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Championship play-off final: Blackpool v Cardiff live - By Steve Wilson -

Follow live commentary of the Championship play-off final between Blackpool and Cardiff at Wembley on Saturday 22 May.

By Steve Wilson

Published: 2:38PM BST 22 May 2010

94 min:
Lats chance saloon for Cardiff. The ball is punted forward. Ledley can't control. it's sent back in. Coleman heads clear. Last cross of the game and Gilks collects. it's all over. Blackpool are up!!!!

92 min:
Foul by Crainey on the half way line gives Cardiff the chance to launch the ball forward. Blackpool make their final subsitution to try and eat in to a few more seconds. The punt in to the box only finds a Blackpool head. desperation for Cardiff now as the dream, if not having died just yet, is being led the last rights.

91 min:
A goalbound header from Ledley was adecnt effort but from 18 yards it never had the pace to beat Gilks who collects comfortably.

90 min:
This game that started with a bang and kept on exploding is ending with a whimper - as designed by Blackpool's - as we go in to four minutes of added time.

89 min:
Blackpool's fans have started the party already as their team keep possession in the Cardiff half.

88 min:
Gerrard had the ball at his feet in a bit of space in the Blackpool box but failed to pull the trigger. It wasn't an easy chance but he needed to act sharply there and didn't. Ball goes up the other end and Blackpool waste an opportunity with Campbell holding on too long too. Nerves all over the place now.

87 min:
Blackpool taking their time over every set piece now to try and kill the game. With some success it has to be said. Scrappy affair now. Still time for a late twist though.

85 min:
Chopra looks frustrated. And well he might. He's been excellent today but has had little support after Bothroyd went off in the first half. Gerrard is pushed forward to give him a little help.

83 mins:
Adam is still fighting for the cause – a little too literally in a blatant push on Whittingham to concede a needless free kick inside his own half. Ledley’s delivery isn’t the best tough and panic over. For now.

81 min:
Blackpool have gone it to full ‘protect what we hold’ mode. It doesn’t suit them. They are a side built to attack. Cardiff are getting closer and closer. the latest as weak shot in to Gilks’ arms but there is a sense of Cardiff starting to believe and Blackpool starting to panic a touch.

79 min:
We’re getting down to the business end of this game and Cardiff, as you would expect, are forcing the issues. They are dominating the ball as Blackpool retreat in to that frustrating and dangerous defensive mindset that teams do when protecting a lead late on. It’s now a pattern of Cardiff pressure punctuated by the odd Blackpool break.

76 min:
Heart in mouth moment for Blackpool, and especially Gilks in their goal. Cardiff had done well to retain possession and work the ball out to the left. A poor, looping cross was the goalkeeper’s all the way. Chopra challenged him and did enough to make Gilks spill it. the ball bobbled an inch wide of the unguarded net. Gilks, as goalkeepers do, claimed he was fouled. He wasn’t. And it would have counted.

74 min:
McNaughton, who has been in the wars all match, becomes the latest Cardiff player to go off injured. That's their three changes made and all forced on them. On comes Gerrard (not that one, it's his cousin).

72 mins:
Chopra appeals for something as Crainey leans in to him and sticks him on his backside when the two were in a futile race for the ball in to the Blackpool box that the Blackpool goalkeeper had long since won. The referee isn't interested. And rightly so.

69 min:
Tired legs and tired minds out there now. Both sides giving up possession needlessly. It isn't pretty but it increases the sense that there are more goals in the offing here.

67 min:
Terrific running from Crainey saw him overlap down the left but his effort was not matched by his touch and a wasteful cross with men in the box. Blackpool's turn to see a bit of the ball.

66 min:
Cardiff down to 10 for the moment with McPhail off for treatment.

64 min:
Cardiff are starting to show flashes of their slick passing and there are chances coming – Etuhu the latest to flash an effort wide, though the ball bobbled at an inopportune moment for him to be fair. The tension is building as we move in to the final stages of the game with Blackpool with one foot in the Premier League. I have a feeling there are more twists and turns in this one yet though.

62 min:
After a relatively quiet opening to the second half - relative to the madcap first half anyway - we are cranking through the gears again now. Hold on to your hats.

60 min:
Half the Wembley crowd – and yours truly – thought we had a sixth goal. A whipped in corner was met at the near post by Ledley but his glancing header flashed across the goal and went narrowly wide. Then at the other end Southern worked some space 25 yards out and unleashed a fierce shot but got underneath it and it was still rising when it sailed past the goal.

59 min:
Another strike from distance from Adam goes wide. It was worth a punt but the ball was coming across him and he never properly got his foot round it.

57 min:
Chopra continues to be Cardiff's best hope of an equaliser here. A lucky break 25 yards out saw the ball nudged through to him and his instant strike at goal had beaten the goalkeeper all ends up but rattled the crossbar on route to a goal kick. Deserved more from that possibly, a terrific effort.

54 min:
There's confidence and there's over-confidence. Adam tried a Xabi Alonso style punt at goal from his own half. It barely reached the dead ball line.

51 min:
Chance for Blackpool to extend their lead but Taylor-Fletcher’s pass to Campbell sold his team-mate short, forcing him to cut inside in to traffic when there was space on the outside on the edge of the box. Taylor-Fletcher’s injury may have played a part in that. It is his last contribution as Burgess is thrown on in his place.

50 min:
Blackpool’s turn to have concerns over the health of one of their forwards. Taylor-Fletcher is wearing the face of a man who has just taken a swig from a pint of milk that has been left out in the sun.

49 min:
Etuhu showed his pace for the first time to play a one-two that set him free in space on the left. Plenty of time to pick his cross but he over cooked it and the chance was lost.

47 min:
Ormerod clashes with McNaughton and the Cardiff man comes off second best. Worrying moments as he doesn't move for a while but he's up and running again now.

46 min:
A minute of the second half gone and no addition to the scores. Bah!

From John Ley at Wembley on Twitter: "Half time and a chance for water and a moment to reflect on one of the most remarkarble 45 minutes in Wembley history. Loving it."

From Rory Smith on Twitter: "Right, well I think we can say for certain that both #cardiff and #blackpool will concede a lot of goals in the Premier League"

From Mark Ogden on Twitter: "Blackpool players apparently on £5m squad bonus to go up. Deal agreed last summer when relegation favs. No wonder they're not giving up."

HALF TIME: Cardiff City 2 Blackpool 3
And breath...a roller coaster of a game to rival anything you can find at Blackpool Pleasure Beach has earned a 15 minute break. Ormerod’s goal late on makes Ian Holloway’s dressing room a happier place to be than Dave Jones’ – though Cardiff did have time to put the ball in the net only for it to be ruled out for offside.

The game was billed as two attacking teams ready to throw off any shackles the occasion would give them – and it lived up to it from the off. It started at breakneck speed and never slowed down, save a five minute spell after 25 minutes. Glorious stuff. My fingers hurt.

45 min: GOAL!!! CArdiff City 2 Blackpool 3. Brett Ormerod
Sweet Lord ... this is the game that just keeps giving. As minds were turning to half time pints and pies Blackpool take the lead for the first time. it owed more to perspiration than inspiration but the relentless attacking nature of Blackpool’s team just knocked Cardiff back on their heels. Campbell slipped – again – when he had a glorious chance but the ball spilt up for Ormerod to crash it home from a tight angle.

42 mins:
It had all gone quiet over there – for about five minutes – before this game exploded in to life again. It isn’t the highest standard of football you will ever see in your life but two teams committed to attack going toe-to-toe with enough decent players on show to give it a splash of style is making for a barnstorming affair. Long may it continue.

40 mins: GOAL!!! Cardiff City 2 Blackpool 2. Taylor-Fletcher.
Back to the harem scarum football of the opening period. Blackpool back on level terms again inside two minutes. Taylor-Fletcher even had time to hit the post before he bravely threw himself through a crowd to head in from a couple of yards out, picking up a head wound for his troubles. He doesn’t seem too bothered mind.

38 mins: GOAL!!! Cardiff City 2 Blackpool 1. Joe Ledley.
Blackpool almost deserve that. They have pressed and pressed and pressed but haven’t come close to scoring while Cardiff have soaked up he pressure and have quality to hurt their opponents on the break. None more than Ledley, possibly the best player on the pitch. he worked a passing move through the middle and then surged off the last defender on the left to power in to the box before cooly finished with a calmness that belied the occasion.

37 mins:
Cardiff continue to prove they are always a goal threat. A quick break was well worked to the right where Chopra found the byline and was heading towards goal before a crunching but legitimate and perfectly timed tackle sent both man and ball out of play.

35 mins:
Campbell is possibly the first to suffer the curse of the Wembley pitch. Either that or he just lost his balance. An angled ball in to the box was there to attack but as he tried to set himself he fell over his own feet.

33 min:
A spot of keep ball from the Blackpool defenders is not appreciated by the Cardiff fans but there are a few players out there grateful for the breather.

30 min:
After the frenetic opening a little calm has settled over the game now.

28 min:
Despite Blackpool's dominance Cardiff just carved out the best chance in the last 15 minutes. A glorious ball from Ledley dipped in between two Blackpool defenders where Chopra had bought half a yard. It was coming over his shoulder and a little tricky but he will be disappointed with the poor connection he made with the volley 18 yards out - corner flag troubled more than the goal.

25 min:
Holloway and Jones stalk the touchline in collar and cuffs looking like new arrivals at some Mediterranean holiday resort in need of changing in to shorts and T-shirt. It's very sunny in London today, in case you hadn't picked that up so far.

23 min:
Like the waves lapping the shores of Blackpool beach, or the waves of drunken holiday makers spilling out on to the sea front there at closing time, Blackpool just keep coming and coming at the Cardiff defence.

21 min:
Blackpool are seeing plenty of the ball, their confidence restored by that moment of brilliance from Adam. Cardiff look a little shaken by losign their leads so quickly and seeign Bothroyd go off injured. Ian Holloway's team could do with making something tangible from this spell of pressure.

19 min:
DJ Campbell showed in the semi-final second leg against Nottingham Forest that he has a wide range of quality finishing in his locker. He's just proved he can take an air shot like the best of them too. In the middle of the 'D' all alone a low cross came and went past him under molested by his swinging right foot.

17 min:
From Rory Smith on Twitter: Brilliant Charlie Adam free kick brings it level. He belongs in the premier league, no doubt about that.

15 min:
Blackpool have reached this stage with an almost Kevin Keegan style philosophy of 'if you score two we'll score three'. It's the kind of approach that would make someone like Jose Mourinho contemptuous but it's making for a cracking game today.

13 min:
We've got the game we wanted now. But sadly the rest of it will not feature Bothroyd who hobbles off looking very dejected. Etuhu replaces him. A good couple of minutes for Blackpool then.

12 min: GOAL!!! Cardif City 1 Blackpool 1. Charlie Adam
We're all square again after a terrific 25-yard free-kick from Blackpool's inspiration and biggest goal threat. Absolute cracker that if a Brazilian does it this summer in South Africa will have everyone salivating at its beauty. Superb!

09 min:
A Cardiff attack looked to have floundered with Chopra about 15 yards offside when possession was retained in midfield. He slowly snuck his way back to be level with no one picking him up. A turn and go signposted where the pass needed putting and he was on it like a flash. Still had plenty to do to beat Gilks in the Blackpool goal but a beautiful angled shot to the far post was inch perfect.

08min: GOAL!!! Cardiff 1 Blackpool 1. Michael Chopra
Blackpool didn't listen to the warning and some more smart movement from Chopra gives him the chance to set cardiff on their way. Cracking finish.

07 min:
The Wembley pitch, in its 114th incarnation since the last play-off final was staged here, looks as ragged as a drunk stepping off an hour on the Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Both teams, though, are still admirably looking to play it on the floor when ever they can.

05 min:
Now Cardiff's turn to suffer a scare - Bothroyd is already limping. I didn't see how he hurt himself but he's moving as gingerly as an Irish dancing troop.

03 min:
Copra and Bothroyd have been one of the best front two pairings this season and Chopra shows why in the opening stages. A smart run towards the near post loses his man and only the width of the post prevents Cardiff going one up as he flicked a low cross up and off the frame of the goal. Early warning for Blackpool - one they shouldn't have needed.

02 min:
Blackpool are the first to launch anything resembling an attack - a hopeful ball in to the box that Marshall in the Cardiff goal misjudged but his centre backs were more alert and snuffed out the danger.

The pitch side thermomotor has nudged its way past 34 degrees now with two thirds of the pitch in burning sunshine. A good time to be on the beach. Particularly in Blackpool as half the town is down in London for the day.

From John Ley at Wembley on Twitter: "The colours at Wembley are kaleidoscopic, the atmosphere electric and anticipation nail biting."

The teams:

Blackpool: Gilks, Coleman, Baptiste, Evatt, Crainey, Vaughan, Southern, Adam, Campbell, Taylor-Fletcher, Ormerod. Subs: Rachubka, Clarke, Burgess, Euell, Edwards, Bannan, Dobbie.

Cardiff: Marshall, McNaughton, Blake, Hudson, Kennedy, Burke, Whittingham, McPhail, Ledley, Chopra, Bothroyd.
Subs: Enckelman, Capaldi, Quinn, Gerrard, Etuhu, Wildig, McCormack.

Referee: Andre Marriner (W Midlands)

Ian Holloway doesn’t buy it that Blackpool are underdogs (though they are). He has told his players to play the game not the occasion. Even the West Country bard and 15th funniest man in London 2005 isn’t scared of a cliché then.

From John Ley at Wembley on Twitter: "No anthems at Wembley today -- to avoid booing both God Save The Queen and Land of My Fathers. What a pity."

It’s a scorching hot day in north London with temperatures on the tube falling outside EU permitted limits for heat when carrying cattle to slaughter houses.

But the men, women and children packed on to The Bakerloo line bedecked in garish orange, complete with jester hats and meting face paint, or understated royal blue didn’t seem to care. Well, some of them did. But not now they are flag waving inside Wembley Stadium.

The players are currently warming up on what Sky Sports’ Dave Jones has already described twice as ‘the scorched earth of the Wembley turf’ and the tension, like the temperature, is rising to the boil nicely.

These matches, unlike the finals of the FA and Carling Cup, are more often than not crackers. the stakes are so high and both sides are fallible, meaning goalmouth action and drama a plenty is promised.

Cardiff City go in as marginal favourites, and are probably the more technically adroit of the two sides. But the groundswell of support from the neutrals seems to be with Blackpool and Ian Holloway, and not just because of that quote about getting a bird back to his for coffee.

Blackpool are the Cinderella team and timed their run in to the end of season bun fight perfectly. Cardiff have a nation behind them. So will the future be orange or will they be singing in the Valleys tonight?

Stay with us for every kick of the ‘richest game in football’. Or go out and enjoy the sunshine. We won’t be offended.

Gulf of Mexico oil spill: BP shares fall over claims of cover-up - By Rowena Mason, City Reporter (Energy) -

BP's share price fell 4pc as the US administration accused it of trying to cover-up the seriousness of its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

By Rowena Mason, City Reporter (Energy)

Published: 7:40PM BST 21 May 2010

Smoke rises from a controlled burn in the Gulf of Mexico by BP Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Around 23pc – or £28bn – has now been wiped off the company's market value since the leak started on April 20, in a plunge that is likely to affect the short-term value of Britain's pension funds.

The oil giant was the biggest faller in the FTSE 100 on Friday, closing down 22.1 at 507.6p, amid fresh confusion about how much oil is leaking from the well.

Under pressure to be more open about the state of the disaster, BP released video footage and launched a live webcam showing a plume of oil spewing from the source.

The official 5,000 barrel per day estimate quoted by BP was thrown into doubt when the company said it was collecting that amount each day through a funnel and pipe, even though oil was still flowing into the ocean. The company admitted on Friday that the amount being siphoned off is "jumping around", falling to nearer half that amount.

Its figures have also been queried by scientists, who estimate the flow could be up to 17 times this amount – some 85,000 barrels per day.

A senior BP source said these estimates were "baseless" and there was no possible way that experts could estimate the flow from looking at video footage.

"It looks like someone has shaken up a can of coke down there. There is no visibility," he said. "If we had equipment to measure the flow, it would be getting in the way of the operation to plug the leak. We took the decision to prioritise fighting the spill."

BP is fighting a flood of political anger and public backlash as it continues with its efforts to plug the Macondo well. "It's very clear that BP has not been telling the truth," said Ed Markey, a Democratic Representative. "It's obvious they are trying to limit information to protect their economic liability."

A spokesman denied that BP was trying to holding back data, adding that a more accurate assessment of the flow would be available on Saturday.

Doug Suttles, BP's chief operating officer, told US television that the company had "thrown absolutely everything" at mitigating the fallout.

Over the weekend, the company is expected to start a technique called "top kill" – pumping heavy fluids, and then cement, into the well to stop the flow.

It is now a month since the Deepwater Horizon rig owned and operated by Transocean, its contractor, exploded and sank, killing 11 men. It is only another 10 days before the start of hurricane season that could take oil to the beaches of Cuba and Florida through the Gulfstream current.

More than 100 lawsuits have been filed against the oil giant, Transocean and other parties, but on Friday the first BP shareholder to sue the company lodged a complaint in Alaska.

The lawsuit, filed by local lawyer Jeff Pickett, accuses Tony Hayward, BP chief executive, and the corporation's board of "breaches of fiduciary duties and gross mismanagement," resulting in "improper, reckless and illegal health, safety and environmental practices."

The case appears similar to an earlier action filed over BP's Prudhoe Bay oil field spill in Alaska four years ago by the same shareholder and two UK public sector pension funds that had invested in BP. It forced management reforms and changes to executive benefits at the company.

However, BP acquired its first US political defender on Friday, when Rand Paul, a libertarian Republican fighting an election battle in Kentucky, said President Barack Obama's public censure of BP was "really un-American".

"I think it's part of this sort of blame-game society in the sense that it's always got to be somebody's fault instead of the fact that maybe sometimes accidents happen," Mr Paul said.

Naughty children? Blame mothers, says Oliver James - By Patrick Sawer -

Mothers who go out to work and leave their toddlers in day care are to blame for their child's bad behaviour, the psychologist and broadcaster Oliver James has claimed.

By Patrick Sawer

Published: 9:36AM BST 22 May 2010

In a new book that is bound to stir up controversy James says mothers of toddlers should avoid working outside the home or leave young children in the care of others for long periods.

He also attacks the strict disciplining of young children by comparing it to training them "like a dog in a laboratory".

In his book How Not to F*** Them Up – the sequel to his 2002 book They F*** You Up – James writes: "As a parent of a child of this age, you need to realise that if things go pear-shaped it is actually always your fault, in the sense that if you keep a close enough eye on them you can prevent atrocities."

He says that young children "need to be in the presence of a responsive, loving adult at all times", warning mothers who go out to work that day care is associated with more boastful, disobedient and aggressive children. According to the psychologist naughty step methods "often result in repetition of the undesired behaviour, rather than successful management. If you are not careful, you are just creating a guaranteed method for your children to wind you up."

In an attack on the methods of Gina Ford, a former maternity nurse turned best-selling toddler 'guru', he writes: "There is a great deal of evidence that very strict routines do lead to more insecure, and to more irritable and fussy, babies."

James argues that while babies that are left to cry may be more likely to sleep through the night, "it is the babies whose needs have been met who become the secure, calm and satisfied children and productive schoolchildren, and adults – and the ones you might say were spoilt and indulged babies."

In They F*** You Up James argued that it is parenting, not genes, that shapes character. In the new book he writes that therapy made him realise: "Yes, of course I was a bad boy, but it wasn't my f***ing fault! My parents were very muddled and had caused me to be like this."

Despite his arguments in favour of one-on-one childcare, James says that he is "not remotely anti working mothers". He says: "I really don't want to make life more difficult. I'm really trying to make it easier."


Missing you. Written by Rick Giles/ Susan Longacre. Singing by Kenny Rogers, from the album IF ONLY MY HEART HAD A VOICE. I dedicate this song to a big fan of Kenny Rogers : MEBABLAH

Στην αδερφουλα μου και τον αντρα της
με την ευχη η αγαπη τους να ανθιζει μεσα στον κοσμο....

My love
there's only you in my life
the only thing that's right
My first love

you 're every breath that I take
You 're every step I make
and I
I want to share
all my love with you
no one else will do

and your eyes
they tell me how much you care

Oh yes you will always be
my endless love

Two hearts
two hearts that beat as one
our lives has just began
I'll hold you close in my arms
I can't resist your charms

Oh love I'll be the fool
for you I'm sure
and you know I don't mind

'cause you
you mean the world to me
I know I found in you
my endless love

and love I'll be the fool
for you I'm sure
and you know i don't mind

and yes
you'll be the only one
cause no one can deny
this love i have inside

and I'll give it all to you
my love
my endless love

Kenny Rogers - Love The World Away

Kenny Rogers - You are so beautiful

Kenny Rogers love songs You are so beautiful

Kenny Rogers - I Can't Unlove You

country Kenny Rogers Can't Unlove You lyrics 

Sometimes When We Touch

Music video com cenas românticas de Duda e Letícia da novela "Cobras & Lagartos". Por trás a música Sometimes When We Touch do Kenny Rogers.

cleo pires leticia cobras lagartos daniel de oliveira sometimes when we touch kenny rogers dolly parton romatico beijo

SomeTimes when we Touch-Dan Hill (with Lyrics)

sometimes when we touch dan Hill Billy Joel piano man lyrics wanna hold you till die slow rhythm fear in me subsides rod stewart love songs tunes honesty too much 

 Dan Hill (born Daniel Grafton Hill IV[1][2], 3 June 1954 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian pop singer and songwriter. He had two major hits with his songs, "Sometimes When We Touch" and "Can't We Try," a duet with Vonda Shepard.

You Decorated My Life - Kenny Rogers

you decorated my life kenny rogers classic hits 

I swear - John Michael Montgomery


she believes in me by Kenny Rogers

Kenny rogers - One life

Kenny rogers 2006 toto tran One life best of love songs romantic dhrgham mousa india delhi 2007

Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton - We've Got Tonight - Para o dia romantico dos namorados

Kenny Rogers Sheena Easton 

Meninas, Hoje somente amor ....

Enfeite a casa com velinhas e muito amor 

Amo vcs



Fame & Fortune: Olivia Newton-John - By Sarah Ewing -

'Grease' star and Grammy award-winning 'Let's Get Physical' singer, Olivia Newton-John OBE, has released 14 Gold albums, and is a staunch environmental and animal rights campaigner.

By Sarah Ewing

Published: 1:46PM BST 21 May 2010

Olivia Newton-John in Grease the film that made her a household name Photo: Paramount/Everett / Rex Features
How do you think your childhood influenced your views about money?

My Welsh father, Brinley, was an MI5 officer who worked on the Enigma project at Bletchley Park and was responsible for the capture of Rudolph Hess during the Second World War. The youngest of three, we emigrated to Australia when I was six, as my dad got a job at the University of Melbourne.

My parents never talked about money. It was a subject that was embarrassing, so that sentiment was ingrained in me. I knew we had enough to eat and money wasn't obviously tight, but it wasn't something that occurred to me until I started earning myself, when I was in my late teens, so money is something I loathe talking about.

They really wanted me to finish school and go to university, despite knowing I had a love for performing.

They thought I should have a degree to fall back on. They were very disappointed when I dropped out of school, not long before my 16th birthday. It took a while for them to adjust. I moved to London with three girls – my singing partner, Pat Carroll, and two girls who were friends of my sister, Rona. Mum had come around by then – she thought it was the right time for me to be independent.
Were you worried about how you were going to make ends meet?

No, not really. I was working in nightclubs and doing odd jobs, just earning enough to pay the rent on our shared flat. Before I left Australia, I'd been working in television and my mother had put a lot of that money in the bank for me. She didn't let me spend it, which is something I really thanked her for, because she knew I would need it when I moved to England. She wanted me to have a financial cushion, even though I'd won a major talent competition with Aussie showbiz personality Johnny O'Keefe sending me to England, which I knew would be the start of a long career.
Are you a saver or a spender?

I err on the side of caution. I like to splurge every now and then, so I can be extravagant, but I'm judicious about it. As you get older, you realise that you actually need a lot less materially in your life. My most treasured possessions are not things; my friends, family and animals are what counts.
What's the most valuable lesson you've learnt about money?

Not attaching too much importance to it – I don't judge people by how much they do or don't have.

I think there can be a lot of jealousy attached to it and it's a wonderful gift that you can use to help other people, but you have to find a balance between taking care of people and empowering them to do it themselves. Sometimes you can hurt them by helping too much.
What's been your best business decision?

Moving to America when I was 26 to further my career. If I hadn't have done that, then I wouldn't have been at a dinner party where I met Helen Reading and her husband, Allan Carr, who was casting Grease, which really propelled me into the big time. I'll always be tremendously grateful to them for the opportunities and encouragement they gave me. Having someone who has faith in you when you're feeling a bit wobbly is a godsend.

Making my fortune has allowed me to plough money into causes that I care about, like £2 million into the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre I'm building in Melbourne. In 2005, I opened, along with three co-owners, the Gaia Retreat and Spa in Byron Bay. Regaining a balance in my life through healthy eating and looking after myself both physically and mentally played a large part in my recuperation from breast cancer in 1992, and I wanted to channel this ethos at Gaia.
What's been your worst business decision?

(Newton-John opened a chain of stores in the US in 1984 called Koala Blue, selling Australian memorabilia and clothing, but it experienced financial difficulties before filing for Chapter 11 protection in 1991. The brand name was resurrected in 2002, this time marketing wine, chocolates and spring water.)

I think making mistakes is how you learn. If I hadn't made those decisions, I wouldn't have grown.
How do you tip?

I'm always conscious about leaving something, especially for the maid at a hotel. They appreciate it more. Whereas in restaurants, I'm not an extravagant tipper. I think they expect it, no matter how good they are, and that's not right.
Do you bank online?

No, I've never done it. I tend to visit my bank in person if I need to see to anything.
Do you use a financial adviser?

Well, I have a wonderful husband, John, who's a businessman. I feel more comfortable turning to him. He has my best interests at heart and I trust him. He's very knowledgeable and I've learnt a lot from him about running my business interests and my finances.
Olivia Newton-John is a fan of Zamu, an organic rainforest health drink, available from Amazon Herb (

British Airways strike: crisis talks between airline and union 'to try and avert chaos' - By David Millward, Transport Editor -

British Airways is to meet with the Unite union this weekend in emergency crisis talks in a last-ditch attempt to avert the planned round of strikes by cabin crew.

By David Millward, Transport Editor

Published: 7:00AM BST 22 May 2010

Acas Chief Conciliator Peter Harwood confirmed talks would go ahead on Saturday to prevent industrial action which threatens to bring chaos to the travel plans of many of the airline's passengers.

"Following Monday's meeting, I believe that there is a window of opportunity this weekend for a negotiated settlement to be achieve," he said.

"If an agreement is not reached this weekend there is every possibility that additional pressures on both sides will ensue which will make a final resolution more problematic."

The announcement late on Friday night came as holidaymakers were told to expect a host of summer bargains as BA was forced to conduct a "fire sale" to win back customers following the three weeks of strikes.

Industry experts believe the airline will have to flood the market with discounted seats to win back passengers whose confidence in the airline has been dented by months of disruption or threatened disruption by members of the Unite trade union.

In addition other carriers have already signalled that they are gearing up for a price war this summer, heaping even more pressure on BA which has just announced annual pre-tax losses of £531 million.

Air France/KLM confirmed that they are ready to cut prices over the summer, Ryanair has also announced a seat sale and others are expected to follow.

Sources within BA have conceeded that price cuts are essential to restore the airline's reputation.

In early 2007, the airline put cut the price of thousands of seats after a strike was called off at the 11th hour.

Bookings this year have already been hit by the strike threat and uncertainly caused by the cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland that has periodically closed airspace around the British isles.

The airline faces a five day strike next week, followed by two more five-day stoppages due, one beginning on on Sunday week and finishing the following Thursday, and a second, after a one day gap, running from June 5-9.

Tony Woodley, Unite's joint general secretary, has said further strikes are unavoidable unless a deal is reached and the union is set to ballot cabin crew once again for a mandate to continue industrial action over the summer holiday season, when BA carries at least 80,000 a day from Heathrow.

Hardliners within the cabin crew branch of Unite are already planning guerrilla action over the summer. This could include calling and then cancelling strikes, creating yet more uncertainty for passengers while not hitting its own members' pockets.

Once the dispute is finally settled - and the two sides are said to be close to agreement on the majority of issues - the airline will be left with thousands of seats it will have to shift.

“From the customer’s point of view, we are highly likely to see a fares bonanza in the summer months and through to the autumn as airlines battle to get bums on seats. Air France/KLM stated yesterday that they will sell seats more cheaply this summer, so BA will no doubt react once strike action is over," said Bob Atkinson, from

"There has been a slowdown in bookings on BA in recent months. The moment any major airline goes out with a major promotion, all the others will respond if they feel a need to protect their market share

"After the Volcano, Ryanair and easyJet launched a massive seat sale this showed they had plenty of seats to shift. BA will have to rebuild the brand. They will do it for leisure but also at the business end of the plane.

"I am looking forward to the strike coming over, there will be a sales war."

Discounting seats will be only part of the work faced by BA according to Lawrence Hunt, managing director of, a leading online travel agent.

"They will have to do a lot more than a seat sale," he said.

"They will have to rebuild confidence especially with the most profitable customers.

"I know of one executive who lost his gold card status because one of his flights was cancelled because of the strike and another because of volcanic ash.

"Passengers will need some sort of assurances that there will not be more disruption."

Cabinet rift opens over Afghanistan - Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor -

Cabinet ministers are at loggerheads about the future involvement of British troops in Afghanistan.

Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor

Published: 12:22PM BST 22 May 2010

The potentially damaging split opened up as three members of the government, led by the Foreign Secretary William Hague, arrived in Kabul to meet political and military leaders.

Mr Hague, the Defence Secretary Liam Fox and the International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said they were there to look at ways to accelerate Afghan troop training.

But deep divisions immediately became apparent over future strategy. While Mr Mitchell said it was "crucial" to create a functioning Afghan state by providing good health care and education, Dr Fox insisted that Britain was not there to fix Afghanistan. Ahead of talks with President Hamid Karzai, he also risked angering locals by referring to Afghanistan as "13th century".

Mr Mitchell told journalists on the flight: "We need to ensure that we help the Afghan people to build a functioning state. That's about providing basic education and health care facilities, but it's also about ensuring there are opportunities for promoting livelihoods so that people have jobs."

But in a direct contradiction of that, Dr Fox said in a separate interview: "We are not in Afghanistan for the sake of the education policy in a broken 13th-century country "

The defence secretary suggested he was seeking ways of getting troops home. "We need to accept we are at the limit of numbers now and I would like the forces to come back as soon as possible.

"We have to reset expectations and timelines," he said. "National security is the focus now. We are not a global policeman. We are not in Afghanistan for the sake of the education policy in a broken 13th-century country. We are there so the people of Britain and our global interests are not threatened."

In the first Afghanistan visit of the new coalition government, he confirmed that ministers would be examining whether Afghans could manage their own security by 2014 – as suggested by General Stanley McChrystal, the US commander of the international forces in Afghanistan.

"I want to talk to people on the ground, our trainers, to see whether there is room to accelerate [Afghan troop training] without diminishing the quality."

Dr Fox's comments were taken as a strong signal that the new administration was considering a different approach to the war from its Labour predecessors.

Col Richard Kemp, former commander of British troops in Afghanistan, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme there seemed to be a "change of approach" from the government but that ministers needed to "get their act together on the message".

Battling the insurgents that threatened the security of Britain and creating a functioning Afghan state and were both valid objectives, he said.

"The priority, as Liam Fox says, is to deal with the security situation in Afghanistan and to ensure the streets of the UK and the rest of the world are safer than they are at present.

"But in order for them to do that, we must rebuild and repair the society in Afghanistan – and that does include things like education policy, the economy, governance etc"

The split is embarrassing because Mr Hague said the three ministers were travelling together to ensure they had "a properly coherent British approach to Afghanistan".

The Foreign Secretary said: "The question is how to support the efforts of the Afghan government and our Nato partners, not whether to support them."

The three Conservative ministers will meet senior Afghan politicians, including President Karzai and General McChrystal.

The talks come after a Sea King helicopter carrying British troops was hit by enemy fire while landing in Helmand province in the south of Afghanistan.

An Army spokesman said the aircraft was arriving at a checkpoint in the Nad-e Ali on Friday when it was hit.

The Ministry of Defence has also announced that about 8,000 British troops based in Helmand province are to come under the operational command of the US.

The move is part of a restructuring of Nato forces, with command and control in southern Afghanistan split into two.

In Kabul there were mixed reactions to Mr Fox's remarks. Rangina Hamidi, a women’s rights advocate, said his comments were tactless but that the policy was a necessary one. “As an Afghan, yes it strikes me but I think it’s about time the world shows its hard fist to Afghanistan. I know it’s harsh to say it and I’m not agreeing with the British minister but quite honestly I’m sick and tired with seeing the aid and development money going to waste.

“I blame my Afghan leaders for not implementing projects in the way they should. This should force Afghans to realise they need to solve their own problems. It’s a wake up call.”

Hamid Elmi, a spokesman for the president, brushed Mr Fox’s comments aside: “We are welcoming these ministers to Afghanistan. We are glad that Afghanistan is top of the foreign policy [agenda] of the new government. The British have paid huge attention to Afghanistan. They are a great ally with the government in the fight against terrorism and we are looking forward to working with the new prime minister.”

YOU AND I - Kenny Rogers & Bee Gees (Tradução)

Survivors tell of India plane crash horror that kills 159 - By Dean Nelson in New Delhi, Andrew Alderson and Jalees Andrabi -

Survivors have told of their escape from a plane that crashed and burst into flames, killing 159 passengers and crew in Mangalore, southern India.

By Dean Nelson in New Delhi, Andrew Alderson and Jalees Andrabi

Published: 10:58AM BST 22 May 2010

The Air India Express flight was landing an Mangalore airport when it careered out of control and skidded off the runway into a pond.

Eight of the 160 passengers and six crew initially survived even though the plane split into two and caught fire after it slid down a steep slope into dense vegetation. However, one of these survivors, a seven-year-old boy, later died in hospital.

The pilot, said to be highly experienced, was among the dead. He is believed to a be a British citizen of Serb origin who lived in Mangalore. He has been named as Captain Zlatko Glusica, aged 53.

There were 19 children among the passengers on the Boeing 737-800. Most of the youngsters perished in the crash which happened in wet weather.

One survivor, an Indian technician working in Dubai who gave his name only as Pradeep, told local television: “We had no hope to survive, but we survived. The plane broke into two and we jumped off the plane. As soon as the plane landed, within seconds this happened.”

Another survivor, Umer Farooq, told a local news channel from his hospital bed that he had heard a loud thud as the plane touched down. “Then the plane veered off toward some trees on the side and then the cabin filled with smoke. I got caught in some cables but managed to scramble out,” said Mr Farooq who had burns to his arms, legs, and face.

Local television showed footage of the crashed plane lying on its belly some distance off the runway with smoke billowing from the fuselage. It came to rest in dense vegetation The dramatic footage also showed rescue workers taking away a child from the crash site.

Firefighters sprayed foam on the plane as rescue workers battled to reach the site. However, the airport’s location, on a plateau surrounded by hills, made it difficult for the firefighters to reach the scene.

Other survivors also described their ordeal. One identified only as Manikutty, from Kerala, said: “There was no warning to passengers about any trouble and it appeared a smooth landing. Immediately on touching the ground the aircraft jerked and in a few moments hit a block, something like a building. The plane then went off the runway, slid into terrain which looked like a forest. Then the aircraft split in the middle and caught fire. I just jumped from the gap.”

Another survivor, known only as Abdulla, said: “There was tyre burst like noise. We tried to get out of the front but saw that there was a big fire. So I went back again and jumped out from a crack. The plane had broken into two. I jumped out of the plane after it crashed. I saw two other people also come out.”

Pradeep G Kotian, 28, said: "As soon as the plane touched the runway, it started vibrating and before we could realise what was happening, we heard a loud sound and the plane broke into two pieces. Then there was smoke and fire on the plane.

"Luckily, I saw the opening where the plane had split into two, and I jumped out of it. I could see three others who had also jumped out from the same opening."

Mayan Kutty, 48, said: "I consider myself really lucky. As soon as I jumped out of the plane, I spoke to my wife thinking she might be worried. But she was shocked to hear the news."

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office was urgently investigating this morning whether there were any Britons on board. However, it is believed that most, if not all, of the passengers were Indian nationals. The crew are thought to be of various nationalities.

This is the first major plane crash in India since 2000, when 61 people were killed after a passenger plane crashed into a residential area near the eastern city of Patna.

Karnataka Home Minister V.S. Acharya called for local people’s cooperation in what he called “this hour of crisis” and urged them to stay away from the crash site.

Anup Shrivasta, Air India personnel director, told a news conference in Mumbai. “As far as the information available with us is concerned, eight persons were rescued and shifted to local hospitals in Mangalore for their treatment. Air India is right now busy in confirming the casualties.

Prabhakar Sharma, the Deputy Commissioner of Mangalore, said: “Rescue operations are in full swing at the site and all government agencies are attending the situation.”

Superintendent Subramaneshwar Rao, of Mangalore police, said: “Chances [of finding more survivors ] are very bleak as most of the plane has been burnt out.” Another Mangalore police official said smoke from smoke from the crash site was making it difficult for rescue workers to gain access to the plane.

Manmohan Singh, India’s prime minister, expressed his condolences and promised compensation for the families of the victims.

Aviation experts said the airport’s “tabletop” runway, which ends in a valley, makes a bad crash inevitable if a plane overshoots it. The airport is about 19 miles outside Mangalore city.

The crash is the deadliest in India since the November 1996 midair collision between a Saudi airliner and a Kazakh cargo plane near New Delhi that killed 349 people.

Tradução - (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away Bee Gees e Andy Gibb

Casaquinho de bebê Círculo - Em Croche - Artesanato - Irene Mauzer - Programa Atelie na TV - Passo a Passo

Artesão(a): Irene Mauzer
Exibição: 03/04/2010
Telefones: 0800 648 2966
Site: htpp://

Novelo de lã Mais Bebê Círculo 0769
Agulha de crochê Círculo nº 3
Passo a passo:

28 corr
1º carr. Fazer 1 p. alto na 3º corr pule 1 com 2 p altos pule 1 corr 1 p alto 1 corr 1 p alto
2º carr. 1 p alto 1 corr 1 p alto 1 corr
3 p altos
3 a 10. Fazer igual aumentando em cada carreira 1 ponto alto
Na 10 carr teremos 1 carr 11 p altos 1 carr 1 p alto 1 carr 1 p alto

11 carr: partindo da lateral da pala
2 p alto 2 carr 2 p alto pule 2 pontos altos
Repetir 33x até a outra lateral
3p alto 2 carr 3 p altos
33x pulando 2 p altos

12 a 16 carr: igual a 11

17 carr: dividir o trabalho em duas partes:
Partindo da lateral, trabalhe na parte de 3 p altos (costas)
Trabalhe sobre 5 motivos pule 6 motivos
Trabalhe sobre 11 motivos pule 6 trabalhe 5 motivos

18 a 20 carr:
4 p altos 2 carr 4 p altos

21 e 22 carr:
5 p altos 2 carr 5 p altos

23 carr: ponto caranguejo arrematar.

Volte na 17 carr parte de frente
17 carr: Trabalhe 5 motivos pule 6 motivos trabalhe em 11 motivos pule 6 trabalhe 5 motivos

18 a 24 carr:
3 p altos 2 carr 3 pontos altos

25 a 30 carr:
4 p altos 2 carr 4 p altos

31 carr: Ponto caranguejo. Arremate.

Na parte da frente, trabalhe sobre os 6 motivos e aumente mais 3. Ficaram 9 motivos por 13 carr. 2 p altos 2 carr 2 p altos

14 carr: Ponto caranguejo. Arremate.
Faça a outra manga igual!

Casaquinho Bebê Círculo - Rosângela Chicote - Artesanato - Programa Atelie na TV - Passo a Passo

Artesão(a): Rosângela Chicote
Exibição: 25/07/2009
Telefones: 0800 648 2966

1 par de agulhas de tricô CÍRCULO 4 mm
1 novelo do fio Amore Baby Circulo na cor 3517
1 novelo do fio Amore Baby Circulo na cor 833
1 agulha de crochê Circulo n.3mm
1 agulha de tapeçaria CIRCULO
3 botões pequenos
Alfinetes auxiliares (separador de pontos) CÍRCULO

Pontos utilizados:
Cordões de tricô (carreiras de ida e volta em tricô)
Ponto Meia
Ponto fantasia (*1 tricô, 2 pontos juntos em tricô, 1 laçada*)
Ponto baixo (crochê)
Passo a passo:

Com o fio Amore Baby Circulo na cor 3517 colocar 60 pontos na agulha e fazer 5 cordões de tricô

No lado avesso do 5º. cordão fazer:
1ª. carr. - 15 tricôs (frente), laç, 1 tricô, laç, (3 vezes), 24 tricôs (costas), laç, 1 tricô, laç,

(3 vezes), 15 tricôs (frente)

2ª. carr. e todas pares – 5 tricôs (borda), o restante da carreira toda em meia, terminando

com 5 tricôs (borda)

3ª. carr. – 16 tricôs (frente), laç, 1 tricô, laç, 3 tricôs, laç, 1 tricô, laç, (manga) 26 tricôs

(costas), laç, 1 tricô, laç, 3 tricôs, laç, 1 tricô, laç, (manga), 16 tricôs (frente)

Continuar os aumentos até obter 10 furinhos no desenho das cavas (mangas raglan), ou até o tamanho que achar necessário.

Com os alfinetes auxiliares separe os pontos de cada parte (frente, manga, costas, manga, frente)
Tricote uma das mangas no ponto fantasia por uns 10 cm (ou o tamanho desejado), termine a manga com 3 cordões de tricô.
Repita o mesmo com a outra manga.
Coloque todos os pontos dos alfinetes auxiliares das partes da frente, costas e frente na a agulha n. 4 e tricote em ponto fantasia por 12 cm, não se esquecendo de trabalhar os 5 pontos de borda de cada lateral em tricô.

Para as casas dos botões:
Faça nos pontos de borda da frente direita a cada 5 ou 6 cordões : 3 tricôs, 1 laç, 2 tricôs
Na carreira de volta fazer: 3 tricôs, pegar junto 1 tricô com a laçada, 2 tricôs (para formar a casa)
Com agulha de tapeçaria feche as mangas e pregue os botões.
Com agulha de crochê n.3 e o fio Amore Baby Circulo na cor 833 passar uma carreira de ponto baixo em toda volta do casaquinho e punhos.

Quadro para Quarto de Bebê - Ivy Larrea - Artesanato - Programa Atelie na TV - Passo a Passo - Scrapbooking

Artesão(a): Ivy Larrea
Exibição: 18/09/2008
Telefones: (13) 9761-9523
Furador Alicate Círculo - cód.6809
Adesivo Feito à Mão - cód.6597
Adesivo Cristal com Glitter Flores Lilás - cód. 6634
Aplique Metálico Coração Misto I (bailarina) - cód. 6887
Botões para Apliques Alfinetes - cód. 6872
Furador Jumbo Alavanca Flor Hélice - cód. 6651
Fita em Tecido Pink com Bolinhas - cód. 7186
Cola para Scrapbook - cód. 5583
Kit Folha para Álbum com Glitter Borboletas - cód. 7158
Kit Folha para Álbum com Glitter Borboletas e Beija Flor - cód. 6360
Estilete Cabo Emborrachado - cód. 830
Kit Folha para Álbum Lisa Rosa Claro - cód. 2783
Base para Corte – cód. 300
Base para Corte Mini – cód. 5637
Martelo – cód. 2297
Fita Adesiva Dupla Face – cód. 1862
Kit de Vazadores – cód. 2298
Papel cartão (qualquer cor)
01 Foto 15x21
Passo a passo:

1- Corte um quadrado 20x20 no papel cartão e outro 19x19.
2- No quadrado 20x20 coloque medidas nas laterais de 3,5 pra cada lado, depois vaze o quadrado do meio com estilete.
3- No papel decorado corte uma medida 24x24 e no papel liso uma medida de 21x21.
4- Pegue o papel vazado e cole no papel da medida 24x24, corte as pontas com estilete,dobre pra dentro e cole.
5- No meio faça um x com o estilete e corte,dobre pra dentro e cole.
6- A moldura está pronta!
7- No outro quadrado faça o mesmo, mas sem vazar o meio, será a parte que vai fechar o porta retrato.
8- Para a decoração, corte o papel das borboletas e cole só o meio, corte também os galhos do papel com glitter, com o furador pegue o resto de papel e fure formando a flor, cole um adesivo para o miolo.
9- Faça uma prega de papel dobrando um pra outro pra cá e fure com o vazador para colocar as bailarinas, cole o aplique de resina para dar um charme.
10- Para finalizar a decoração abuse de adesivos, neste usei os adesivos feitos à mão.
11- Fure com o furador alicate e amarre na ponta a fita com dois nós dos dois lados.
12- Pronto!

BEE GEES Staying' alive 1977

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,

I'm a woman's man: no time to talk.
Music loud and women warm,
I've been kicked around since I was born.

And now it's all right. It's OK.
And you may look the other way.
We can try to understand the New York Times' effect on man.

Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother,
you're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin',

and we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive.

Well, now, I get low and I get high,
and if I can't get either, I really try.
Got the wings of heaven on my shoes.
I'm a dancin' man and I just can't lose.

You know it's all right. It's OK.
I'll live to see another day.
We can try to understand the New York Times' effect on man.

Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother,
you're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin',

and we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive.

Life goin' nowhere. Somebody help me.
Somebody help me, yeah.

Life goin' nowhere. Somebody help me.
Stayin' alive.

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,
I'm a woman's man: no time to talk.
Music loud and women warm,
I've been kicked around since I was born.

And now it's all right. It's OK.
And you may look the other way.

staying alive bee gees

John Travolta - 1983 - Staying Alive - Intro

John Travolta - 1983 - Staying Alive - Intro

John Travolta Saturday Night Fever Dancing Musical Disco 80 Sylvester Stallone Frank Far From Over Tony Manero 

Caixa para bombons - Susan Mason - Decoupage em Caixa de Madeira - Programa Atelie na TV - PAP/Passo a passo

Artesão(a): Susan Mason
Exibição: 18/05/2010
Telefones: (54) 3537-5700
Caixa de MDF
Papel de decoupage Litoarte Ref. PD 332
Cola Gel Decoupage Aquarela Brasil
Pincel Pinctore Tigre 16/483
Tinta relevo
Passo a passo:
Passe uma demão de betume na caixa toda.
Com o pincel, passe cola gel nas partes onde deseja fazer as decoupages.
Para finalizar, decore com tinta relevo.

Camiseta Floral - Artesanato - Denise Emery - Programa Atelie na TV - PAP/Passo a passo

Artesão(a): Denise Emery
Exibição: 20/05/2010
Telefones: (31) 8897-4622 / (31) 3721-3207
Cola Descola da Glitter
Placa de MDF ou Eva grosso
Pinta Tecido Glitter: sépia, ocre ouro, siena, laranja e marrom
Passo a passo:

Passe cola descola em uma superfície pode ser de MDF ou EVA grosso, espere um pouco até ficar mordente
Estique a camiseta sobre essa superficie e passe o risco com carbono preto
Contorne todo o desenho com a Pinta Tecido na cor sépia, diretamente com o bico que deve estar perpendicular e sempre em contato como tecido
Preencha as flores com a pinta tecido diretamente com o bico fazendo movimento
de zig zague. Use para isso as cores:ocre ouro, siena, laranja e marrom.
Nas folhas o movimento de zig zague é feito em diagonal acompanhando o sentido das nervuras
Caso queira contorne novamente todo o desenho com a pinta tecido ouro

Olivia Newton John - Hopelessly Devoted To You

Olivia Newton John Hopelessly Devoted to you Grease Hyves Love Nachtwaker 

Casa de Passarinhos - Evelize Xavier - Programa Atelie na TV - PAP/Passo a Passo

Artesão(a): Evelize Xavier
Exibição: 21/05/2010
Telefones: (11) 8133-1000
tecidos estampados
moldes da casinha
cola branca
linha de crochê
caneta permanente
feltro verde
botões forrados
cola quente
rolinho de espuma
bandeja de isopor
Passo a passo:
Com os moldes da casinha, risque o papelão. Recorte. Corte os tecidos de algodão no formato dos moldes, deixando uma margem aproximada de 3 cm. de cada lado.
Coloque a cola branca na bandeja de isopor. Passe o rolinho de espuma na cola e, vá passando em todo o papelão. Faça uma parte da casinha de cada vez.
Cole o tecido de algodão sobre o papelão.
Aguarde secagem por cerca de 30 minutos.
Recorte o excesso de tecido das laterais, deixando uma margem de cerca de 0,5 cm.
Feito isso nas 5 partes que compõem a casinha, vamos começar a montagem.
Com a linha de costura, vá unindo as extremidades da casinha, com pontos chuleados.
Faça 3 fuxicos pequenos.
Com a cola quente, cole na frente da casinha.
Cole os botões forrados no centro dos fuxicos.
Com a caneta permanente, faça o caule da florzinha.
Para finalizar, cole folhinhas nas flores, utilizando o feltro verde.

OBS: Para adquirir o molde, basta mandar um e-mail para a artesã e ela retornará enviando o mesmo !

Meninas vcs também podem acessar o site e assitir o Programa na íntegra ...


Pano de Copa - Sylvia Regina - Programa Atelie na TV - PAP/PAsso a passo

Artesão(a): Sylvia Regina
Exibição: 22/05/2010
Telefones: (11) 2941-1114 / (11) 9979-5528
Pinta Tecido Glitter nas cores: vermelho vivo, laranja, marfim, rosa chá, verde musgo, verde pinheiro, preto, branco, ocre, púrpura e vinho.
Pincéis Pinctore Tigre: 847/14, 803/4, 843/6, 302 2/0, 256/8
Faça Bolinhas Pinctore Tigre
Cola Descola Glitter
Glitter Squizz Perolado
Tecido Estampado Estilotex
Pano de copa Estilotex

Grease - We Go Together (Film Version)

Grease music original forever awapawoluba awambambu 

Pintura com Metallik - Jamille Weindler - Programa Atelie na TV

Artesão(a): Jamille Weindler
Exibição: 22/05/2010
Telefones: (11) 3685-3779
Peça em gesso
Spray Metallik da Colorgin
Passo a passo:

COLORGIN METALLIK é uma tinta acrílica em spray especialmente desenvolvida para proporcionar efeitos metálicos que valorizam objetos artesanais, decorações internas, ferro, gesso, madeira, cerâmica, papel e metal. O produto, quando aplicado conforme instruções abaixo (vide IMPORTANTE), tem excelente desempenho.

Agite bem a lata antes e durante o uso.
Aplique a uma distância de 25cm da superfície.
Aplique com movimentos constantes e uniformes.
Limpe a válvula, virando a lata para baixo e pressione até sair apenas gás.

John Travolta & Olivia Newton John - Summer Nights (HQ)

 A scene from the film Grease (1978)

John Travolta & Olivia Newton John Summer Nights 

Pantufa em feltro - Angelica Schmitt - Programa na TV

Artesão(a): Angelica Schmitt
Exibição: 22/05/2010
Telefones: (11) 4127-5502 / (11) 7305-4471
50m de feltro da Estilotex
Manta resinada
Espuma com densidade 28
Linha de costura
Passo a passo:
Corte o molde inteiro da pantufa no feltro e no antiderrapante. Com o feltro dobrado corte o peito do pé.
Corte a manta resinada no tamanho do peito do pé e coloque no meio. Costure em cima do risco e decore com aplicações.
Coloque o antiderrapante direito com direito com o peito do pé e costure unindo as duas partes.
Sobreponha o feltro sobre a peça costurada (o peito do pé ficará bem no meio)
Costure deixando uma abertura na ponta do pé.

Vire uma vez e pela abertura coloque a espuma. Feche com costura a abertura e vire o peito do pé para o lado direito.

Vídeo do Programa aqui 

John Travolta - your the one that i want

Sandy - John Travolta ( Grease )

Grease Sandy Danny John Travolta Olivia 

Sapatinho Pink e Rosa com Gráfico

O Gráfico está aqui

Lindoooooooooooooooooooo ...


BOLO DE CHOCOLATE COM CRANBERRYS - Receita do Blog Cozinhar com os Anjos


-25o gr de chocolate

-250 gr de manteiga sem (sal)

-5 ovos

-250 gr de açúcar branco

-200 gr de cranberrys

Untei uma forma sem buraco e polvilhei com cacau. Reservei. Bati os ovos com o açúcar até fazer uma mistura homogénea. Depois juntei o chocolate derretido com a manteiga em banho-maria. Mas...mexi rapidamente para não cozer os ovos. Quando estava tudo bem envolvido, deitei na forma e polvilhei por cima os cranberrys. Alguma fruta ficou ao de cima e outra ficou envolvida no bolo. Levei ao forno pré-aquecido a 200 ºC, levou 16 minutos no meu forno. O bolo tem que ficar estilo mosse no meio.

Porta Moedas em forma de Pintinho - Com PAP/Passo a Passo e Gráfico

Muito útil e lindo  este Porta Moedas em forma de Piu Piu  .. e está no site Tiny Garden.

O molde está AQUI.

Muitos Beijinhos e Bom Final de Semana.

I just wanna say... I LOVE YOU! x

love of my life - Jim Brickman

when God made you

With All I Am (By Hillsong)

"He Gave Me You" by Denise Kellerman

É minhas amigas ,

Conheci muitas pessoas erradas até encontrar meu grande amor .......

Deus deu ele pra mim .....

Te amo ...


He Gave Me You Denise Kellerman My Story Song Hope Channel Adventist Inspiring Music janzta country 

Only God Could Love You More

one of our favorite songs (=^.*=)

I asked the Lord for someone,
and I always knew that in God's time and in God's way
it would be someone like you.
All my hopes and all my dreams
were suddenly fulfilled
It's almost unbelievable
our love is in His will.

Ref: Only God could love you more,
for he gave me this love I have for you.
What a blessing to know He's your Lord,
For only God could love you more, than I do.

I'm tempted to be saying ,
that we met by chance
But God was there at every turn,
In every circumstance
To share this life God gave me
seems such a fearful task,
But every moment we have shared
is more than I could ask

Programas de TV e Revistas (miniaturas) (latinhas, bisnagas, tercinhos) (feltro e tecidos de pelucia) (botoes e aviamentos) (feltro e aviamentos e las) ( botoes) (aviamentos) (onde comprar isopor) (onde comprar meia perola) (artigo para festas) (artigo para festas) (artigos para festas) ( artigo para festas cortadores) (artigo para festas) (artigo para festa) (artigos para festa) temas) (temas para imprimir) (mini frascos de vidros, armarinho) (miniatura) (miniaturas)

Amo Vcs!!!! Love!!!! Liebe!!!!!!!

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