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David Cameron tells Titchmarsh he's going to unleash his wife on voters

From The Times
March 11, 2010
David Cameron tells Titchmarsh he's going to unleash his wife on voters

(Ken McKay/Rex Features)

David Cameron appears on the Alan Titchmarsh show
Francis Elliott, Deputy Political Editor

David Cameron put his wife to the front of the Conservatives’ election campaign as he acknowledged that he had to work harder to overcome voters’ cynicism.

The Tory leader used his appearance on the Alan Titchmarsh Show on ITV yesterday to reveal that Samantha Cameron had asked to take a prominent role in the campaign. The 38-year-old creative director of Smythsons, an upmarket stationers, has until now avoided giving interviews about her husband.

Praising his wife as an amazing woman who combined a successful career with being a brilliant mother, Mr Cameron said: “She said to me the other day, ‘I work hard, I run my own business but I want you to do this, I want you to win, I’m right behind you. Tell me what I can do to help. I want to get out there.’ So you are going to see a lot more of her on the campaign trail. So, Britain get ready.”

Mrs Cameron has already given her first interview. In an appearance to be broadcast as part of an hour-long television profile on Sunday, she speaks of their 18-year relationship. “I can honestly say that I don’t think in all that time he has ever let me down,” she tells Sir Trevor McDonald.
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Mr Cameron agreed to take part in the ITV show after turning down a request to be interviewed by Piers Morgan, insisting that he wanted something a bit more substantial. With both leaders jostling for space on broadcast sofas Mr Cameron did not, however, eschew the chance to discuss his love of gardening, cooking and costume drama with Mr Titchmarsh on his afternoon show. Asked to introduce himself, Mr Cameron, who is 43, said he was a “young guy” who was passionate about his country, cared for his family and was relaxed, normal and reasonable. The Tory leader said that he was not surprised by the recent narrowing of the Conservative lead over Labour in the opinion polls. “I think people in this country have been through a really difficult recession. They have been through the whole mess of the expenses scandal in Parliament.

“They are cynical, they are apathetic. Frankly, right now they do not trust any politicians. They want to see some real gumption before they decide to put their cross in the box. I think they are holding back, ‘Prove to me that you will be different’.”

He insisted that his privileged background had never prevented him from understanding the concerns of others. “I have never had any trouble relating to people or listening to them, talking to them, understanding people’s lives.

“I simply do not believe just because you went to a particular school you cannot understand other people or work for other people.”

Mrs Cameron’s endorsement of her husband’s efforts to become Britain’s next prime minister followed an apparent suggestion by one of the couple’s friends that she had not always voted Conservative in elections.

Ed Vaizey, the Shadow Arts Minister, said: “She would be going into this poll thinking ‘Is Cameron the real deal, or should I stick with Brown?’” Mr Vaizey later retracted the remark while Conservative campaign headquarters issued a denial that the Tory leader’s wife had ever voted Labour.

Mrs Cameron has made clear that she intends to continue to work if her husband heads the next government.

A request by Gordon Brown to appear on BBC2’s Match of the Day 2 was turned down at the end of last year. Downing Street had suggested that Mr Brown could talk about England’s bid to host the football World Cup in 2018 on the show but producers ruled that it would be “inappropriate” in the run-up to a general election.

The Mother's Day Gadget Gift Guide

Créditos: http://technology.timesonline.co.uk

Just in time for Mother's Day Belinda Parmar picks the perfect presents for 21st Century Mums

Eee PC 1008P (Seashell Karim Rashid Collection)

Mother's day is a day when I expect to be disappointed with the paltry effort my family makes despite the prods, nudges and heavy hints weeks before. The men and children we love often misunderstand what technology their wives and mothers want: We don't want technology with hearts, flowers and shades of fuchsia however a well-considered tech gift makes a change from the limp petrol station flowers or the guilt ridden chocolates.

1. Eee PC 1008P (Seashell Karim Rashid Collection)

My first choice is the new ASUS eee netbook. It's proof that Apple do not own a monopoly on beautiful design. I've been an ASUS fan since they invented the e-series Netbook, but this is one of the best one they have ever produced. It is a slim build (only 1 inch thick), a sturdy keyboard and a textured shell that feels good to touch. It comes with Windows 7 Home Premium, 2GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, and a removable battery. I like the chocolate-brown edition. I am always asked about my netbook: its the best thing I ever bought. Its lightweight, good value for money and I can fit it in my handbag.

2. Pentax Option H90 (in Orange & Silver)
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I found choosing a digital compact really hard, simply because there's an overwhelming choice of nearly identical point and shoot cameras. I just want something that I can use for point and shoot pictures of my kids, and upload my work photos without having to spend precious minutes locating wires and ports. Everybody agrees that the Canon G11 is the best-featured compact on the market, but it's too big for general use - that's why I've gone for the retro styled Pentax Option H90. It's simplicity of design owes something to the age before digital cameras. I really appreciate the de-cluttered look of the new wave of compacts.

3. Eye-Fi Share

The only thing that says I love you more than a brand-new digital camera is one equipped with an Eye-Fi Share: This nifty device looks just like a ordinary SD memory card you might insert into a camera, however it does far more than just store your pictures. This memory card has built WiFi which it uses to upload the photos you take to your favourite photo-sharing services such as Flickr or Picassa. This is great for people like me who love taking photos but find themselves without the time to do anything with all the images which accumulate on their camera.

4. PURE Evoke Mio

Whilst I do rarely have time to read books these days, I always love to wake up to the radio. And the latest addition to my house is the Pure EVOKE Mio, a fifties style DAB radio which wouldn't look out of place on set of Mad-Men. In addition to the improved styling ever Mio includes Pure's Charge-Pak: This charges up any time you leave the device plugged in, but can power it for more than 24 hours if you want to roam around the house and garden. I always loved the classic wooden panels of the Evoke series, but prefer the newer chilli and the chocolate editions of the Mio.

5. Dell Inspiron Zino HD

My first PC was a noisy ugly clunky beige-coloured box which sounded something like a hair-dryer and produced twice as as much heat. It did not fit into my home and was certainly not welcome in my living room, but the new Dell Inspiron Zino HD is. It's a well designed tiny box that's built for the bedroom or the living room. You might want to connect it to your TV so it has an HDMI port and comes as standard with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Who wants wires trailing across their living room? It packs a 64bit AMD Athlon X2 chip and runs a full edition Microsoft's Windows 7, which was also pretty impressive.

Unlike the PCs of old, this one comes in a range of colours other than beige or 'think-different' grey.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Cantos Gregorianos - My Immortal

Muitas Flores - Customização de Chinelos Havaianas Branco

Todos os Créditos: http://agulhaetricot.blogspot.com/

COISAS DE MULHER - Uma Linda Mensagens para as Mamaes - Engracada

Ela passou o primeiro dia empacotando todos os seus pertences em caixas, engradados e malas.

No segundo dia, ela chamou os homens da transportadora que levaram a mudança.

No terceiro dia, ela se sentou pela última vez na bela mesa da sala de jantar, à luz de velas, pôs uma música suave e se deliciou com uns camarões, um pote de caviar e um garrafa de Chardonnay.

Quando terminou, foi a cada um dos aposentos e colocou alguns pedaços de casca de camarão, besuntados com caviar, nas cavidades dos varões das cortinas.

Depois ela limpou a cozinha e se foi.

Mais tarde seu ex-marido chegou com a nova namorada, tudo estava tudo muito bem arrumado, cheirando a limpeza.

Depois, pouco a pouco, a casa começou a feder.

Eles tentaram de tudo: limparam, lavaram e arejaram a casa.

Todas as aberturas de ventilação foram verificadas à procura de possíveis ratos mortos e os tapetes foram limpos com vapor.

Desodorantes de ar e ambiente foram pendurados em todos os lugares.

A empresa de combate a insetos foi chamada para colocar gás em todos os encanamentos, durante alguns dias, durante os quais tiverem de sair da casa, e no fim ainda tiveram de pagar para substituir o caríssimo carpete de lã.

Nada funcionou.

As pessoas pararam de visitá-los.

Os funcionários das empresas de consertos se recusavam a trabalhar na casa..

A empregada se demitiu..

Finalmente, eles não suportavam mais o fedor e decidiram se mudar.

Um mês depois, apesar de terem reduzido o valor da casa em 50%, eles não conseguiram um comprador para a casa fedorenta.

A notícia se espalhava e nem mesmo corretores de imóveis locais retornavam as ligações.

Finalmente, eles tiveram de fazer um grande empréstimo do banco para comprar uma casa nova.

A ex-esposa ligou para o marido e perguntou como andavam as coisas.

Ele contou a ela o martírio da casa podre.

Ela escutou pacientemente e disse que sentia muitas saudades da casa antiga e que estaria disposta a reduzir a parte que lhe caberia do acordo de separação dos bens em troca da casa.

Sabendo que a ex-mulher não tinha idéia de como estava o fedor, ele concordou com um preço que era cerca de 1/10 do que valeria a casa.

Mas só se ela assinasse os papéis naquele dia mesmo.

Ela concordou e em menos de uma hora, os advogados dele entregavam os documentos à ela.

Uma semana depois, o homem e sua namorada assistiam, com um sorriso malicioso, os homens da mudança empacotando tudo para levar para a sua nova casa...
incluindo os varões das cortinas.


1 - Mulher não mente, e sim omite os fatos.

2 - Mulher não fofoca, mas sim troca informações.

3 - Mulher não trai, se vinga.

4 - Mulher não fica bêbada, entra em estado de alegria.

5 - Mulher nunca xinga, apenas é sincera.

6 - Mulher não grita, testa as cordas vocais.

7 - Mulher nunca chora, lava as pupilas dos olhos com freqüência.

8 - Mulher nunca olha para um homem sarado, apenas verifica suas formas anatômicas.

9 - Mulher sempre entende o que homem diz, só pede que explique novamente para testar sua capacidade de raciocínio.

10 - Mulher não sente preguiça, descansa a beleza.

11 - Mulher nunca sofre por amor, e sim entra em contradições com os sentimentos.


Bob Marley - Stir It Up

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Amo Vcs!!!! Love!!!! Liebe!!!!!!!

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