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Gulf of Mexico oil spill: Barack Obama to 'bring those responsible to justice' - By Toby Harnden in Washington - telegraph.co.uk/news

Barack Obama has signalled that there would be criminal charges brought in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster, pledging to "bring those responsible to justice" if laws were broken.

By Toby Harnden in Washington

Published: 9:43PM BST 01 Jun 2010

The US president was speaking as Eric Holder, the United States Attorney General, visited the Gulf of Mexico coast to survey the damage and meet state attorneys general from Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

Later Mr Holder said the US would launch civil and criminal investigations into the oil spill, saying they would "prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who has violated the law... We will not rest until justice is done."

"We have an obligation to investigate what went wrong and to determine what reforms are needed so that we never have to experience a crisis like this again," said Mr Obama.

"If the laws on our books are insufficient to prevent such a spill, the laws must change. If oversight was inadequate to enforce these laws, oversight has to be reformed.

"If our laws were broken, leading to this death and destruction, my solemn pledge is that we will bring those responsible to justice on behalf of the victims of this catastrophe and the people of the Gulf region."

The very public consideration of criminal charges was the latest signal of a much harder line being taken by the Obama administration, which has publicly castigated BP in recent days for allegedly playing down estimates of the extent of the pollution of the Gulf, its beaches and natural habitats.

It will be Mr Holder's first trip to examine the damage and Obama administration sources said that a criminal investigation into the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion last month that killed 11 workers and its aftermath was virtually certain.

The Justice Department has already demanded that the companies involved in the spill, including BP, Transocean Ltd and Halliburton keep all documentation related to the accident because it could become part of an investigation.

Legal scholars have said the Justice Department was likely to consider potential violations of the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Refuse Act.

Mr Obama, speaking after meeting the co-chairs of a new oil spill commission, also said if found guilty, BP would be held accountable for financial losses from what he called the "greatest environmental disaster of its kind in our history".

He said: "What is being threatened, what is being lost isn't just a source of income but a way of life".

Doctors should ask patients about their drinking more often, says Nice - By Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor - telegraph.co.uk/health

All patients are to be routinely questioned by their doctors about their alcohol consumption under new Government plans to tackle the country's problem drinking culture.

By Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor

Published: 11:59PM BST 01 Jun 2010

GPs are being advised by the official health advisory body to routinely quiz new patients about their drinking when they join a surgery.

Doctors are also being told to ask patients about how much alcohol they consume when medicines are being reviewed and when they are being treated for minor injuries

The advice over patients and their drinking habits are being issued to doctors as part of the first ever official medical guidelines from the National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) on how to deal with the country's spiralling drink problems.

One in four people - a total of 10 million - is estimated to be putting their health at risk by drinking more alcohol than the recommended limits.

But it is feared that not enough is being done to identify those at risk and that more opportunities should be taken to ask patients about their alcohol habits.

In the new Nice guidelines, GPs are being advised to ask 10 "alcohol screening" questions - including how much and how frequently they drink - of patients.

Hospital doctors are being told to ask patients who come into accident and emergency departments over whether their injuries might be related to drinking.

Children as young as ten who are thought to be drinking alcohol should also be questioned and offered advice or referred on to social or mental healthcare services, according to Nice.

But patient campaigners questioned whether the new guidelines for doctors were really necessary or would have an effect.

Joyce Robins, co-founder of campaign group Patient Concern, said: "GPs seem to have to ask so many things that there is none left for what you went in about.

"I really don't see the point of them asking about alcohol all the time. If you are drinking too much and are probably ashamed of the fact you are not going to tell your doctor about it are you?

"People are very clever about disguising the fact they are drinking too much."

Others considered it an invasion of privacy.

Alex Deane, Director of Big Brother Watch, said: “This is typical nanny statism from a bullying, increasingly authoritarian organisation. We are entitled to have a drink when we want one. Doctors are there to heal us, and can keep their opinions about lifestyles to themselves unless asked – after all, we pay the tax which pays for the health service.

“A database of smoking or drinking could, in the long run, be used to charge us when we need medical help and may frighten people away from seeing doctors or from being honest with them.”

Professor Eileen Kaner, from the University of Newcastle, who worked on the guidance released today, said drinking had moved from third to second place, after smoking, in terms of its impact on people's health and is the highest cause of premature death among young people.

She said people who are drinking too much are seen twice as often by doctors, A&E and other healthcare professionals, but that opportunities to pick up their habit are too often being missed.

"It should become a common part of medical practice," she said. "But we are not suggesting that they need to be asked at every contact with the health service."

She said research has shown that, as long as the questions are asked alongside others about lifestyle and they are delivered in a non-judgemental way, then patients do not mind.

Prof Ian Gilmore, President of the Royal College of Physicians, welcomed the guidance and screening, and said that traditionally doctors' have been 'woeful' at asking patients about their alcohol consumption.

"We have a long way to go to get to a point where people get fed up with being asked."

He added that he saw the evidence of the problem on his wards every day.

"There are a lot of middle age and old age people who are opening a bottle of wine a night and are not managing to get the cork back in again."

The guidance on preventing harmful drinking also recommended:

* a minimum national price per unit of alcohol

* a possible ban on all alcohol advertising in order to protect children

* reducing how much alcohol travellers are allowed to bring into the country from abroad

* reducing alcohol licensing hours at pubs, clubs and off-licences.

The guidance was drawn up by Nice under its public health programme and calls on the Government, public bodies, the police, local authorities and the health service to act, although it has not direct legal powers to enforce its recommendations.

Prof Mike Kelly, public health director at Nice, said signals from the new coalition Government were 'promising'.

He said: "Alcohol misuse is a major public health concern which kills thousands of people every year and causes a multitude of physical, behavioural and mental health problems.

"It is clear that policy change is the best way to go about transforming the country's unhealthy relationship with alcohol and prevent people from getting to the stage where they are drinking worryingly large amounts."

The Department of Health recommends that women drink no more than two to three units a day and men no more than three to four.

One unit is roughly the equivalent of half a pint of standard strength lager, beer or cider; a pub measure of sprits or a small 125ml glass of wine.

Around one in four people regularly drink above these levels which is considered hazardous to health.

It is estimated that every year 15,000 people die and almost 900,000 others are admitted to hospital with alcohol-related problems at a cost to the NHS of £2 billion. In addition, excessive drinking is blamed for 500,000 crimes, 1.2 million violent incidents and 17 million lost working days.

Last month Sir Terry Leahy said he was in favour of minimum pricing on alcohol and the coalition Government has said it will act to stop alcohol from being sold at below cost.

However, Prof Kelly and Prof Anne Ludbrooke, from the University of Aberdeen, who was on the Nice group, said this was very difficult as there was no definition of what below cost meant.

The group said the evidence on minimum pricing was substantial but they did not recommend what level it should be set at.

Previously it has been suggested that 50 pence per unit would have an effect on those who drink the most without hitting the moderate drinker.

A 50p minimum price would mean a bottle of wine would be at least £4.50, a pint of 4% strength beer would be at least £1.14 and a ten-pack would be around £10. Prof Gilmore said this shows that pubs and restaurants would not be affected.

Studies have shown that alcohol has become 75% more affordable since 1980 as incomes have risen much faster than the price of alcohol.

Gavin Partington, of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, said: “Sadly, this guidance proposes measures that will not address the root causes of alcohol misuse and will merely punish the majority of British consumers who drink responsibly.

“We need to educate people better and earlier about the risks associated with excessive drinking and we need proper enforcement of laws to address misuse and related anti-social behaviour.”

“Minimum pricing is probably illegal and won’t stop problem drinkers. Advertising is already tightly regulated and banning it would hit the pockets of millions of consumers and threaten the loss of thousands of jobs.

“We all want to tackle alcohol misuse, so let’s focus on those who have the problem not punish everybody.”

Simon Litherland, Managing Director, Diageo GB, which makes beer, wine and spirits, said: “Yet again it is disappointing to see continued support for minimum pricing despite no credible empirical evidence that it would be an effective measure in reducing alcohol related harm.

"Alcohol consumption figures released last week by the NHS show that frequency and level of drinking is in fact highest among higher income groups so blunt measures, such as minimum pricing, will not only unfairly penalise those who drink responsibly – and in particular the poorest in society – but will also do little to influence the drinking habits of the minority who consume most and cause harm to themselves and others."

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said: "The Government is committed to taking tough action to tackle problem drinking, including the price of problem drinks, stopping supermarkets from selling alcohol below cost price and introducing a tougher licensing regime.

"Regarding NICE's recommendations on minimum pricing for units of alcohol, it is not clear that the research examines specifically the regressive effect on low income families, or proves conclusively that it is the best way to impact price in order to impact demand.

"Supply and price are far from the only factors in driving alcohol misuse. Demand and attitudes are crucial. We need to understand much better the psychology behind why different groups of people drink alcohol in excess.

"The root causes of social problems lie not just in government policies – although 24-hour drinking legislation has severely undermined clinician and police efforts to get to grips with this problem - but in social norms and peer influence."

Previously it has been suggested that 50 pence per unit would have an effect on those who drink the most without hitting the moderate drinker.

A 50p minimum price would mean a bottle of wine would be at least £4.50, a pint of 4% beer would be at least £1.14 and a ten-pack would be around £10. Prof Gilmore said this shows that pubs and restaurants would not be affected.

Other guidance from Nice called for better treatment of people with health complications caused by heavy drinking.

Benjamin Netanyahu: the great survivor of Israeli politics - By Adrian Blomfield in Jerusalem - telegraph.co.uk/news

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, is fabled as a great survivor in the often treacherous waters of Israeli politics.

By Adrian Blomfield in Jerusalem

Published: 10:30PM BST 01 Jun 2010

This skill is all the more impressive given his knack for serial bungling and for alienating Israel’s closest ally, the United States.

His uncompromising views on Palestinian statehood during his first term in office, in the 1990s, represented a major setback to the Middle East peace process, which had been fired into life by the Oslo peace accords. His rejectionism infuriated Bill Clinton, regarded as one of the most pro-Israeli presidents ever to take power in the United States.

Back for a second term, Mr Netanyahu succeeded in enraging a second Democrat president in March with a foolhardy decision to expand a Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, a move that threatened to unravel all the hard-won work Barack Obama had done to rejuvenate the peace process.

The Israeli prime minister is once again facing a crisis of international magnitude.

His policy of enforcing a blockade on Gaza that has brought misery to its inhabitants but has done little tangibly to weaken its Hamas overlords appears to be in tatters.

On the world stage, Mr Netanyahu cuts an increasingly isolated figure. Hopes that Britain, under a Conservative-led government, would prove more amenable to Israel have fallen short as David Cameron joined calls for the blockade of Gaza to be lifted.

As international pressure has gathered pace, Mr Netanyahu is looking a little less sure-footed at home. The Israeli press generally reacted to the deaths on board the Mavi Mamara with shock and anger.

Yet there is every possibility that Mr Netanyahu will be able to brazen his way out of another imbroglio – thanks to the United States.

The Obama administration has been much less vocal in its condemnation of Israel than the rest of the world. The United States substantially tempered a UN Security Council resolution on the Free Gaza flotilla, whose final version spoke of regret rather than condemnation and implied that Israel could take charge of the investigation into what went wrong.

Mr Obama may have felt that he had expended too much capital in his row with Israel over settlements, a stance which attracted considerable criticism both from the American right and the pro-Israel lobby.

Mr Netanyahu may be under pressure, but as long as US support – however lukewarm – continues, he may well be sheltered from much of the world’s outrage.

Gaza aid flotilla attack: Israel to release activists immediately - By James Kirkup and Richard Spencer - telegraph.co.uk/news

Israel is to immediately begin deporting hundreds of foreign activists, including the 41 British citizens, seized in the raid on a flotilla taking aid to the Gaza Strip. 

By James Kirkup and Richard Spencer

Published: 11:01PM BST 01 Jun 2010

In the face of mounting world criticism of Monday’s assault, Israeli officials said all 680 activists held would be freed, including two dozen Israel had threatened earlier to prosecute charging they had assaulted its troops.

“It was agreed that the detainees would be deported immediately,” Nir Hefez, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said in a written statement to reporters.,

Israel’s Interior Ministry said that the expulsion would begin immediately and would be completed in the next 48 hours.

The Foreign Office said it was seeking clarification.

The Britons are among hundreds of people held by Israeli forces after the raid in international waters on Monday.

Israel said those detained were not being charged with any crimes. They would be removed from the country in accordance with international law.

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, said he expected the Britons, including 11 dual nationals, to be returned “very quickly”.

One captive, Ahsan Shamrak, 45, of Wood Green, North London, was said to be in hospital with head wounds inflicted during the commando raid. The other British detainees included full-time campaigners, a pizza worker, an optician and the descendant of a viscount.

Among them was Alex Harrison, 32, from London, a long-standing member of the Free Gaza Organisation.

Diplomats said the number of Britons detained could alter, because some people from the flotilla had destroyed their identity documents and were refusing to co-operate with Israeli officials.

By detaining people from the flotilla, Israel may prevent them temporarily giving media interviews, which could further fuel the international row over the incident.

Israel has faced criticism around the world over the raid. Critics say the assault is a public relations disaster for the country. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, was criticised by members of his own cabinet.

They accused him of ordering the raid without consulting them.

The chief of the Israeli armed forces admitted that the commandos who landed on the aid ship Mavi Marmara did not have the right “crowd-dispersal” equipment, leading them to use lethal force. Israel says its troops were attacked by people on the ship, sailing under a Turkish flag.

The United Nations Security Council yesterday called for an “impartial investigation” into the raid and condemned the killing and wounding of civilians.

Gaza has been the subject of a blockade by both Israel and Egypt since 2007. They took the action after politicians from the Hamas movement took power in Gaza.

Israel says it allows humanitarian aid into Gaza, but critics including the UN say the flow of aid is inadequate.

Mr Netanyahu said that he would not compromise on the blockade.



Um liquidificador e várias frutas. É disso que você precisa para preparar drinques diferentes e passar o verão cheio de saúde
Por: Bruno Favoretto
Publicado 02/02/2010

SEU CORPO É COMO UM CARRO. Ele precisa de líquido para funcionar e de aditivos para ficar potente. A razão é simples: os líquidos transportam sais minerais e oxigênio para as células e garantem o desempenho da sua máquina. Se não estiver hidratado, a temperatura do corpo sobe e o risco de diarreia, vômito e insolação aumenta consideravelmente. "Quando a perda de líquidos é muito grande, em torno de 6% do peso corporal, a pessoa pode até convulsionar", alerta o nutrólogo Daniel Magnoni, chefe do Serviço de Nutrologia e Nutrição Clínica do Hospital do Coração e da seção de Nutrição Clínica do Instituto Dante Pazzanese, ambos em São Paulo. Para que você se mantenha firme e forte durante a estação, apresentamos oito drinques - com e sem álcool - que não vão deixar sua bateria arriar. AO SAIR DA CAMA
>> Rende: 1 drinque
• 1 colher (sopa) de guaraná em pó
• 15 uvas
• 150 ml de água
• Gelo picado

>> Bata as uvas no liquidiFIcador e reserve. Em um copo, misture o guaraná e a água. Adicione a uva e o gelo.
Por que é uma boa? Rico em cafeína e teobromina, substâncias estimulantes que atuam no sistema nervoso central, o guaraná é um trunfo para você acordar com pique total. Bônus: as propriedades antioxidantes da uva, além de inibir a ação dos radicais livres responsáveis pelo envelhecimento das células, são anticoagulantes e reduzem o colesterol ruim (LDL).
Dica MH: "O guaraná não é recomendado para pessoas cardíacas", alerta a nutricionista Andréa Andrade, da RG Nutri, em São Paulo. Ele acelera o coração e pode levar à taquicardia.

>> Rende: 1 drinque
• 150 g de rabanetes descascados
• 150 g de pepinos descascados
• 1 colher (sopa) de suco de limão
• 1 pitada de sal e pimenta branca a gosto
• 1 ramo de agrião

>> Bata, no liquidificador, o rabanete e o pepino até virar um líquido homogêneo. Adicione o suco de limão. Leve ao copo e tempere com sal e pimenta branca. Decore com o ramo de agrião.
Por que é uma boa? Vai bem tanto para os atletas de ponta quanto para quem dá uma corridinha básica no fim de semana. O rabanete é rico em antocianina, carotenóide que reduz a pressão arterial, melhora a circulação sanguínea e ajuda o corpo a transportar oxigênio. Quanto ao pepino, ele contém potássio, que auxilia a neutralizar o inchaço muscular durante o exercício.
Dica MH: só corte o limão na hora de adicioná-lo à receita. Se você picar a fruta e não usá-la imediatamente, ela oxida e fica amarga. A dica é de Rodolfo Werner, professor do curso de barman do Senac, no Rio de Janeiro.

>> Rende: 4 drinques
• 400 ml de suco de laranja
• 200 ml de chámate líquido
• 12 morangos
• 6 cubos de gelo
• Adoçante ou açúcar a gosto

>> Bata o suco de laranja, os morangos e o mate no liquidificador. Retire, despeje em um copo, adoce e acrescente o gelo.
Por que é uma boa? A combinação entre laranja e morango, rica em vitamina C, é indicada antes do almoço porque aumenta a absorção do ferro das leguminosas e das carnes. "E não deixa você estufado antes da refeição", explica o nutrólogo Daniel Magnoni.
Dica MH: para aproveitar ao máximo a ação antioxidante, tome o suco logo após o preparo. Quanto maior for o contato das frutas com o oxigênio, mais rápido as propriedades se perdem.

>> Rende: 1 drinque
• ½ mamão sem sementes
• 1 colher (chá) de linhaça
• 2 kiwis descascados
• 500 ml de água

>> Triture os ingredientes no liquidificador. Sirva a seguir.
Por que é uma boa? O mamão contém papaína, enzima que auxilia na digestão. Assim como o kiwi e a linhaça, ele tem bastante fibra, que melhora o intestino, garante o gastroenterologista Eduardo Berger, do Hospital Professor Edmundo Vasconcelos, em São Paulo. A linhaça também tem ômega-3, gordura do bem capaz de evitar o entupimento das artérias e aumentar o colesterol bom (HDL).
Dica MH: papaia deixa a bebida mais doce.

>> Rende: 1 drinque
• 100 ml de suco de tomate
• 20 ml de suco de limão
• 2 colheres (chá) de polpa de maracujá
• 1 lima-da-pérsia
• Salsão em galho para decorar
• Gelo picado

>> Corte a lima-da-pérsia em 6 rodelas. Reserve. Bata o suco de tomate, o suco de limão e a polpa do maracujá. Sirva, acrescente as rodelas e o gelo. Decore com salsão.
Por que é uma boa? É importante beber algo que forneça energia e alimente. Daí a importância do tomate, que diminui a velocidade do esvaziamento gástrico.
Dica MH: adicione um pouco de mel ou açúcar mascavo e garanta mais energia.

>> Rende: 1 drinque
• 500 ml de água-de-coco
• 3 fatias de abacaxi
• 1 sachê de chá de hortelã
• 250 ml de água

>> Faça o chá. Reserve. Bata o abacaxi com a água-de-coco e despeje no copo com o chá.
Por que é uma boa? A água-de-coco repõe os eletrólitos que você precisa depois de uma bebedeira. "É rica em potássio, mineral que ajuda a recuperar músculos cansados", explica a nutricionista Anna Christina Castilho, de São Paulo. As fibras do abacaxi facilitam a digestão. A hortelã atenua a azia.
Dica MH: prefira água-de-coco natural à industrializada: ao ser processada e fervida, ela perde alguns nutrientes.


Ricas em vitaminas e fibras, as bebidas foram sugeridas e preparadas pelo barman Franco Milane, da Pizza Bros, em São Paulo.

• 4 morangos picados
• 1 kiwi médio picado
• ½ rodela de abacaxi picado
• ½ colher (chá) de açúcar
• Gelo e prosecco
• Folhas de hortelã para decorar
>> Pique o gelo no liquidificador. Em uma caldereta, acrescente as frutas, o açúcar e o gelo. Complete com o prosecco.

• 2 laranjas kinkan fatiadas
• 4 fatias finas de goiaba
• 50 ml de gim
• 25 ml de Limoncello
• 10 ml de Cointreau
• 3 gotas de Angostura
• 1 colher (café) de açúcar
>> Bata os ingredientes no liquidificador. Coe e despeje em uma taça. Acrescente gelo.

Clam or Mussel Stew With Greens and Beans

Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times
Published: March 9, 2010

1/2 pound kale, collards or other greens, stemmed and washed in two or three changes of water

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

4 pounds medium-sized clams or mussels (or use a mixture of the two), purged

1 large shallot, finely chopped

3 large garlic cloves, sliced

1/2 cup dry white wine

A few sprigs each parsley and thyme

Salt and freshly ground pepper

1 15-ounce can white beans, drained and rinsed

1 cup chicken stock

1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley

1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Fill a bowl with ice water. When the water in the pot comes to a boil, salt generously and add the greens. Cook for one to three minutes (depending on the type of green) until just tender. Transfer to the ice water. Allow to cool for a few minutes, then drain, squeeze dry and chop. Set aside.

2. Cook the clams or mussels in batches. In a large, lidded pan over medium heat, combine 1 tablespoon of the shallots, one garlic clove, the wine, parsley and thyme sprigs and half the clams or mussels. Bring to a boil, cover and cook about four minutes until they just open. Remove from the pan using tongs, and place in a bowl. Repeat with the remaining clams or mussels. When the seafood is cool enough to handle, remove from the shells, holding the shells over the bowl to catch their juice. Rinse briefly in case there is any lingering sand. Cut the clams in half if they’re large. Strain the liquid in the pan through a cheesecloth-lined strainer into a small bowl, and set aside.

3. Return the pan to medium heat, and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Add the remaining shallots and garlic and salt to taste. Cook gently for three to four minutes until the shallots are tender. Add the remaining tablespoon of olive oil and the chopped blanched greens. Cook, stirring over medium heat, for five minutes. Slowly pour the strained seafood juice into the pan, then add the beans and chicken stock. Bring to a simmer. Simmer five to 10 minutes. The greens should be very tender. Stir in the seafood, add several twists of the pepper mill, taste and adjust salt. Heat through and serve.

Yield: Serves four to six.

Advance preparation: You could make this through step 2 several hours ahead of serving and refrigerate the cooked seafood. Shortly before serving proceed with step 3.

Martha Rose Shulman can be reached at martha-rose-shulman.com.

This is a great winter seafood stew adapted from a much richer recipe by Mark Peel, executive chef of Campanile Restaurant in Los Angeles. It’s easy to make and easy to serve.

PIZZA DE CARNE PICADA COM BERINGELA - Receita do Blog Cozinhar com os Anjos

Ingredientes da massa:
-200 g de requeijão
-1 colher de chá rasa de sal
-5 colheres de sopa de azeite
-1 ovo grande
-250 g de farinha
-o meu molho de tomate
Para a guarnição:
-1 beringela
-4 colheres de sopa de azeite
-400 g de carne picada de porco
-pimenta preta moída na altura
-1 cebola
-2 dentes de alho
-4 colheres de sopa de polpa de tomate
-1 colher de sopa rasa de orégãos
-1 colher de chá de tomilho
-1 ovo
-+/- 3oo g de queijo de ovelha
Bati o requeijão com o sal, azeite e o ovo com uma varinha de arames. Quando bem envolvido juntei a farinha. Aí claro, entra as mãos a trabalhar a massa até obter uma massa macia. Deixa a descansar a massa enquanto prepara a guarnição. Lavei a beringela e cortei às rodelas. Fritei a dita em azeite até alourar. Quando loura retirei para uma travessa e temperei com sal e pimenta. Reservei. Num tacho coloquei a cebola e os dentes de alho picado com o azeite e levei a lume brando até a cebola ficar translúcida. Juntei a carne picada e envolvi muito bem no preparo anterior e deixei cozinhar sempre em lume brando. Juntei a polpa de tomate, temperei com sal, pimenta, orégãos e o tomilho. Envolvi tudo muito bem e juntei o ovo batido e voltei e envolver tudo até ter cozinhado o ovo. Deixei arrefecer um pouco a mistura da carne. Untei um tabuleiro com azeite e coloquei a massa estendida com o rolo. Coloquei o molho de tomate (não muito) e espalhei. Depois foi a vez de espalhar a carne e colocar as rodelas de beringela. Cortei o queijo aos pedacinhos e coloquei por cima. Polvilhei com orégãos e levei ao forno pré-aquecido a 200ºC a meio durante 25 minutos. Notas: eu nesta pizza não usei o Mozzarelle porque achei que ligaria melhor com outro estilo de queijo, e que não me enganei. Mas se preferirem usar o Mozzarelle podem usar claro.
Publicada por COZINHAR COM OS ANJOS em 3/08/2010

Zzzz: Sleepy Pets Hit the Snooze Button


Couch — Check! Comfy Pillow — Check! "Izzy loves to cozy up for some quality prime time TV, but rarely makes it through the first 5 minutes before zonking out" says owner Sandra Bass.


Naptime? Oh, you mean laptime. Christine Butt says her kitty Abner "hunkers down on my husband's lap and never leaves it."


Can't. Keep. Head. Up. Zonk. "Reuben loves to sleep on the couch after a long day at the beach," says Jenny McIver. Or just all the time.


"Peter lives on beautiful Catalina Island but instead of enjoying the California weather he hides in the sink to cool off," says Justyna Szymura. "He loves to sleep there even though he would prefer the sink to be a little bigger. Do not try to wash your hands when he is there!"


Sleeping cat geometry! Shadow and Target might be making a feline triangle on this chair, but according to Julie Warehime, their favorite place to sleep is on a gigantic stuffed panther. "Most times you can't even see Shadow when he is laying on it because he blends in so well," she says.


Bowser dreams of bacon and bones. Nom. Cheryl Langley calls Bowser's tongue "dry little sandpaper," but no matter. "He's the most loveable cuddle bunny ever."


Bella, is that comfortable? Suz Wipperling's "girly girl" can pass out in a nearly-vertical pretzel pose. That's what we call skills!


Rough life, the dog's life. Herbert Townsend sent us this photo of Spencer on vacation at he beach. "He enjoys this time away from his normal stressful schedule of eating , sleeping and playing," Townsend says. "He must be careful while tanning, so SPF30 is a must."


We had an aunt once who could fall asleep any place, any time. She must have been related to this little guy — he sleeps on a suitcase, according to mom Eva Anderson.


Sparky's joys in life: #1. Sleep. #2. Eat. In that order! Mom Jewell Queen-Fletcher calls him "the LAZIEST dog alive!" We're surprised he even gets up to eat!


Um, space hog much? Judy Lambert says that her cat Sassy is "forever trying to get on the lounger to sleep." As soon as someone gets up from their seat, "he takes over, leaving no room."


"Meela loves to snuggle, and when we sleep, she rests her head on my neck and snores all night long!" says mom Ashlea Baker. But how do the snores make it out from past all those smushy wrinkles?


It's the sun! The sun makes her sleepy! Kevin Durkin describes his kitty Jerry Garcia as a big talker. "At feeding time, it sounds like she's screaming at us to hurry up and open the can." During naptime, however, total silence.


Exercise is so exhausting, even being near a pair of running shoes wipes this guy out. Douglas Via likes it best when his pooch puts his face right up on his owner's face and goes right to sleep.

Manchester United v AC Milan: David Beckham 'coming home' in Champions League clash at Old Trafford


Manchester United v AC Milan: David Beckham 'coming home' in Champions League clash at Old Trafford
David Beckham claims he will be ‘coming home’ when he faces Manchester United at Old Trafford in an AC Milan shirt tonight.

By Mark Ogden
Published: 11:27AM GMT 10 Mar 2010

The former England captain could be forced to accept a substitutes’ role for the Rossonerri, with United manager Sir Alex Ferguson expecting Milan to start with Brazilian forward Alexandre Pato in place of Beckham in the Champions League clash.

Having left United for Real Madrid in a £25 million transfer in 2003, Beckham has never faced his former club in a competitive fixture at Old Trafford.

But the 34-year-old, currently on loan at Milan from MLS outfit LA Galaxy, admits that he is determined to savour the experience of treading out onto the Old Trafford pitch for perhaps the final time.

Beckham said: “I’m sure it will feel like coming home. United is where I grew up and it’s the club I’ve always supported and will continue to support.

“It will be amazing because the relationship I have with the United fans is still important to me.

“I went through some difficult times (after being sent off against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup), but they never stopped supporting me and I wouldn’t have got through everything without them.

“To me, they’re the best fans in the world and the support they gave me, week in and week out, was incredible. Nothing will ever better that.

“Over the years, it hasn’t felt right coming back. There was something about going back to Old Trafford as an opposition player that just didn’t sit well with me. But now, seven years on, it feels right.”

United midfielder Darren Fletcher admits he idolised Beckham as a youngster coming through the ranks at Old Trafford.

But the Scotland captain insists that the affection for Beckham, both on and off the pitch, will be forgotten as United attempt to see off the Italians and join Arsenal in the Champions League quarter-finals.

Fletcher said: “David Beckham was a hero for a generation of young players and he’s still a top class player.

“As a young player coming through at this club, he was one of the players I looked up to along with Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Roy Keane.

"He has moved on from here and continued his successful career and he is still vying for a place in England’s World Cup squad.

“So we will be out to impress everyone and I’m sure he will be welcomed back by the fans.They gave him a great reception out in Milan and they will do the same at Old Trafford.

“But we will focus on ourselves and, once the game kicks off, all that friendship and reunion stuff goes out the window and both teams will be concentrating on winning the match.”

United are without the suspended Michael Carrick and injured Wes Brown tonight, while Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf is a doubt for the tie, which United lead 3-2 following their first-leg victory in the San Siro.

Today's TV highlights


The day's best TV programmes on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Freeview, Freesat, Sky and cable as chosen by the Telegraph's critics.

By Sam Richards and Patrick Smith
Published: 5:25PM GMT 09 Mar 2010

astEnders and Gavin & Stacey actor Larry Lamb experiences life as a long-term unemployed person in the BBC series Famous, Rich and Jobless.


CRITIC'S CHOICE: Famous, Rich and Jobless

BBC One, 9.00pm/BBC One, times vary

The BBC has decided that we can’t fully appreciate what it’s like to be unemployed until it puts four minor celebrities through the experience for a week, hence Famous, Rich and Jobless. Although it’s difficult for four confident, self-motivated stars to comprehend the sense of worthlessness that comes with long-term unemployment, the experiment does have some merit – even if it’s only to disabuse blue-blooded motoring correspondent Emma Parker-Bowles of the notion that people can have a “nice life” living on benefits. Seeing her face drop when she’s handed her first four days’ allowance – a measly £39 – is priceless. The other contestants are the actor Larry Lamb, the TV gardener Diarmuid Gavin and Meg Mathews, the ex-wife of Noel Gallagher. Later tonight is a rather more serious programme, simply entitled Jobless (10.35pm; N Ireland, 11.35pm; Wales, 11.05pm). This compelling documentary, by Brian Woods, who won a Bafta for Chosen, his 2008 More4 documentary about child sexual abuse, introduces us to people (factory workers, builders, journalists, computer salesmen) who have lost their jobs and careers in the recession. They all affirm that being laid off is not just a financial problem but a complete emasculation that comes with its own depressing stigma. “You work all your life and they just throw you out like a dog,” reflects Elma Walker, who was rendered jobless and without a pension when the UK arm of car parts manufacturers Visteon went bust. SR

Arlington Road (1999)

Sky Movies Modern Greats/SMMGHD, 6.00pm

A tautly plotted but overly convoluted thriller starring an electric Jeff Bridges and Tim Robbins. Set in suburbia, it focuses on Michael Faraday (Bridges), a loving father and teacher whose distrust for his new neighbours (Robbins and Joan Cusack) lies at the heart of the drama. Believing them to be terrorists, while still coming to terms with the death of his wife, Faraday becomes increasingly crazed – leading to a somewhat implausible climax. PS

Live Uefa Champions League: Arsenal v FC Porto

Sky Sports 2/SSHD2, 7.00pm

A woeful display from Arsenal goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski handed Porto a 2-1 victory in the first leg in Portugal. Fortunately, Sol Campbell’s second goal in as many Champions League matches gave Arsène Wenger’s side that precious away goal. And, boosted by home support, they’ll be confident of progressing to the quarter-finals. The last time the Gunners hosted the Portuguese champions on this ground in 2008, they ran riot, with Cesc Fabregas, now unfortunately injured, inspiring a 4-0 victory. PS

Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance

Channel 4, 8.00pm

While it’s always impressive to see the no-nonsense Jo Frost in action – in this case helping out a single mother whose six-year-old daughter refuses to sleep in her own bed – there’s a creeping sensation that, because her techniques rely so much on consistency and common sense, we’ve seen it all before. She presents some half-hearted campaigning segments this series too, but once again, the answers to questions such as “Are we feeding our kids too much?” and “Are our kids growing up too fast?” seem self-evident. SR

Horizon: Is Everything We Know About the Universe Wrong?

BBC Two, 9.00pm

This edition of the science programme investigates a phenomenon known as “dark flow”, which is causing whole clusters of galaxies to rush towards a single point. How? Why? Nobody really knows but, luckily, a team of cosmologists, including Professor Max Tegmark, is on hand to explain recent discoveries. SR

One Born Every Minute

Channel 4, 9.00pm

This week, the cameras in the maternity ward run by co-ordinator midwife Kay Duggan focus on two girls for whom motherhood has arrived earlier than expected. Abbie is just 17 and her boyfriend Ross is still at college, so money is scarce. “Having a baby won’t ruin my life,” she insists bravely. “It’ll change it.” Leoni’s already packed a lot into her 23 years, including a spell in prison for running with drug gangs and, on her release, finding God. She seems admirably well-prepared for becoming a single mother, although a painful, protracted labour tests her resolve. SR


Channel 4, 10.00pm

In its own way, Shameless is becoming as much of a TV institution as Coronation Street, while offering a rather more realistic – or self-mocking – portrait of Manchester to boot. Tonight, Frank’s librarian lover Libby (Pauline McLynn) is released from prison and parks her mobile library on the Chatsworth Estate in an attempt to track him down. SR



BBC Four, 10.00pm

Television’s most subtle and stylish drama is now well into its third series. For the uninitiated, Mad Men (which is broadcast on the cable network AMC in the US) is set in a 1960s advertising agency in New York, where hard drinking, chain-smoking and casual sexism are almost part of the furniture. Evocatively told and meticulously observed, Matthew Weiner’s series is as sharp and witty a drama as has been on TV this year. Tonight, Don Draper’s (Jon Hamm) complex relationship with his wife Betty (January Jones) once again lies at the heart of the action. First, Don whisks Betty off to Rome after he is summoned to a business meeting with the hotel boss Conrad Hilton (Chelcie Ross). The scene in which a dolled-up, Italian-speaking Betty goes to a bar and sets some of the locals aflutter is a gem – particularly when one of the Italians attempts to woo her (“I wish I was a cigarette in your mouth – I would die of happiness”). Back in New York, however, Betty’s frustration at being a cloistered housewife is becoming increasingly obvious – a situation not helped by her new friend Henry Francis (Christopher Stanley) who, after helping Betty campaign to help save a local reservoir, makes his true motivations known. Meanwhile, in the Sterling Cooper offices, oleaginous account executive Pete Campbell (the superb Vincent Kartheiser) reverts to form by seducing a neighbour’s au pair – with humiliating results. PS

The Alan Titchmarsh Show

ITV1, 5.00pm; not STV

David Cameron is interviewed live in the studio by the gardener-turned-chatshow-host, in what is likely to be a rather more relaxed broadcasting experience for Mr Cameron than the forthcoming leaders’ debates. MD

Live Uefa Champions League: Manchester United v AC Milan

ITV1, 7.30pm

Thanks to the imperious Wayne Rooney, United go into this second leg with a 3-2 advantage. Much of the attention, however, will be on Rooney’s England team-mate David Beckham. Tonight, the indefatigable midfielder (on loan to Milan from LA Galaxy) is expected to make his first appearance at Old Trafford since he was sold to Real Madrid for £25 million in 2003. PS


BBC One, 8.00pm

John Torode and Gregg Wallace continue their search for Britain’s best amateur cook. Today’s first heat sees the contestants invent a chicken dish, then sweat in the high-pressure kitchen at Le Pont de la Tour, Sir Terence Conran’s French eatery on the bank of the Thames. MH

Inside John Lewis

BBC Two, 9.00pm

John Lewis is one of Britain’s biggest retail brands. Most of us are fondly familiar with its “never knowingly undersold” pledge, forest-green livery and haberdashery heritage. For this three-part series, the chain has granted access to a camera crew to its Newcastle and Bristol branches, new Cardiff store and head office in London. It’s a turbulent time to do so, as John Lewis tackles the worst recession in 80 years. See feature, left. MH

Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience

BBC Two, 10.00pm; Northern Ireland, 11.20pm

Originally shown on BBC Wales but now making its nationwide debut tonight, this four-part series sees rant-specialising stand-up comic Rhod Gilbert tour the Valleys, trying his hand at a selection of “proper” jobs. First up, he samples life as a binman in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan. MH


BBC One, 10.45pm; Northern Ireland, 11.35pm

Series three of the superior New York legal drama continues. Having run over his Bernard Madoff-alike fraudster father’s mistress Danielle, beleaguered Joe (Campbell Scott) fights to save her life and avoid arrest. Meanwhile, fearsome Patty (Glenn Close) races to stop the family spiriting Danielle out of the country before they can subpoena her. Elsewhere, Assistant DA Ellen (Rose Byrne) is drawn into a family drama. As ever, Damages is graced by high production values, a pleasingly complex script and some of the finest “corridor acting” since The West Wing. MH

Hollywoodland (2006)

BBC One, 11.25pm; not NI

Poignant noir-style thriller telling the story of actor George Reeves, who played Superman in the Fifties television series. When Reeves is found dead in his apartment, the police conclude that he committed suicide. But his mother (Lois Smith) doesn’t agree – she hires PI Louis Simo (Adrien Brody) and the trail leads to the seamy side of Hollywood. As Reeves, Ben Affleck gives the best performance of his career. RW

25 of the best money saving websites


The recession may officially be over but its legacy continues to have an impact on our finances. Saving money is still the name of the game.

By Kara Gammell
Published: 1:00PM GMT 09 Mar 2010

One website, bumblebeeauctions.co.uk, sells unclaimed stolen property from the police Photo: PA

By showing a little nous and surfing the web you can save a bundle. To help you on your way here are our top 25 money-saving websites.
1. www.groupola.com

Groupola is based on a concept known as collective buying power. To get the savings offered by this website, each deal requires an agreed minimum number of participants before the deal goes live.

For instance, this week a group of 10 can get tickets to a West End show and meal for just £45 – a massive 53pc discount.

Deals typically run for 24 hours and may last a few days. Once a deal is complete, you will receive a voucher in your Groupola account. Simply present this to the merchant and enjoy the savings.
2. www.bumblebeeauctions.co.uk

This online auction sells unclaimed stolen property from police stations around the UK. Especially good for cheap digital cameras, bicycles and tools, there are full descriptions of the items so you know their condition before you bid.

The most recent high bid will be shown when you click on the item so you can see how much it's going for and decide whether you want to start bidding on it.
3. www.comparedownload.com

Many people are unaware that if you have an iPod you can still download tracks from providers other than Apple.

By using this website, you can find out the cheapest place to download your favourite album or track. Prices for songs can range from 29p to £1.47 and for albums from £3 up to £12.

Then all you have to do is drag the download into your iTunes library, which will allow you to upload it onto your iPod.
4. www.mydeco.com

Find interiors to fit any budget with this website. Much like Google for homewares, this site will search more than 2,000 online shops in seconds, ensuring you get the best deal on everything from dishes and garden furniture to lighting. What's more, you can sign up for a weekly "Sales Scoop" and get discounts, voucher codes and exclusive offers delivered to your in-box.
5. www.quidco.co.uk

With more than 1,800 retailers signed up, this is the biggest and highest-paying cashback website. These websites list product providers and retailers which pay commission when shoppers click through to them. In turn, the cashback website rebates some of this commission to the consumer.
6. www.nethouseprices.com

Find out what any property in your area has been sold for by visiting this site. Search for a property or an area by typing in the name of a street or village and the site will generate a chronological list of every property sold there since 2000 and the amount paid.
7. www.voa.gov.uk

Check and challenge your council tax band free of charge. Compare your property's banding with neighbours in similar properties by going through the council tax list on this site. Just enter your postcode, select your house number and it gives you the banding. Then do the same with your neighbour's number to see if they are paying less than you. If your home is in Scotland, try the Scottish Assessors Association at www.saa.gov.uk.
8. www.oscaruk.co.uk

Concessions, discounts and savings for the over-50s. Become an Oscar member and get great offers direct to your in-box. For example, save 5pc at APH Airport Parking at Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Heathrow. Or get a discounted rate on season tickets for football teams such as Aston Villa – over-65s pay £185-£260, compared with the regular season ticket cost of £340-£510.
9. www.etsy.com

This site is the best-known place to sell handmade items online. But you are not just limited to selling crafts here, you can also sell artwork and prints, craft supplies and vintage items. Of more than 3.3m members, only 250,000 are sellers, meaning there are more than enough customers to go around.
10. www.supermarketownbrandguide.co.uk

Buying supermarket own-brands is cheaper, and need not mean scrimping on taste. To find the best own-brands, check out this site, which reviews more than 2,000 products.
11. www.glassesdirect.co.uk

Say goodbye to paying over the odds for your spectacles – with Glasses Direct you can buy prescription glasses from just £19. All you need is your prescription, which the optician is required by law to provide you with. You can even order frames to try on at home for just £5, which will be credited to your purchase if you choose to buy. And even better, if you are not happy with your glasses, you can return them free of charge for up to 14 days after they have been dispatched for replacement or full refund.
12. http://m.kelkoo.co.uk

Bagging yourself a bargain is now even easier as shoppers use price comparison applications on their mobile phones. Anyone with a web-enabled phone or iPhone can check prices from thousands of retailers online while standing in the shop and save more than 15pc on their purchases, including delivery.

This price comparison mobile phone application is free and easy to use. However, your mobile network may charge you for using the internet on your phone.
13. www.simplifydigital.co.uk

The only Ofcom-accredited impartial comparison service for broadband, digital TV and home phone. Here you can compare over 11,000 broadband, digital TV and home phone deals.
14. www.mysupermarket.com

Food prices have shot up over the past year, but this website will show you where you can make savings on your weekly shop. This cost-comparison website lets you size up prices at different places, including Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury and Ocado, Waitrose's online service. It claims that consumers can typically save 20pc off their bill – on a £100 weekly shop, this adds up to more than £1,000 a year.
15. www.thetrainline.com

Start early when it comes to booking trains and make the most of the cheaper seats. Train tickets can generally be booked 12 weeks ahead, as this is when rail timetables are released, and the cheaper seats sell out quickly. The website claims that customers can save up to 43pc by booking ahead, compared with buying a ticket on the day of travel.
16. www.petrolprices.com

Shopping around before you fill up can save you a fortune. Visit this site and enter your postcode to find the cheapest fuel within 10 miles of your home. The website includes information from more than 9,000 petrol stations.
17. www.photobox.co.uk

Sign up for this photo-printing website and get 40 prints for free. With unlimited storage and sharing, the more photos your print, the more you save. Digital prints start at just 10p for gloss or matt 6" x 4.5" pictures for the first 199, and go down to just 5p when you reach over 500.
18. www.approvedfoods.co.uk

This site helps people buy food that is out of date but not yet gone off. With over 1,000 different product lines, you are sure to find something you like.
19. www.giveortake.com

Give or Take is a new way to shop that allows you to earn cashback for yourself or a charity of your choice when you shop online at more than 700 brand name stores.

To donate your earnings, select the "Give" option in your online account and choose your charity. Give or Take does not charge your account or the charity, and payments are made monthly to any charities that earn more than £10 from their supporters in that month.
20. www.valuemystuffnow.com

Visit this valuation service for antiques, collectables and paintings, and send in photographs of valuables to find out online what they might sell for. Founded by an ex-director of Sotheby's, this site provides accessible, specialist valuations. The website has a team of specialists drawn from Christie's, Sotheby's and other leading auction houses, and valuations are guaranteed within 48 hours or your money back.

You pay £3.99 for one valuation or £9.99 for three, or you can buy 10 credits for £29.99.
21. www.quaffersoffers.co.uk

One of the best websites for wine deals, this site allows you to search the current offers at supermarkets across the country, as well as specialist wine merchants.

For example, you can find a bottle of Oyster Bay Merlot 2008 for £6.49 at both Majestic and Waitrose, while it would cost you £8.99 at Tesco.
22. www.getarealitycheck.co.uk

It can be hard to know if you are properly prepared for retirement, especially if it is almost 30 years away. This site helps you to see if your pension plans are on track – or if you need some assistance getting them there.
23. www.liftshare.com

Why not cut your fuel costs by carpooling? This journey-matching site offers a greener way to travel while saving you hundreds of pounds in petrol. You can easily search for car buddies or, if you do not mind travelling with a stranger, you can look for people in your area who drive the same route.
24. www.mylostaccount.org.uk

If you think you may have lost touch with a bank account or other savings, this website will guide you through some simple steps to help reunite you with your money. The site is designed to help where the customer is unsure of which bank or building society holds an account to which they have an entitlement, including instances where the bank or building society has since closed or merged.
25. www.telegraph.co.uk/personalfinance

The most comprehensive place on the internet for news and advice on managing your money. It offers constantly updated articles on banking, savings, investments and pensions, as well as money-saving tips.

Honda CB600 Hornet é a moto mais procurada na internet

Três modelos da marca líder do mercado nacional estão entre os mais procurados no portal Webmotors: CB600 Hornet, CBX 250 Twister e NX4 Falcon.
A Honda CB 600 Hornet é a motocicleta mais procurada pelos internautas no portal Webmotors, com mais de 36 mil acessos, conforme o ranking do mês de abril. No período, o site recebeu a visita de 10 milhões de usuários únicos, aos 200 mil veículos anunciados na Webmotors.
No segundo lugar, atrás da naked líder do ranking, está outra moto da marca, a CBX 250 Twister, com pouco mais de 24,7 mil buscas. Na terceira posição do ranking, ficou a on-off road NX4 Falcon, com 17,8 mil acessos.
A esportiva YZF R1, da Yamaha, aparece na quarta colocação, com 16 mil buscas, seguida pela Honda CB500, com 14,7 mil, e também pela CBR600RR, com 13,8 mil buscas.
O sétimo lugar pertence à Yamaha Fazer 250, a primeira motocicleta do mercado com injeção eletrônica, que recebeu 13 mil buscas. Em oitavo, está a Honda XT 660R, com 12 mil. Outros dois modelos da marca estão nas últimas posições; XR 250 Tornado e CBR 1000 RR Fireblade, com pouco mais de nove mil acessos.
O site Webmotors é o maior portal automotivo da internet brasileira e líder de audiência entre os sites do segmento de classificados de veículos.

Fonte: Folhablu

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Robert Pattinson é a celebridade mais procurada na Internet

Robert Pattinson é a celebridade mais procurada na Internet
Publicada por Twilight Zone em 11:45 Etiquetas: Robert Pattinson

O actor Robert Pattinson ("Twilight", "Lua Nova") foi eleito "a celebridade mais procurada" de 2009 por ContactAnyCelebrity.com, uma empresa de investigação com sede em Los Angeles e Nova York, que proporciona informação de contacto das celebridades aos fãs, às empresas, sem fins lucrativos e de media.

O Top 10 dos famosos "mais procurados" de 2009 são os procurados para autografos, doações de caridade, promoções de produto e pedidos de media, ContactAnyCelebrity.com's tem uma base de dados online com mais de 60.000 personalidades e figuras publicas de todo o mundo.

"Curiosamente, Barack Obama é o quinto "Most Wanted Celebrity de 2009", disse Jordan McAuley, fundador de ContactAnyCelebrity.com. "Um presidente nunca havia estado na nossa lista antes".

1. Robert Pattinson

2. Oprah Winfrey
3. Miley Cyrus
4. Jonas Brothers
5. Barack Obama
6. Kate Gosselin
7. Selena Gomez
8. Tyler Perry
9. Angelina Jolie
10. Ellen DeGenere

Programas de TV e Revistas

www.mulher.com www.a12.com/sabordevida www.atelienatv.com.br www.tvseculo21.com.br www.programaartebrasil.com.br www.pgmvidamelhor.com.br www.tvartesanatosemstress.com.br http://manequim.abril.com.br http://www.pingouin.com.br http://www.etsy.com http://www.portaldeartesanato.com.br www.netfontes.com.br http://www.florbras.com.br (miniaturas) http://www.crismimo.com.br (latinhas, bisnagas, tercinhos) http://www.dinaarmarinhos.com.br (feltro e tecidos de pelucia) http://www.tecidosecrafts.com.br (botoes e aviamentos) http://www.clickfios.com.br (feltro e aviamentos e las) http://www.ganapresentes.com.br http://www.quianestore.com ( botoes) http://loja.mixcriativo.com.br (aviamentos) http://imagensdecoupage.blogspot.com.br/ http://www.soisopor.com.br (onde comprar isopor) http://loja.pontodoscrap.com.br (onde comprar meia perola) http://www.luanenfeites.com.br (artigo para festas) http://www.formasparachocolate.com.br (artigo para festas) http://www.doceart.com.br (artigos para festas) http://www.barradoce.com.br ( artigo para festas cortadores) http://www.proplastik.com.br (artigo para festas) https://www.digitalupserver01.com.br (artigo para festa) http://www.lojatiamarlene.com.br (artigos para festa) http://blog.creativstemplates.com(imprimir temas) http://fazendoaminhafesta.blogspot.com.br (temas para imprimir) http://www.bebruarts.com.br (mini frascos de vidros, armarinho) http://www.atacadaodoartesanato.com.br (miniatura) http://www.bibibrindes.com (miniaturas) www.a25decorfestas.com.br http://www.matsumotovirtual.com.br http://www.mundopoa.com.br http://www.domnet.com.br http://www.novapauli.com.br

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