitive youngster approached us.

"It's the females who have it toughest," our guide said, to a series of knowing nods from the women present. "After a 17-month gestation period, they have one or two weeks off, and then it's back to work." Cue a round of approving smiles from the men. This was a schedule to rival that of the former French justice minister, Rachida Dati, who last year returned to work just five days after giving birth.

We sat and stared long after our camera batteries and our allotted time had run out, reluctant to move on from a scene that we might never witness again – particularly if Dave agrees with Nick and makes the long-haul flier pay even more.

Kangaroo Island basics

* Charles Starmer-Smith stayed at the Southern Ocean Lodge (0061 2 9918 4355; which offers a four-night package, staying in the Flinders suite, from £1,580 per person. including all meals, drinks, guided experiences, transfers and spa treatment.

* Flights to Kangaroo Island are operated by Rex Airlines (0061 2 6393 5550; which offers connections from seven southern Australian airports, including Adealide.

* For more information, see

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Westlife & IL Divo-"You Raise Me Up (Por Ti Sere)" MIX!

A mix by me. Westlife's version of "You Raise Me Up" and IL Divo's Spanish version of "You Raise Me Up" called "Por Ti Sere"

60 human heads discovered at Arkansas airport - By Nick Allen in Los Angeles -

Arkansas airport workers discovered a shipment of 40 to 60 human heads at a cargo facility last week, after noticing that the package was "not labelled properly".

By Nick Allen in Los Angeles
Published: 12:25AM BST 18 Jun 2010

Employees at Southwest Airlines discovered the clumsily duct-taped containers of heads last week in Little Rock. After they reported their grim discovery to police, the heads were turned over to the local coroner.

Pulaski County Coroner Garland Camper said: "They were basically in plastic containers with lids that are not air sealed.

"They were duct taped with minimal information to disclose what was inside."

Further investigation revealed that the heads were being shipped to Medtronic Inc in Fort Worth, Texas, where they would be used by neurosurgeons to study ear, nose and throat procedures.

A spokesman for the medical company said they had ordered four heads and 40 head portions with an ear attached.

He said: "In this particular instance they were going to be used for educational training, which is routinely and commonly done."

He said it was not uncommon for heads used for research to be shipped commercially, adding: "It's a common practice. This is a very uncommon result."

Medtronic, the world's largest independent medical device company, had used an Arkansas-based company to supply and ship the heads.

ECB must buy 'hundred of billions' of bonds to tame Europe's debt crisis - By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard -

Fitch Ratings has warned that it may take massive asset purchases by the European Central Bank to prevent Europe's sovereign debt crisis escalating out of control.

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Published: 8:19PM BST 17 Jun 2010

Brian Coulton, the agency's head of sovereign ratings, said German members of the ECB appeared to be blocking the sort of muscular intervention in southern European bond markets needed to restore the shattered confidence of investors.

"There has been an unwillingness to follow through, and markets are going to want to see the ECB's money. It will require hundreds of billions in my opinion," he told a global banking conference.

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Spanish debt wilts amid €250bn rescue confusion
Italian economists slam austerity measures

The ECB agreed to start buying Greek, Portuguese, and Irish bonds in April to help buttress the EU's `shock and awe' package, known as the European Financial Stability Facility. Total purchases so far have been €47bn (£39bn).

It has focused its firepower on Greece, mopping up some €25bn of government bonds. This has prevented a collapse of the Greek debt market but at the high political price of letting banks and funds dump their holdings onto the EU taxpayer.

ECB council member Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Paramo said it was "not entirely correct" to assume that the ECB was the sole buyer of the debt. "We will continue buying bonds until the situation has stabilized," he said.

The Bundesbank is reportedly irked that French banks have led the rush to the exits while German banks have stuck by a gentleman's agreement to keep their Greek assets. The ECB's council insists that it has "sterilized" all purchases, offering no net stimulus. In effect, the ECB has done little to offset severe fiscal tightening by some eurozone states, and as the M3 money supply contracts.

"The ECB commitment seems half-hearted," said Andrew Balls, head of PIMCO's team in Europe. "The European sovereign problem has started to contaminate the European banking sector and the global economy."

Experts attending a seminar by the Central Banking Journal said the ECB had been behind the curve for months. "They were always one day and one euro too late," said Paul Mortimer-Lee, market chief at BNP Paribas.

A smooth auction of €3.5bn of Spanish bonds offered some respite yesterday after a week of stress on the EMU periphery, but Spain had to pay punitive rates. The average yield on 10-year bonds was 4.86pc, a near record spread of 220 basis points over German Bunds.

Silvio Peruzzo from RBS said the auction does little to help Spanish banks and firms that have been frozen out the debt markets and face a funding crunch.

"The ECB needs to act before contagion becomes endemic. Spain's banking system in at the heart of an ice-storm and there is a risk of 'sudden stop' if they can't roll over debt. We expect intervention, probably in covered bonds," he said.

Spain's premier Jose Luis Zapatero said the banks remain well capitalized, and has led the way in pushing for release of stress tests on each lender. "There is nothing better than transparency to show solvency, and leave behind baseless rumours," he said.

Santander has emerged from the probe as the strongest of the EU's large banks, according to leaks in the Spanish press. Madrid said weaker lenders would need just a third of the country's €99bn bank-rescue fund.

Marco Annunziata from UniCredit said the release of the stress tests is a gamble. "Spain has raised the stakes, and market expectations: now it will need to show it is up to the challenge. Spain is the eurozone's lynchpin. If it fails, the eurozone's wheels will come off," he said.

European president Herman van Rompuy said the EU-wide results would be published in July, helping to clear the air and restore trust to the inter-bank lending market. The Bundesbank insists that "back-stop" facilities should be in place, a tacit admission that some lenders are in dire shape.

Fitch said European banks must refinance nearly €2 trillion of long-term debt by the end of 2012 in an unfriendly market. "There's an awful lot of debt coming due in 2011 and 2012, and that is becoming a concern," said Bridget Gandy, the agency's banking expert.

Smaller banks have put off refinancing in the hope that spreads would fall and are now caught in a vice. Mrs Gandy said the situation could turn serious if global growth falters, tipping Europe into a double-dip recession.

David Owen from Jefferies Fixed Income said the eurozone may start contracting again in the second half of the year. He said the "core problem" haunting the European debt markets is that investors have little faith in the EU strategy of forcing states to carry out draconian cuts in the middle of a recession.

Mr Owen said these countries need sustained growth to claw their way out of debt-deflation traps, and that will require fully-fledged quantitiatve easing by the ECB, and drastic currency depreciation. "If the euro falls to parity or down to 80 cents against the dollar, we would start to see a solution," he said.

L'Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt's butler 'taped conversations to protect her' - By Henry Samuel in Paris -

L'Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt's loyal butler has come forward to claim she is being conned by advisers and a society photographer.

By Henry Samuel in Paris
Published: 7:00AM BST 18 Jun 2010

He revealed he had secretly recorded conversations which he claimed would show they had taken advantage of her frail state to benefit financially.

Pascal Bonnefoy, a faithful employee of Mrs Bettencourt's for 20 years, said he had acted because he could "no longer bear" to see his 87-year-old employer, the world's 17th richest person, "being abused by people without scruples".

He placed a recording device in the ageing heiress' first floor office, where she received various confidants, lawyers and the man supposed to look after her £14bn fortune.

Appalled at what he heard, Mr Bonnefoy transferred 41 hours of recordings over the past year onto 28 CD-ROMs, resigned and handed them to Mrs Bettencourt's estranged daughter, Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers, who gave them to the police.

"I felt threatened, I wanted to protect myself," he told Le Point magazine. "When I heard them I could see where things were heading. I did my duty to the family."

The tapes appear to support Mrs Bettencourt-Meyers' claims that her mother is psychologically frail and to suggest her entourage are abusing her allegedly confused state to obtain millions in gifts.

The chief beneficiary of Mrs Bettencourt's largesse has been François-Marie Banier, a society photographer whom she has handed almost £800m in artworks, money and other presents.

A French court is to rule next month on claims by Miss Bettencourt-Meyers that Mr Banier is guilty of "abuse of weakness".

He denies the accusations, as does Mrs Bettencourt, who has said she can give money to whom she pleases and is perfectly fit to run her life and the cosmetics group in which she has a controlling stake.

That does not appear to be the case in extracts of the secret tapes.

In one recording, in March, Mrs Bettencourt asks Jean-Michel Normand, her solicitor, how much she has left Mr Banier in her will.

"Everything," replies the solicitor in a low voice.

"Ah, no," says Mrs Bettencourt.

"Yes, it's you who told me," he replies.

In May, Patrice de Maistre, Mrs Bettencourt's financial adviser, is heard telling her that she has given Mr Banier, via a foundation, an island in the Seychelles.

"Oh," she says. "I wanted to buy him an island?"

Weeks later, on April 7, she rails against Mr Banier, saying: "He's someone I like very much, he's very intelligent, but... he's killing me.

"He's becoming too demanding: give me this, give me that." Mr Banier is not the only one seeking gifts. Mr de Maistre is heard trying to persuade her to get him cash from Switzerland so he can buy the "yacht of my dreams".

But, he adds, he cannot be seen to receive the money, as "I've signed something saying I'm your protector so I can't do that".

The tapes will also deeply embarrass President Nicolas Sarkozy, who, it is heard, follows the case "closely".

In one tape, Mr de Maistre tells Mrs Bettencourt he met a presidential aide.

When she asks whether "we will win" next month's court case, in which she backs Mr Banier against her daughter, he says the presidential adviser told him that: "In the first trial, we can do nothing more, but in terms of an appeal if you lose, we know the prosecutor very, very well."

Mrs Bettencourt's lawyer accused the butler of "spying" on the heiress on behalf of her daughter. Police on Wednesday opened an inquiry into alleged infringement of Mrs Bettencourt's right to privacy, and the butler was taken in for questioning on Wednesday.

World Cup 2010: British university in firing line over Jabulani ball goal drought - By Matthew Moore and Martin Evans -

The British university behind the erratic new World Cup ball is attracting international scorn after one of the dullest and lowest scoring starts to the tournament in living memory.

By Matthew Moore and Martin Evans
Published: 7:30AM BST 18 Jun 2010

When scientists from Loughborough University unveiled the Jabulani earlier this year, they boasted that its hi-tech design would ensure "exceptionally stable flight" and make the ball "more accurate than ever before".

But after seven days of mediocre football and barely a handful of long-range goals, questions are being asked about whether Loughborough's cutting edge methods – including a wind tunnel and a "kicking" robot – have backfired.

Fabio Capello, the England manager, increased the pressure on the university earlier this week by describing the Adidas-manufactured Jabulani as "the worst ball that I have seen in my life".

Initial criticisms of the almost perfectly spherical ball's unpredictable swerve came from goalkeepers who struggled to follow the flight. But now attacking players are claiming that the smooth surface makes it more difficult to curve around defensive walls and inside the posts.

Robinho, the Brazil striker, complained that "the guy who designed this ball never played football", while Danish dead ball specialist Dan Agger joked that it made world class players look like "drunken sailors".

Matthew Le Tissier, the former England international famed for his accurate set pieces, blamed the ball's developers for the "tame" start to the World Cup.

He told The Daily Telegraph: "I'm surprised that they have spent so much time and money developing this ball but don't appear to have tested it thoroughly. The changes have been too drastic."

"There has been a reluctance to shoot from open play from any kind of distance; the players don't seem to have the confidence to keep the ball under the bar. It's a shame because people want to see exciting goals."

George Cohen MBE, a member of England's 1966 World Cup winning side, said that annual improvements to the old leather lace-up balls were beginning to damage to sport.

He said: "Designers have constantly tried to create more goals by using lighter and lighter balls. It was thought they would fly further and everyone loves to see a 30-yard screamer bend into the top corner. But things have gone too far."

Each Jabulani is made of eight panels which have been specially moulded to create a more spherical ball. The panels are thermally bonded rather than stitched together to ensure an even smoother finish.

Although the Jabulani is no lighter than other Adidas balls designed by Loughborough – including those for the 2008 European Championship and 2006 World Cup – it has been designed to travel five per cent faster.

Dr Andy Harland from Loughborough University’s Sports Technology Institute, which spent four years researching the ball for Adidas, promised that the ball was the most stable and precise ever manufactured because of pioneering "aero grooves" built into its surface.

But that has not been borne out by the first round of group matches which saw just 25 goals. This is down from 39 in Germany 2006 and 46 in Japan and South Korea in 2002.

Of the few long distance goals in South Africa, Diego Forlan's effort for Uruguay against the hosts took a significant deflection, while Clint Dempsey's strike for the USA against England and Maico's opener for Brazil against North Korea were both blamed on the Jabulani's erratic swerve.

Dr Harland, who is currently in South Africa as a guest of Adidas, insists that strikers' inability to keep the ball down when shooting from range is down to the thin air inside high altitude grounds. But matches at Cape Town and Durban, both of which are on the coast, have also been affected.

Professor Steve Haake of the Sports Engineering Research Group at Sheffield Hallam agreed that altitude was likely to have a greater influence that on the ball's trajectory than any technological changes.

He said: "In thinner air the ball will slow down less and swerve less, meaning it is more likely to fly over the bar."

But he added that tests on the Jabulani showed that it could "do some strange things" as it passes through particular speeds as it slows down, which could go some way to explaining the wild shooting.

Adidas hopes to sell more than 15 million of the Jabulani balls at up to £80 each. The name means "rejoice" in Zulu.

Child tax credits to be cut for 2m families - By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent -

More than two million middle-class families will lose their entitlement to child tax credits worth hundreds of pounds a year after Nick Clegg said they did not "need" the benefit.

By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent
Published: 10:11PM BST 17 Jun 2010

The Deputy Prime Minister signalled that the move would form part of next week's emergency Budget, insisting it was not "unreasonable" to expect the middle classes to make sacrifices.

Currently, parents can claim child tax credit if they earn up to £58,000, or £66,000 if the child is under the age of one.

The less they earn, the more they can claim, with payments potentially worth up to £2,850 a year for just one child.

However The Daily Telegraph understands that the Government is considering restricting the benefit to parents with a combined income of no more than £30,000, or possibly as low as £25,000.

Lowering the income limit to £30,000 would mean that 2.1 million families currently entitled to claim credits would no longer be able to do so.

The benefit was one of Gordon Brown's principal policies as Chancellor, and 90 per cent of families currently have some entitlement at a cost of £20.7 billion a year. With the Coalition under pressure to cut billions of pounds from public spending to reduce the £155 billion budget deficit, Mr Clegg made clear that middle earners should not expect this to continue.

The Government has already announced that it will axe child trust funds of more than £500 per child, to which all families had been entitled.

"Surely, everyone agrees that having tax credits extended – which is basically a means-tested benefit – to nine out of 10 of every family in this country which has got children means you are giving a lot of money – taxpayers' money, other people's money – to people who don't really need it," Mr Clegg told GMTV yesterday.

"We want to taper them away from those families who have much more money than others. I do not think that is an unreasonable way to go."

Typically, a family with three children earning £25,000 is currently eligible for £92 a week under the scheme.

A family with three children and an income of £50,000 can receive £10 a week.

Coalition ministers believe that, under Labour, benefits ceased to be a safety net for the worst off, and began to include growing numbers of the middle class.

In a speech at the children's charity Barnardo's yesterday, Mr Clegg said the current child tax credit scheme was "madness".

"Crucially, we need to reverse the trend of making families ever more dependent on the state," he said.

"The previous government believed social change must always be driven from the centre. But that's government at its worst – insecure government, government that creates needy families."

He continued: "That's why this government is going to raise the income tax personal allowance so that families can keep more of the money they earn.”

The Conservatives fought last month’s election on a pledge to restrict tax credits to households earning under £50,000, while the Lib Dems wanted them limited to those on less than £25,000.

Under the Lib Dem plan, families would be partly compensated by a rise in the rate at which income tax begins to be paid, to £10,000.

It is understood that next week’s Budget will contain plans both to raise the income tax threshold and to restrict child tax credits.

Nearly seven million families are entitled to child tax credits at present, although one in five does not claim them.

The move comes as millions of workers earning more than £20,000 brace themselves for an increase in their national insurance payments of 1p in the pound.

Children’s groups and the Opposition warned that middle-class families could not afford to lose child tax credits on top of other cuts.

Yvette Cooper, the shadow work and pensions secretary, said: “Cutting child tax credit for families with a joint income of £30,000 or £40,000 a year will hit a lot of parents who already find themselves overstretched.

“That help makes a particular difference to working mothers and in many cases is what helps them afford to work part-time.”

Justine Roberts, founder of Mumsnet, added: “On an income of £30,000, it can be tough enough to make ends meet, and tax credits are invaluable. They’re not just attacking the affluent.”

England v Algeria: David James to start as Fabio Capello drops Robert Green - By Jason Burt in Cape Town -

David James will start in goal for England against Algeria tonight after a dramatic change of heart prompted Fabio Capello to drop Robert Green, Telegraph Sport understands.

By Jason Burt in Cape Town
Published: 9:32AM BST 18 Jun 2010

The 39-year-old will replace Green after England coach Capello decided he was unconvinced the West Ham goalkeeper had recovered from the howler he made against the United States last week.

Capello had intended to keep faith with Green if he was convinced that the 30-year-old was not mentally scarred by the mistake. However, after discussions, he has decided to restore James who had appeared to have slipped to third-choice behind Joe Hart after a series of unconvincing training sessions.
There had also been tensions between James and the England management even though the majority of the squad thought he should play.

However Green suffered a poor training session on the eve of England’s match tonight against Algeria and this appears to have proven a decisive factor in whether he retained his place.

Capello had indicated that he would not think twice about dropping Green if it was for the best of the team and he has now demonstrated his ruthless streak. It would also appear to cast doubts on Green’s ability to recover his international career.

In the final training session at the Greenpoint Stadium, Green made three bad fumbles. Capello then spoke to him this morning to inform him that he would be left out.

It is bound to be a crushing blow for Green who had felt he had done enough to convince Capello to retain him.

James’s relationship with the management has been tetchy for the past few weeks, with suggestions that he is not fully fit having been scotched by the Portsmouth goalkeeper.

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni meet Prince of Wales as they visit Britain -

French President Nicolas Sarkozy made a symbolic visit to London today to mark the 70th anniversary of General Charles de Gaulle's radio broadcast urging his nation to resist the Nazi occupation of France.

Published: 10:14AM BST 18 Jun 2010

The Prince of Wales greeted Mr Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni, as they arrived at Clarence House during a day of official engagements to commemorate the historic milestone.

On June 18, 1940, General de Gaulle appealed to his countrymen over the BBC airwaves.

His rallying cry came the day after Marshal Philippe Petain's government announced its surrender to the Germans and is widely seen as the founding act of the Second World War French Resistance.

Few Frenchmen actually heard General de Gaulle declare that ''the flame of French resistance must not and will not be extinguished''.

But further broadcasts in the following days led to him becoming so well-known that he was subsequently court martialled in his absence and sentenced to death for treason.

The British Government had originally not wanted to allow him to issue his rallying cry, but the Cabinet was persuaded by Prime Minister Winston Churchill to let him go ahead.

Mr Sarkozy is the first French president to mark the anniversary in London. He and his wife began the day with a visit to the B2 studio at BBC Broadcasting House from where General de Gaulle's original appeal was made.

They were met by BBC chairman Sir Michael Lyons, then visited an exhibition on the BBC during the Second World War, before unveiling a plaque in memory of the event.

Charles kissed Ms Bruni's hand as he greeted France's first couple.

The group posed for waiting photographers.

Ms Bruni, who was wearing a grey shift dress and black kitten heels, said "Bonjour" to waiting officials.

Oil spill: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev fears BP's 'annihilation' -

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has expressed concerns that the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill could lead to the "annihilation" of BP.

Published: 10:20AM BST 18 Jun 2010
Mr Medvedev stopped short of saying the disaster would prompt a review of Russia's partnership with BP, but he said: "This is a wake-up call."

"Certainly, we are not indifferent to their future... Hopefully, they can absorb the losses," he told the Wall Street Journal.
BP shares, which have fallen around 46pc since the spill began, rose 4.5pc in early tradiing on Friday.

BP is present in Russia through TNK-BP, the third largest oil producer in the country, accounting for roughly a quarter of BP's global production. It owns half of TNK-BP and the other half is owned by Alfa Access-Renova, a consortium of Russian businessmen.

When asked how the oil spill would affect Russia's view of BP as a partner, he said: "What I know is that BP will have to pay a lot of money this year.

"Whether the company can digest those expenditures, whether they will lead to the annihilation of the company or its breakup into pieces is a matter of expediency."

Mr Medvedev's comment come as estimates of the damage caused by the US's biggest environmental accident spiral

BP has agreed to set aside $20bn (£13.5bn) in a special compensation fund for the disaster, which left 11 dead and opened a leak that is spilling up to 60,000 barrels of oil into the sea each day.

Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy yesterday predicted the damage to Gulf of Mexico states could reach $100.

Standard and Poor's yesterday cut the company's credit rating, and warned that further downgrades may follow.

BP's cost to date are $1.8bn, including the cost of the spill response, containment, relief well drilling, grants to the Gulf states, claims paid, and federal costs. Repeated attempts to cap the leak have failed.

David Wilton, a Partner at restructuring firm BTG Mesirow, predicted BP's liabilities could reach £63bn, but played down fears that the company could collapse, observing that the payments will be spread over a long period of time.

US politicians have shown no signs of letting up an onslaught against the company, following the lead set by Barack Obama who has compared the disaster to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In Congress, Mr Hayward faced a barrage of criticism for ignoring warning signs before the fatal rig explosion.

Henry Waxman, a California Democrat known as one of the toughest investigators in Congress, told Mr Hayward: “There is not a single email or document that shows that you paid even the slightest attention to the dangers at this well.

“There is a complete contradiction between BP’s words and deeds. You were brought in to make safety the top priority of BP, but under your leadership, BP has taken the most extreme risks.”

In a pointedly nationalist remark, Bart Stupak, from Michigan, said that while Mr Hayward could take “a golden parachute back to England, we in America are left to recover for years from the disaster”.

Like others, he taunted the 53-year-old geologist with his previous gaffes and comments, particularly his remark that he “wanted his life back” because dealing with the accident was all-consuming.

“Eleven families who lost people may not get their lives back, but I am sure will get your life back,” snapped Mr Stupak, chairman of the energy subcommittee on oversight and investigations in the House of Representatives that held the hearing.

Betty Sutton, a Democrat from Ohio, said: “Like many Americans, I feel physically sick when I see all this oil gushing into the gulf.”

Diane Wilson, a shrimper from Texas mounting a lone protest, began heckling when Mr Hayward began speaking, calling him a criminal. Her hands smeared with oil, it took Capitol Hill police several minutes to wrestle her to the ground and escort her from the committee room.

Republican congressman Joe Barton, who offered a lone voice of support for BP, apologising for the company's treatment, later retracted his words under pressure from his party.

Pargo Assado com Legumes e Azeite de Ervas - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

1 pargo
2 cebolas
3 tomates
1 pimentão amarelo
½ alho poro
½ xícara de vinho
½ xícara de azeite
½ maço de alecrim
½ xícara de cebolinha

Azeite de ervas:
1 xícara de azeite
1 xícara de salsa
1 xícara de manjericão
½ xícara de alecrim
½ xícara de hortelã

Numa assadeira, colocar todos os ingredientes e rechear o peixe com o alecrim. Assar em forno médio coberto com papel alumínio.

Azeite de ervas:
Fritar a salsa e o manjericão. No liquidificador, bater o azeite, a salsa frita e o manjericão frito. Acrescentar as outras ervas picadas

Rendimento: 4 porções

Custo: R$ 36,00

Pão de Queijo Light - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

2 xícaras de polvilho azedo
2 xícaras de queijo branco light
2 ovos grandes
1 ½ xícara de parmesão light
1 colher de café de sal

Recheio 1:
1 xícara de ricota
½ xícara de presunto

Recheio 2:
1 xícara de ricota
½ dente de alho
1 colher de sopa de azeite
1 pitada de sal
1 pitada de orégano

Recheio 3:
100g de peito de peru light
100g de mussarela light

Misturar todos os ingredientes e assar em forno médio até dourar.

Recheios: só misturar

Brownie de Capuccino - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

4 ovos
2 ½ xícaras de açúcar
200g de manteiga
4 colheres de café solúvel
1 xícara de farinha de trigo
½ xícara de chocolate em pó
½ xícara de leite em pó
3 colheres de x de canela
½ xícara de chocolate em barra

Bater bem os ovos com o açúcar. Acrescente a manteiga derretida. Misture todos os pós. Ponha o chocolate picado por cima. Assar em forno baixo por 25 minutos.

Torta Pizza - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

15g de fermento biológico fresco
1 colher (sobremesa) de açúcar
1 colher (sobremesa) de sal
2 ovos
¾ xícara (chá) de óleo
1 xícara (chá) de leite
4 xícaras (chá) de farinha de trigo
2 gemas (para pincelar)

3 lingüiças calabresas
250g bacon refogado
4 cebolas refogadas
400g mussarela fatiada
3 tomates
1 pitada de orégano

Num bowl, dissolver o fermento no leite morno com açúcar. Acrescentar o óleo, os ovos e o sal.

Adicionar a farinha de trigo aos poucos até obter uma massa uniforme, até soltar das mãos. Se necessário, acrescentar um pouco mais de farinha.

Faça uma bola grande, cubra com um pano e espere crescer. Dividir a massa em pequenas porções. Abrir com a ajuda de um rolo.

Usar uma forma de fundo falso. Rechear com lingüiça, cebola, mussarela, bacon, tomate e orégano. Fechar. Pincelar com a gema. Levar ao forno pré-aquecido a 180°C até dourar.

Banana Caramelada - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

2 xícaras de chá de groselha

1 dúzia de banana ouro


2 cravos

Coloque em uma panela a groselha e deixe aquecer por cerca de 10 minutos para formar uma calda. Quando a calda estiver pronta adicione as bananas, a canela e dois cravos. Deixe por 2 minutos. Corte as bananas para servir.

Opção: sirva com sorvete.

Sopa de legumes assados - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

Sopa de legumes assados

6 tomates

1 dente de alho

2 cebolas

1 pimentão inteiro

Coloque o tomate, o pimentão e a cebola para assar. Depois de assados coloque os legumes em um liquidificador junto com 1 dente de alho. Pode servir quente, aquecendo em uma panela, ou frio.

Lombo xadrez - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

2 xícaras de lombo de porco em cubos

2 colheres de sopa de farinha de trigo

1 colher de sopa de óleo de gergelim

1 xícara de chá de cebola

1/2 xícara de chá de molho de soja

1/2 xícara de chá de água

1 xícara de pimentão amarelo

1 xícara de pimentão vermelho

1/2 xícara de chá de amendoim

Em uma tigela misture a farinha ao lombo, tempere com sal e pimenta do reino. Aqueça uma panela com azeite, adicione o óleo de gergelim e o lombo já temperado. Misture bem e coloque a cebola, o molho de soja, a água. Adicione também o pimentão amarelo e o vermelho. Por último adicione o amendoim.

Carne Seca na Moranga - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

2 dentes de alho
2 colheres de sopa de azeite
2 cebolas
1 moranga grande
1 kg de carne seca
3 tomates
1/2 xícara de salsinha picada
1 colher de sopa de molha de pimenta
1 colher de requeijão

Numa panela, coloque o azeite, o alho e a cebola. Acrescente 1 kg de carne seca. Depois, coloque os tomates picados, a salsinha, a pimenta e o sal.

Retire as sementes da moranga, limpe o miolo, embrulhe a moranga em um filme plástico e coloque no microondas por cerca de 20 minutos. Depois, retire e vire de ponta cabeça para retirar toda a água da moranga.

Coloque o requeijão no fundo e nas beiradas da moranga e espalhe bem.

Coloque todo o conteúdo da panela dentro da moranga. Sirva.

Custo: R$ 20,00

Rendimento: 8 porções

Legumes e Verduras Gratinados - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

1 colher de sopa de azeite
1/2 bandeja de cogumelo
1 cebola roxa
1 cenoura
1 xícara de tomate cereja
1 escarola
1 endívia
1 acelga
1 xícara de chá de farinha de rosca
100g de manteiga
4 colheres de parmesão light

Asse o tomate, o cogumelo, a cenoura e a cebola roxa.

Misture a farinha, a manteiga e o queijo até formar uma pasta.

Num prato, coloque os legumes assados da panela.
Pegue a pasta e coloque em cima da endívia e da escarola.

Depois, coloque tudo em cima dos legumes e leve ao forno por cerca de 15 minutos.

Custo: R$ 15,00

Quiabada da Nizuca - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

4 xícaras de quiabo fresco
1 xícara de camarão seco
Algumas folhinhas de coentro
1 cebola
2 tomate
3 dentes de alho
2 colheres de sopa de azeite
½ pimentão amarelo
2 xícaras de braço bovino
2 xícaras de carne seca
1 xícara de lingüiça calabresa defumada
Sal a gosto

Cortar o quiabo em rodelas e lavar com muita água corrente para tirar a "baba".
Escorrer bem e deixar em uma vasilha, sem água.

Picar os temperos (coentro, alho, cebola, tomate, pimentão) e adicionar o sal. Cortar a carne em cubos (de boi e seca) e a lingüiça em fatias e descascar o camarão seco.

Colocar na panela os temperos cortados com o azeite de oliva em fogo baixo e adicionar as carnes e o camarão. Refogar bem e jogar água quente na panela, para o cozimento das carnes.

Quando a carne estiver quase no ponto, coloque os quiabos. Deixar cozinhar bem até o ponto que julgar correto.

Costelinha Curada - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

1 peça de costelinha
1 xícara de sal grosso
½ xícara de açúcar

Misturar o açúcar e o sal.
Passar a mistura na costela e pendurar em algum lugar quente, como em cima do fogão, até secar.

Bracciola - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

400g de Orecchiette
600g de bife de patinho ou alcatra
100g de bacon
½ Pimentão vermelho
1 Cenoura
½ lingüiça calabresa
1 cebola
1 alho poro
Molho de tomate
2 dentes de alho
1 cebola
1 lata de tomate pelate
1 lata de molho de tomate

Temperar a carne com sal e pimenta. Colocar os ingredientes dentro e enrolar.
Dourar a carne. Colocar o alho, a cebola e depois o tomate. Cozinhar até ficar macia.

Bolo de Amendoim - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia

1 xícara de farinha de trigo
1 xícara de farinha de milho
1 xícara de amendoim triturado
1 ½ xícara de açúcar
2 ovos
1 ½ xícara de leite
2 colheres de sopa de manteiga
1 colher de sobremesa de fermento
1 pitada de sal

Misturar os secos. Acrescentar os outros ingredientes.
Untar uma forma e assar em forno médio.

Frango com Quiabo - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia


3 Dentes de alho
1 colher de sopa de coloral
1 pitada de Sal
1 frango inteiro
1 cebola
2 tomates
1 tablete de caldo de frango
1/2 kg de quiabo

Modo de Preparo
Numa panela, coloque o azeite, o frango e o quiabo e frite tudo.
Depois, acrescente a cebola, o tomate picado e misture.
Aos poucos, coloque água para formar o caldo.

Polenta com Queijo


3 xícaras de água
1 xícara de fubá
1 tablete de caldo de frango
Quejo ralado

Mode de Preparo

Numa panela, coloque todos os ingredientes e mexa. Leve ao forno.

Biscoito com Queijo e Goiabada - Receitas - Edu Guedes - Programa Hoje em Dia


2 colheres de sopa de farinha de trigo
1 xícara de chá de farinha láctea
2 colheres de sopa de manteiga
1 pitada de sal

Modo de preparo

Num recipiente, molde com um pequeno aro os ingredientes para formar os biscoitos.

Cabideiro de Coração - Diná Rocha - Artesã - Artesanato - Programa Mulheres

- Tintas de diversas cores
- Rolo de espuma/ bandeja de isopor
- Lixa 220 para madeira
- Carbono
- Papel paleta
- Recortes de coração MDF/ janela de demolição
- Pincel língua de gato nº 06
- Pincel angular
- Pincel chato
- Pincel redondo
- Boleador de borracha
- Container de água
- Papel toalha
- Verniz fosco

Preço de Custo: R$ 70,00
Preço para Venda: R$ 160,00

Lixar com lixa 220 para madeira
Passar 3 demãos de tinta branca (ou até cobrir a peça )
Trabalhar com o pincel redondo para fazer os galhos. Com o pincel língua de gato fazer as folhas. Usar o boleador para fazer as cerejas. Para finalizar usar o pincel angular para sombrear os galhos. Após a secagem, impermeabilizar com verniz fosco.

Diná Rocha - Artesã
(11) 2693 3189

Garrafa Decorada com Casca de Ovo - Andréia Gomes - artista plástica - Artesanato - Programa Mulheres

- 1 garrafa de vidro
- álcool
- Papel absorvente
- Cola lantejoula
- Lantejoulas em formato de estrelas
- Casca de ovo branca
- Tinta acrílica decorativa nas cores verde pistache, lilás, amarelo gema
- Base cristal para mosaico
- Fita adesiva
- Hidro laca brilhante
- Palito de churrasco
- Pincel de cerdas macias

Custo R$ 4,00
Venda R$ 20,00

Limpe a garrafa com o álcool e o papel absorvente.
Higienize as cascas de ovos com água corrente, retirando a película que há dentro delas.
Aguarde secagem de 12 horas.
Pinte as cascas nas cores indicadas com a ajuda de um pincel de cerdas macias (orelha de boi, marta)
Aguarde secagem de 6 horas antes de usar.
Com a fita adesiva, determine a parte a ser feita a decoração com as cascas alternando faixas de vidro e as cores.
Com a base cristal para mosaico e a ajuda de um palito de churrasco vá colando as cascas tomando sempre o cuidado de respeitar as delimitações para um acabamento perfeito.
Faça uma faixa de verde pistache, uma de lilás, uma de branco e outra de amarelo gema. Não esqueça de deixar uma parte de vidro entre as faixas coloridas para aplicar as estrelinhas prateadas com a cola lantejoula .
Impermeabilize com hidro laca brilhante após 30 minutos.

Andréia Gomes - artista plástica
(11) 7187.3639

Caixa de Costura em Patchwork de coador - Carlos Saad - artesão - Artesanato - Programa Mulheres

- 1 peça em MDF
- Lixa para madeira n° 220
- Pincel chato largo
- Pincel redondo
- Pincel chanfrado para sombra
- Tinta látex PVA fosca em diversas cores
- Tinta acrílica fosca branca
- Caneta marcador permanente preta
- Palito de manicure
- Rolinho de espuma
- Pano macio (malha de camiseta)
- Tesoura
- Filtro de café (sem uso ou usado e lavado)
- Termolina leitosa
- Cola branca
- Verniz acrílico brilhante
- Bandeja de isopor
- Stencil: motivos variados
- Vasilhames para água
- Secador de cabelo (opcional)

Preço de custo: R$ 30,00
Preço de Venda:R$ 80,00

1 – Preparação da peça
1° passo: Lixar a peça com a lixa para madeira n° 220. Remover o pó com pano macio ou pincel.
2° passo: Colocar tinta da cor mineral na bandeja de isopor. Colocar pequena quantidade de água, se for necessário. Misturar bem.
3° passo: Aplicar uma demão em toda a peça com o rolinho de espuma. Secar. Lixar novamente. Remover o pó.

2 – Preparação do filtro de café
4° passo: Cortar as beiradas do filtro de café.
5° passo: Colocar o coador aberto sobre um plástico ou madeira. Aplicar uma demão da cor desejada, usando o rolinho de espuma. Secar. Aplicar outra demão da mesma cor. Secar.
6° passo: Repetir o processo empregando cores variadas a gosto.
7° passo: Aplicar uma demão de termolina com o rolinho de espuma em todos os filtros pintados. Secar bem.
8° passo: Sobre um filtro, posicionar um stencil e com o pincel redondo ligeiramente umedecido em tinta de cor clara aplicar suaves batidinhas até cobrir todos os motivos. Repetir o processo até cobrir todo o stencil. Secar.
9° passo: Repetir o processo em cada filtro variando o stencil.

3 – Execução da técnica
10° passo: Recortar os filtros em tiras largas, ou em quadrados ou retângulos, ou com formato assimétrico para compor o patchwork, de modo que um pedaço vá se ajustando ou se encaixando ao outro.
11° passo: Demarcar na peça um pedaço recortado. Aplicar colar branca com o pincel no local demarcado.
12° passo: Posicionar o pedaço sobre a cola e pressionar com pano macio para colar com cuidado para não formar bolhas ou rugas.
13° passo: Repetir o processo colando os pedaços para compor o patchwork.
14° passo: Com o pincel chanfrado efetuar sombreado nos contornos de cada pedaço empregando tom mais escuro do que a cor em que foi pintado o filtro.
15° passo: Ao longo das emendas, marcar os pontos empregando a caneta marcador permanente preta.
16° passo: Unir os pontos paralelos, empregando o palito de manicure e a tinta acrílica branca, imitando costura.
17° passo: Aplicar duas demãos de verniz acrílico brilhante, empregando o rolinho de espuma, respeitando intervalo de secagem entre as demãos.
18° passo: Efetuar o acabamento interno da peça, ou pintando e envernizando, ou forrando com cortiça.

Carlos Saad - artesão
(11) 2091-1702

Franjas para Tapetes - Sandra Correia - especialista em tapetes - Artesanato - Programa Mulheres

- Martelo
- Pregos
- Tesoura
- Linha
- Agulha
- Barbante
- Madeira
- Prendedores
- Alicate

Cortar a franja antiga do tapete.
Prender o tapete na madeira com os pregos pelo lado avesso.
Prender o fio de sustentação de uma ponta a outra.
Fazer a costura iraniana prendendo o fio de sustentação.
Passar o barbante entre o cordão de sustentação.
Dar os nós iranianos.
Aparar a franja

Fazer uma lavagem com uma boa hidratação da lã com óleo vegetal pelo menos uma vez ao ano, e ai sim, serão aplicadas as dicas a seguir:

- Varrer o tapete com vassoura de cerdas macias sempre a favor da pelagem.

- Uma vez ao mês, aspirar o tapete, sempre pelo avesso e se possível colocá-lo ao sol, pelo lado avesso também para tirar a umidade e o odor, que ficam desagradáveis, principalmente no inverno ou em tempos chuvosos.

- Aqueles tapetes pesados demais e que ficam sob mesas também pesadas, vire as bordas, varra, e deixe tomar um pouco de ar.

- Fazer uma vez a cada seis meses um o rodízio do tapete, isto evitará que o mesmo se desgaste apenas de um lado.

- Nunca use produto á base de gasolina ou querosene, ou qualquer tipo de sabão comum.

- Não coloque vasos de plantas sobre os tapetes, eles desgastam o mesmo e trazem umidade para a peça.

- Para tirar pingos de vela do seu tapete, retire o excesso com uma espátula.
Depois pegue um pedaço de tecido de algodão e passe o ferro em cima da mancha, aos poucos o algodão vai absorver a parafina.

- Para evitar que traças e insetos se estalem em seu tapete persa, coloque sempre debaixo da peça algumas bolinhas de pimenta seca.

- Na faxina é permitido passar um pano umedecido em água e bicarbonato de sódio, e (1 colher (sopa) de bicarbonato para 1 ou 2 litros de água), e 2 colheres (sopa) de amaciante branco. Isso fará com que o seu tapete tenha mais brilho e evite o acumulo de bactérias, Tomando o cuidado apenas para não deixá-los úmidos. Caso isso venha a ocorrer, coloque-o ao sol pelo avesso antes de recolocá-lo no local de uso.

- Espalhe o bicarbonato de sódio em pó, deixando assim por meia hora, após esse tempo, Varrer muito bem ou aspirar para tirar todo o produto.

- Ao cair vinho tinto, coca-cola, vomito, remova a mancha com uma esponja umedecida com água com gás até a retirada total.

- Nunca coloque seu tapete em um piso ainda úmido, espere-o secar muito bem.

- Saiba que Franjas e debruns, são importantíssimos em um tapete. Eles são os verdadeiros alicerces para que não venha a ocorrer a perda da lã, dos seus desenhos e trama, evitando assim restauração na peça.

Sandra Correia - especialista em tapetes
(11) 5052-7473

Vela em Pó Colorida - Rosa Maria - Artesanato - Programa Mulheres

- Parafina em pó
- Corante verde, amarelo e azul (ou outras cores)
- Essência
- Recipiente de vidro com tampa (pode se o vidro da papinha de bebê)
- 3 sacos plásticos pequenos
- 1 colher pequena
- Pavio

Coloque em cada saco plástico um pouco de parafina em pó o corante e a essência mexa para misturar bem.
Coloque no vidro a parafina com o auxilio da colher um pouco de cada cor. Assim vai brincando com as cores até terminar de encher o vidro e deixando cerca de 2 cm para colocar o pavio e a tampa.
Está pronta a vela que não vai ao fogo para derreter e além de tudo ela é perfumada.

Preço de Custo: R$ 6,00
Preço para Venda: R$ 15,00

Rosa Maria
(11) 9942-6115

Caderno de receitas em formato de xícara - Ione Berne - artesã - Artesanato - Programa Mulheres

- 1 caderno pequeno capa dura revestido com papel sulfite
- 25 cm de tecido de algodão estampado
- 30 cm de fita nº1
- 1 retângulo de manta acrílica de 30 x 22 cm
- 2 retângulos de papelão paraná gramatura 120 de 22x 20 cm
- 2 retângulos de papelão paraná gramatura 120 de 20 x 10 cm
- 1 pincel chato
- tesoura
- fita crepe
- cola branca
- Lápis preto
- Estilete

Preço de custo: R$ 8,00
Preço para venda: R$ 22,00

Cole a manta acrílica no caderno e recorte toda manta que excedeu.
Corte o tecido 2 cm maior que a medida do caderno e revista com tecido recortando nos quatro lados e colando em toda a volta. Recorte no papelão maior uma abertura como a asa de uma xícara e revista com o tecido. Recorte no retângulo menor o desenho da asa da xícara e revista com tecido e cole na asa do maior. Aguarde a secagem. Cole na capa do caderno fazendo assim um perfeito acabamento.
Coloque um peso sobre o caderno para secar por 1 hora. Cole a fita nº1 para servir como marcador de páginas. Finalizando assim o seu lindo Caderno de Receita

Ione Berne - artesã
(11) 3872-7324

Mochila da Copa do Mundo na África do Sul - Simone Bernardes - artesã - Artesanato - Programa Mulheres

3,40m de cordão
1 metro de vivo
fita métrica
0,20cm de tecido de xadrez verde e branco,
0,20cm de tecido amarelo de bolinhas branca,
0,20cm de tecido azul de bolinhas branca,
01metro de tecido azul marinho de bolinhas branca,
0,50cm de tecido verde bandeira

Preço de Custo: R$ 8,00
Preço para Venda: R$ 25,00

Cortar um retângulo de 35cmsx45cms no tecido verde bandeira.
Cortar 2x meios círculo na medida 33cms na base e no meio 15cms no
tecido de xadrez verde e branco, no lado redondo colocar o vivo.
Cortar no tecido azul de bolinhas branca um retângulo de 35cmsx 15cms,
dividir ao meio, marcar 5cms de base lateral e base superior e corte
em forma circular.
No tecido amarelo de bolinhas branco cortar um retângulo de
35cmsx32cms, cortar em forma circular deixando 10cms no meio, (5cms
para cada lado).
Cortar 2x na medida de 1,70cm para cada lado.
Cortar um retângulo de 35cmsx96cms, para o forro no tecido azul
marinho de bolinhas brancas.

Montagem da mochila:
Costurar tecido amarelo de bolinhas branca com tecido azul de bolinhas branca e rebater a costura. Costura junto os meios círculos já com vivo no tecido xadrez verde e branco assim montando a frente da mochila.
Costurar frente e costa no fundo, nas laterais dobrar o cordão com a
medida 1,70cm e costurar a pontas bem próximo ao fundo(dos dois
lados), fechando as duas laterais formando um saco.
Costurar um retângulo 35cmsx96cms para o forro, deixando na parte
superior 6cms sem costura, fazer um acabamento nos lados de 0,5 de
Encaixar o forro na mochila, onde os 6cms vão sobrar.
Pegar duas partes do cadarço e cruzar e cobrir com o tecido do forro
que está á mais(6cms), da mesma forma do outro lado. Depois de cruzar
os cordões dobre os 6cms de tecido azul marinho de bolinhas branca
fazendo acabamento na boca da mochila.

Simone Bernardes - artesã
(11) 8386-3853

Petit Gateau de Bandeja - Chef Eduardo Beltrame - chef de cozinha - Receitas - Programa Mulheres


Preço de Custo: R$ 12,00
Preço para Venda: R$ 36 a 40,00

Massa do Brownie
- 320g de açúcar
- 4 ovos
- 150g de chocolate amargo
- 150g de manteiga sem sal
- 140g de farinha de trigo
- 1 pitada de sal
- 20g de Cacau em Pó

Modo de preparo:
Bata os ovos com o açúcar e reserve, derreter o chocolate com a manteiga em banho maria e despejar sobre os ovos batidos, misturar bem com a espátula, juntar os ingredientes secos peneirados, mexer bem os ingredientes, forrar uma assadeira com papel manteiga e levar ao forno por 15 a 25 minutos a 180ºC.deixar massa esfriar e colocar a cobertura de limão por cima leve para assar novamente por 10 minutos apos assado colocar uma cobertura de ganache por cima.

Creme de limão
- 2 latas de leite condensado
- suco de 3 limões

Modo de Preparo:
Misturar tudo muito bem misturado e colocar por cima da massa já assada, assar novamente por 10 minutos

- 150g de chocolate amargo
- 150g de creme de leite

Preparo: Derreter os 2 em banho maria e colocar por cima do creme de limão.Decorar com arabescos de chocolate.

Chef Eduardo Beltrame - chef de cozinha
(11) 4582-0688

Paella de chocolate - Augusta Nani - culinarista - Receitas - Programa Mulheres

- 1 paelleira media e uma pequena (ou frigideira grande um recipiente menor)

- 1 colher (sopa) de manteiga de cacau
- 600g de chocolate meio amargo
- 600ml de creme de leite
- 1 cálice de conhaque

- 150g de damasco
- 150g de nozes
- 100g de castanha do Pará
- 100g de ameixa
- 150g de maça verde
- 100g de figo (cristalizado sem açúcar, já lavado e seco)
- 150g de uva sem semente
- 150g de carambola
- 1 caixa de morango
- ½ xícara de mel

- 400g de raspas de chocolate bland
- Peças de chocolate
- Bombons variados
- Confeito de cereal
- Calda de chocolate

Coloque a manteiga de cacau para untar a paella e coloque o chocolate meio amargo e derreta em banho maria, acrescente o creme de leite, e o conhaque misture bem ate obter o ganache.

Misture as frutas secas e por ultimo as frutas frescas (lavadas e bem secas) na uva e no morango não tire o cabinho. Deixe por um 5 minutos, mexendo sempre, em fogo bem baixo.

Por ultimo coloque o mel e o morango (para não soltar água)

Decore com ás raspas de chocolate, peças diversas, confeitos e bombons. Sirva com um pedaço de bolo ou uma bola de sorvete de sua preferência

Rendimento: 8 a 10 pessoas
Preço de custo: R$ 45,00
Preço para venda: R$ 70,00
Por pessoa: R$ 7,00

Augusta Nani - culinarista
(11) 5071-1981

Aperitivos para a Copa do Mundo na África do Sul - Débora Corazzari - culinarista - Receitas - Programa Mulheres


1) Caldinho de Feijão
- 2 xícaras de feijão preto cozido, batido no liquidificador e peneirado
- 2 colheres (sopa) de azeite
- ½ cebola bem miudinha
- 2 dentes de alho socados
- 1 pimenta dedo de moça picadinha
- Salsinha a gosto
- Sal a gosto

Aquecer o azeite, murchar o alho, a cebola a pimenta e juntar caldinho de feijão, ferver por 5 minutos, desligar o fogo e salpicar a salsinha na hora de servir.

Rendimento: 500ml de caldinho de feijão
Custo: R$ 3,50

2) Purê de Abóbora com Carne Seca no Copinho
- 300g de abóbora (da sua preferência) cozida e espremida
- 2 colheres (sopa) de margarina culinária
- alho e cebola a gosto
- sal a gosto
- 300g de carne seca dessalgada, cozida, desfiada e refogada com temperos a gosto.

Derreter a margarina, murchar o alho a cebola colocar a abóbora, o sal, mexer por 5 minutos.

Em um copinho descartável colocar uma camada de purê e outra de carne seca

Rendimento: 25 copinhos - Custo: R$ 15,00

3) Bolinho de Mandioca:
- 1 kg de mandioca cozida com sal e espremida
- 1 gema
- 50g de queijo ralado
- salsinha
- 1 xícara (chá) de farinha de trigo
- Óleo para fritar

Misturar todos os ingredientes, modelar e fritar em óleo quente.

Rendimento: 75 bolinhos
Custo: R$ 7,00

4) Anéis de Cebola:
- Cebolas cortadas em fatias largas
- ½ xícara (chá) de fubá
- ½ xícara (chá) de farinha de trigo
- Sal
- Suco de 1 limão
- Água – quanto baste
- Óleo para fritar

Em uma tigela, misturar o fubá o trigo o sal o suco de limão e colocar água até que se forme uma pasta bem cremosa, passar por esta pasta os anéis de cebola e fritar em seguida em óleo quente.

Rendimento: 1 porção
Custo: R$ 3,50

Débora Corazzari - culinarista
(11) 4352 2521

Bombom de Cerejas - Juliana Abbud - chef de cozinha - Receitas - Programa Mulheres

- 500 g de chocolate ao leite
- 250 g de chocolate meio amargo
- 250 g de cerejas ao maraschino (32 unidades)
- 200 g de fondant
- 100 ml de maraschino (calda da cereja)
- 100 ml de conhaque

Rendimento: 34 bombons (aproximadamente 1 kg)
Custo: 0,75/ unidade
Preço de venda: R$ 4,00/ unidade

Num refratário, derreta os dois chocolates picados, em microondas, por 3 minutos, mexendo a cada 1 minuto.
Despejar o chocolate sobre uma superfície de granito e mexa com uma espátula, para fazer a pré-cristalização (choque térmico).
Encha as forminhas, próprias para bombons recheados, e escorra-as em seguida, de modo que forme uma casquinha fina.
Leve à geladeira por 3 a 4 minutos.
No liquidificador, coloque o fondant, o maraschino e o conhaque e bata por 2 minutos ou até formar uma mistura homogênea.
Coloque uma cereja em cada casquinha (na forma de bombom) e uma colher (chá) da mistura de fondant e cubra com o chocolate.
Leve à geladeira até soltar da forma.
Desenforme e embrulhe em papel chumbo vermelho.
Deixe descansar por dois dias antes de consumir.

Juliana Abbud - chef de cozinha
(11) 3375-9356

Pão da Copa do Mundo da Áfeica do Sul com – Espinafre e Cenoura - Chef Alceu Alves - consultor de panificação - Receitas - Programa Mulheres


Rendimento - 3 Unidades
Custo da Receita - R$ 12,00
Preço de Venda - R$ 21,00

- 5 xícaras (chá) de farinha de trigo
- 200g cenoura cozida e amassada
- 1 pitada de sal
- 2 colheres (sopa) de açúcar
- 1 ovo
- 2 colheres (sopa) de margarina
- 1 copo de leite ( ou até dar o ponto)
- 2 tabletes de fermento fresco

Coloque todos os ingredientes em uma vasilha vá adicionando o leite aos poucos e misture bem. Retire a massa e divida em três partes iguais. Faça tiras e reserve.


- 5 xícaras (chá) de farinha de trigo
- 200g de espinafre
- 1 pitada de sal
- 2 colheres (sopa) de açúcar
- 1 ovo
- 2 colheres (sopa) de margarina
- 1 copo de leite ( ou até dar o ponto)
- 2 tabletes de fermento fresco

Coloque todos os ingredientes em uma vasilha e vá adicionando o leite aos poucos, misture bem. Retire a massa e divida em três partes iguais, faça tiras e reserve.

Faça tranças com duas tiras de massas, sendo uma de cenoura e outra de espinafre, coloque em uma forma com tampa e leve para crescer por 40 minutos. Leve ao forno a 200º por 30 minutos. Depois de assados, tire a casca com uma faca e fatie.

Chef Alceu Alves - consultor de panificação
(11) 9818-2226

Frango ao Curry e Arroz de forno - Kelli Redígolo – chef de cozinha - Receitas - Mulheres


Rendimento: 04 porções
Custo: R$ 10,00
Preço para venda: 25,00

Frango ao Curry
Para marinar:
- 500 g de filé de frango
- ½ colher (café) de gengibre fresco ralado
- Sal e pimenta a gosto

Tempere o frango com os ingredientes e deixe marinar por 15 minutos.

Para fritar os filés (Depois que o molho já estiver pronto)
- 3 colheres de sopa de manteiga

Preparo e Montagem:
Frite os filé na manteiga, até ficarem dourados, coloque num refratário, sobreponha o molho, sirva quente.

Para o Molho:
- 1 cebola pequena ralada
- 2 colheres (sopa) de azeite
- 1 dente de alho amassado
- 2 tomates picados sem pele e sem sementes
- 1 colher (chá) de curry
- ½ tablete de caldo de frango
- ½ xícara (chá) de água
- Sal e pimenta a gosto
- 1 caixa de creme de leite

Preparo do Molho:
Numa panela aqueça o azeite, acrescente o alho e a cebola, frite até ficarem dourados, junte os tomates, e frite até começar a desmanchar, acrescente o caldo de frango e a água, quando estiver fervendo o molho, coloque o curry, acerte os temperos e por último o creme de leite, mantenha aquecido e sobreponha sobre os filés de frango já fritos.

Arroz de Forno
- 200 g de arroz tipo longo
- 1 cebola pequena picada
- 2 colheres (sopa) manteiga
- 2 xícaras (chá) de água quente
- Sal a gosto
- 1 bouquet garni

Modo de Preparo
Lave bem o arroz, escorra bem e reserve. Refogue a cebola picada na manteiga, até ficar translúcida, junte o arroz bem lavado e escorrido, e refogue ligeiramente, acrescente a água quente, o bouquet garni e o sal. Cozinhe em fogo baixo por aproximadamente 15 minutos, em fogo baixo na panela semi tampada, tampe a panela com papel alumínio e leve ao forno pré-aquecido 180 graus por aproximadamente 20 minutos para terminar o cozimento, antes de retirar do forno verifique se o arroz já esta macio.

Bouquet Garni
- 1 talo de alho poró
- 4 cravos
- 2 folhas de louro

Modo de Preparo:
Lave bem o alho poró, só a parte branca, espete os cravos, sobreponha as folhas de louro, amarre com um barbante e utilize como aromatizante.

Rendimento: 4 porções
Preço de Custo: R$ 5,00
Preço para Venda: R$ 12,00

Kelli Redígolo – chef de cozinha
(11) 6665-5317

Cookie de Morango e Canela - Rita Olivieri - culinarista - Receitas - Programa Mulheres

90g de manteiga
100g de açúcar mascavado
1 colher sopa de essência de morango
4 colheres de sopa de pó para sorvete sabor morango
1 ovo, levemente batido
1 colher sopa de leite
200g de farinha de trigo
1 colher chá de fermento em pó
170g de gotas de chocolate (ou a mesma quantidade de chocolate culinário partido grosseiramente)
1 colher (café) de canela em pó

Forre dois tabuleiros com papel vegetal.
Bata a manteiga com o açúcar numa tigela até obter um creme. Junte a essência o ovo e o pó para sorvete aos poucos, mexendo bem. Misture o leite. Peneire a farinha e o fermento e junte ao creme com uma colher. Adicione o chocolate.

Molde os biscoitos às colheradas e deixe uma distância de 3,5cm entre eles. Aperte as bolinhas levemente com um garfo enfarinhado.
Leve ao forno por 20 minutos ou até que esteja dourado.

Rende aproximadamente 20 a 25 biscoitos
Preço de Custo: R$ 5,00 a R$6,50
Preço para venda: R$ 0,50 a unidade ou R$12,00 a R$15,00 toda a receita

Rita Olivieri - culinarista
(11) 9423-7918

Programas de TV e Revistas (miniaturas) (latinhas, bisnagas, tercinhos) (feltro e tecidos de pelucia) (botoes e aviamentos) (feltro e aviamentos e las) ( botoes) (aviamentos) (onde comprar isopor) (onde comprar meia perola) (artigo para festas) (artigo para festas) (artigos para festas) ( artigo para festas cortadores) (artigo para festas) (artigo para festa) (artigos para festa) temas) (temas para imprimir) (mini frascos de vidros, armarinho) (miniatura) (miniaturas)

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