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A bedtime-story by Tolstoy

A bedtime-story by Tolstoy
Geschrieben von Ron Segal um 14:49

“Our goal is to have a robot soccer team beat a human team by 2050″, said the professor (Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Burkhard, Humboldt Uni) who was giving the lecture “Research and Fun: Robots play Soccer” at the last DAAD meeting (which was excellent – thank you very much!). The audience was laughing. After all, he had just shown us short clips of the latest mechanic-Beckhams and it didn’t look too promising: early attempts were tv-shaped thingies on wheels which knew how to perform two acts: catch and kick and kept bumping into each other like bumper-cars; second generation were those Japanese dogs we all know and love and they were playing soccer much worse than had they been real dogs; and the last generation – humanoids at last, quite short though – were the least impressive; they could walk in the pace of your average grandpa, but unlike your grandpa, when these little fellows fell down – the audience rolled with laughter. They stopped laughing quite abruptly though, when the mechanic-opa kicked the ground a few times and then stood up with no sign of rheumatism and rejoined the game, eager to win.

But really, 2050? doesn’t seem plausible. The professor reminded us that it took 257 years from the first steam-powered vehicle to the first Ferrari, but merely 66 years from the the Wright Flyer 1 to Apollo 11…And need I remind you the look on Kasparov’s face on May 11, 1997, when he stared into the deep blue eyes of the machine deigned by IBM which won a six-game chess-match by two wins to one with three draws? Or should I say: who won.

I was the sole audience member who wasn’t laughing. I was staring at the screen with sheer terror. I had a horrible Déjà vu, starting with two similar robots fighting in the streets of LA and ending with one of them becoming the current governor of California. It is quite clear to me that robots are our future, but it seems that our plans for them always end up changing, and not to our favor: we wanted robots to work for us – let them go out and provide for us – but now they’ve gotten so much better at it than us, that thousands of working places have been replaced by one greasy machine.

A.I. is the name of the game: Artificial Intelligence. Whether we want to beat Kasparov or Beckham, we have to be able to create a robot which could think for itself, learn from its mistakes, evolve. A short clip the professor showed us demonstrating a robot which learned to walk on his own much better than utilizing the software developed by his creators, was proof enough that AI is more than a mediocre Steven Spielberg movie.

But I’m not worried about losing my job to WALL-E or falling in love with a Voice Input Child Identicant (nick-named Vicki on “Small Wonder”). let’s imagine for a second that the people who designed “Deep Blue” would set a new goal for themselves: to create a robot which could write a best seller. They would go about it the same way they did with their last success: they would teach their robot (let’s call him Tolstoy 1000, or T-1000 for short) everything there is to know about literature; he would consume all the books ever written by men, from the Bible to “War and Peace” and know by heart every word ever written by a literary critic; he would be fed drama-algorithms and suspense-formulas; he would start by writing silly short stories and would pick up the pace faster than any child learning a new language; until finally, one day, they would send one of his stories to a local writing talent contest, where he would win his first award: Promising Writer of the Year.

2050 is coming up in 40 years. Most of you reading this would live to see it. By then you would probably have some robots helping around the house; driving your laundry to the cleaners and picking up the groceries on their way back; helping you up the stairs; reminding you to take your pills or to call your grandson for his birthday. At night they would bathe you and help you to bed, where they would cover you with your favorite blanket and wish you good night, or even tell you a bedtime-story, to ease your loneliness.

Welcome to Hipster Land

Posted on April 1, 2010 by Yolanda

Art X-Berg
The other day I was strolling through the streets of my neighbourhood, when I made an exceptional discovery. On the other side of the street I saw a colorful chaos that usually would be used as a store. It raised my eyebrows though because it did not seem to be selling anything. As I came closer, I could decipher the name of this place: “Art X-Berg - The Smallest Movie Theater in the Universe.“ Someone had transformed a store into a cinema/museum dedicated to film. The decorated window front was covered with newspaper articles, large colorful drawings by children, and pictures of famous movie stars.

Looking into the window I got dizzy: This was the imaginatorium of a serious collector; he had everything that would delight any movie fan, all jammed together in one place. Of course I wanted to go inside and see what else belonged in his collection. But I was put to a halt by a red-and-white barrier with a note hanging from it that read “I’m out at the moment, call me.“

Infront of Extra Fein
The door was wide open, and I could see a black-and-white film playing in the back so I called “Hallo?” into the dark room. A barking dog came running toward me. I thought he wanted to shred me into pieces, but his owner followed–also the owner of this museum.

From a cut-out newspaper article hanging from his door, I knew this was fifty-year old Alf, who looked like he had just walked out of the film E.T., and he spoke like it, too. I had difficulties understanding my fellow German neighbour, who tried to tell me he was in a meeting at the moment, impossible to interrupt it even for five minutes. He asked me to come back sometime after easter. There was nothing I could do, and I really did not want to interrupt his meeting with the movie, so I left and felt bummed for today’s blog post. I’ll go around there again after easter and see what else I can find in his store. But for my blog, I had to come up with plan B. After researching the World Wide Web, I found a cool event: The presentation of the brand-new “Save Fashion“ t-shirts at the shop Extra Fein.

DJ Set Funke
Extra Fein is an innovative store that sells selected pieces by unique designers. Extra Fein also produces their own t-shirts. Last night was the presentation of their new t-shirt collection and for this occasion they invited guests.

The underground store is not easily recognizable as a store at first. It is located behind two large metal doors, which open the way a garage door would, and graffiti artists have designed the doors to let them blend in with every other graffiti-covered gray wall in Berlin. I really wonder how they attract their customers, but I guess it is meant to stay underground.

I myself found out about it on the Berlin guide Unlike, and it seemed like there was going to be a fashion show with free champagne, cool tunes, and good-looking people, but upon arriving I found an awkward ensemble of hipsters who had obviously come with the same thought in mind I had.

Gallery hanging on the wall in Extra Fein
Everyone was looking around and waiting for something to finally happen. When anyone walked into the room, all eyes were on this person. Stripes, the color red and of course an “Extra Fein“ t-shirt were “In”.

The fashion show ended up being a party with the well-known Funke DJ set. People began moving to the techno tunes and the party got started. The four(!!)t-shirts we all came to look at hung next to the entrance. I thought to myself, oh no, what would they do if five people came to buy their shirts right now? They wouldn’t even have enough. Luckily I didn’t get into such a dilemma and I went home after an amusing evening.

Organize with Handmade Bins

Organize with Handmade Bins
Posted on Mar 26, 2010 2:11:21 PM | By HollyBecker

Is your closet a nightmare? When you open your wardrobe do you do so very carefully to avoid being buried in a sea of stuff? If you need some help organizing your things, opt for bins. I use them for everything from book storage to magazines, socks, slippers, toys, mittens, you name it I store it in a bin of some shape and size. I found some handmade bins (also called fabric baskets or storage buckets) that I like that I want to share if you only imagine plastic or wicker -- bins have come a long way! See for yourself...

Pretty and practical bins from sewing momma

1. Vintage wallpaper box 2. Pink vintage wallpaper 3. Pink and white bin 4. Customized burlap bin

1. Linen and bird egg storage bin 2. Floral bin 3. Oilcloth storage bins 4. Treehouse bin

1. storage bin small 2. linen and lace bin 3. doily bin 4. frog bin

Do you use bins? Where? For what items? Do you have favorite bins and if so, where did you find yours? I used them for my hair dryer and hot rollers in the bathroom, for my socks in the closet, for books in my cabinet and for magazines in my living room. In the entryway I have a bin where I keep my mittens.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

We like it wild: fresh eggs

Right now, in between bouts of rain, we’re dreaming of whiling away an uninterrupted afternoon in the early summer sun digging through dirt and loosening root balls. For most of us a garden means flowers, for some it may mean fresh fruits and vegetables. For a select few, working in their garden may be more akin to working on a small-scale farm complete with barnyard animals. We visited one such hard-working garden this week on our search for Easter inspiration.

Dary lives in Novato, a woodsy enclave in Marin County not far from San Francisco, and in addition to growing tons of veggies and wonderful cutting garden, she is also a mother hen to about 20 chickens. Producing one to two eggs a night, Dary has plenty of eggs to go around the neighborhood and was happy to share some of her clutch with us for this weeks post, as well as show us around the coop. Lucky for us, there were even a few hatchlings to play with. So cute!

Here’s a guide to Dary’s garden chickens: Jersey Giants are the black and white chicks, the yellowy-orange gals are Buff Orpingtons, the browns and whites are Red Sex-links, the brown-orange are Rhode Island Reds, and the black and browns are Araucanas. All these chickens lay lovely large brown eggs, except for the Araucanas, who (as any Martha fan can tell you) lay beautiful pale blue eggs. Although the outside colors are lovely, it’s what’s inside that’s the real treat. Homegrown eggs have richer yolks and thicker whites adding extra deliciousness to omelets, cakes, and other dishes.

Instead of dyeing our eggs we decided to turn them into mini vases for a springtime tabletop display. Just gently take off the top of your egg by tapping it on the edge of a bowl, then pour out the yolk and white to use later (we recommend making a Spanish Potato Tortilla with the leftovers – yum!). Rinse out the shell and make a paper sleeve with a small enough opening to hold your egg without slipping through. Fill your eggs with water and take a walk through your garden (or visit a florist and pick out a few stems) to gather little bits and blooms to fill your eggy-cups. Smaller flowers and sprigs work best; we used geranium, viburnum, lilac, muscari, forget-me-nots, and dogwood for ours. This project is so simple that you could easily whip out a dozen and use them as placecard holders for your Easter brunch or dinner. When you’re done you can compost the whole thing. Talk about easy clean up!

(If you’re interested in raising your own chickens, check out Sunset Magazine’s One-Block Diet experiment going on right now. Click on Team Chicken to read all about their chicks, and check out their recommendations for books all about raising chickens on your own, but check out the whole site to see what it’s like to try to live off the land when the land is your own square block of suburb.)

Pianist's show to celebrate Chopin's bicentennial

Pianist's show to celebrate Chopin's bicentennial
Rob Auler, acclaimed SUNY Oswego pianist and assistant professor of music, will celebrate legendary composer and pianist Frederic Chopin’s 200th birthday with an April 11 Faculty Series performance.

“Bicentennial Celebration” also will feature Carter Pann’s “Upstate: A Slow Drag,” commissioned by the Oswego College Foundation, at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 11, in the Campus Center auditorium.

Auler said Chopin, a Polish national hero of the early 19th century, “would be on the Mount Rushmore of piano composers.” Auler will perform a variety of selections from the composer’s solo piano repertoire.

“Artists across the country and the world have been paying tribute to this great artist throughout the calendar year,” Auler said. ” He did a great deal to revolutionize writing for the piano. One of his greatest gifts is that everything sounds spontaneous and natural —almost like 19th century piano jazz.”

Pann’s work is what Auler called a “concert-ragtime composition.” The program also will include Beethoven’s “Waldstein Sonata.”

“The concert is highly audience-friendly, accessible and immediate for the listener,” Auler said.

Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for SUNY Oswego students through Tyler box office, or online at

The Faculty Artist Series is a new music department initiative to bring more public visibility to the creative efforts of its faculty.

- 30 -

VIDEO: Angelina Jolie Springs into Action in Salt

By Blane Bachelor

Thursday April 01, 2010 11:45 AM EDT

With car chases, espionage, narrow escapes and steamy sex scenes, Angelina Jolie's new action film Salt appears to be anything but bland.

In the the movie, which is scheduled to be released July 23, Jolie, 34, plays a CIA operative, Evelyn Salt, who is accused of being a Russian spy. The trailer showcases the action-film chops Jolie honed as video-game adventurer Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider series, opening with Jolie escaping from a police vehicle, followed by scenes in which she eludes captors on foot and motorcycle.

Jolie's costar, Liev Schrieber, plays her CIA colleague.
– Blane Bachelor

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Ausgerechnet zu Ostern BILD-Hase Hobbit hat sich den Fuß verknackst

Häschen „Hobbit“ entzückt ganz PellwormKein Gipsfuß, aber Holzschuh: Hobbit hat sich die Pfote verstaucht, muss kürzertretenFoto: Stefan Hesse1

Häschen „Hobbit“ entzückt ganz PellwormEi, dieses Osternest lebt ja! Für seine Fans ließ sich

Häschen „Hobbit“ entzückt ganz Pellworm„Hobbit“ ist frech und fröhlichFoto: Sybill Schneider3

Häschen „Hobbit“ entzückt ganz PellwormNeufundländer „Fender“ (3), 60 Kilo schwer, behütet seinen kleinen FreundFoto: Sybill Schneider11

Trend: Patchwork-Jeans sind zurück!

Hippie Hipie ShakeNeuauflage der 70er Patchwork-JeansSo jung, so schön, so rebellisch: Rocker-Töchterchen

Hippie Hipie ShakeNeuauflage der 70er Patchwork-JeansSo jung, so schön, so rebellisch: Rocker-Töchterchen Georgia May Jagger räkelt sich für die aktuelle Jeans-Kampagne von Hudson in knappen Hotpants auf der britischen FlaggeFoto: Hudson Jeans1

Teenager erobern Fashion-Szene

Teenager erobern Fashion-Szene
Immer mehr junge Leute veröffentlichen Tagebücher im Internet. So auch Jane Aldridge und Tavi Gevinson. Die 18 und 13 Jahre alten Teenager locken täglich bis zu 70 000 Besucher auf ihre Mode-Blogs.

Als Jane Aldridge ihren ersten Blog-Eintrag ins Netz stellte, hoffte die 15-Jährige auf eine Handvoll Leser. Heute ist sie 18 und hat auf ihrem Blog „Sea of Shoes“ jeden Tag etwa 70 000 Besucher. Lifestyle-Magazine wie „Vanity Fair“ und „Teen Vogue“ haben schon über Jane berichtet, und sie hat bereits ihre eigenen Schuhe entworfen, für das Modelabel Urban Outfitters. „Ich hätte am Anfang nie gedacht, dass Blogs einmal das werden können, was sie heute sind“, sagt die junge Frau.

Die Fashion-Blogger sind zu einem wichtigen Faktor in der Modewelt geworden. Bei Präsentationen sitzen sie ganz vorn am Laufsteg neben den Redakteurinnen und Redakteuren der großen Modemagazine. Und sie arbeiten mit großen Mainstream-Marken beim Design neuer Entwürfe zusammen.

Modefirmen setzen auf Blogger

„Im vergangenen Jahr ist das geradezu explodiert“, sagt Jane Keltner, die Ressortleiterin für Modenachrichten bei der „Teen Vogue“. Außerdem werden die Blogger immer jünger – die 13-jährige Tavi Gevinson, Verfasserin des Fashion-Blogs „Style Rookie“, hat dem Modedesigner Rodarte dabei geholfen, Kleider für den Einzelhändler Target zu entwerfen. Sie ist auf dem Cover des Magazins „Pop“ ebenso zu finden wie auf Modenschauen in aller Welt. Ihre Kommentare erschienen auch schon im Fachblatt „Harper´s Bazaar“.

Der größte Kleidungshersteller in den USA, American Apparel, präsentierte Bloggerinnen wie Karla Deras in seiner Werbung. Und Designer Marc Jacobs hat eine Tasche nach dem Blogger Bryanboy benannt. Die großen Marken sind alle sehr daran interessiert, Kontakt zu Bloggern zu bekommen, die bereits eine große Anhängerschaft haben und als einflussreich gelten. Der Sprecher des Einzelhändlers „Target“, Joshua Thomas, erklärt, dies sei eine gute Möglichkeit, um den Kundenkontakt zu vertiefen: „Tavis Blog ist äußerst populär, und sie hat eine treue Anhängerschaft.“

Der kanadische Einzelhändler Holt Renfrew hat sich bei der Schaufenstergestaltung an den Arbeiten von sechs Fashion-Bloggern orientiert, unter ihnen Jane Aldridge. Zurzeit gebe es schon fast eine Übersättigung mit Mode-Blogs, sagt Kreativdirektor John Gerhardt. „Aber diejenigen, die wirklich populär sind und ihre Anhänger haben, sind auch diejenigen, die wirklich ein Auge haben.“

Inspiration: Living on the River Thames

Times Online UK

Small Spaces month is officially upon us and while we aren't quite sure exactly how small this space is, it definitely is cool. Belonging to English author Josie Curran, this home incorporates layers of texture (she has an amazing rug collection) and appropriate pops of pink. And when we say "living on the river Thames"...

Alexander Klaws über Menowin, Mehrzad und Co.

Alexander Klaws über Menowin, Mehrzad und Co.
01.04.10 10:54Ex-DSDS-Gewinner beurteilt seine möglichen Nachfolger

Alexander Klaws wurde 2003 zum Superstar ...
Nur noch zweieinhalb Wochen bis zum großen Finale von "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (RTL, 17.4., 20.15 Uhr)! Derzeit sieht es schwer nach einem Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen zwischen Menowin (22) und Mehrzad (29) aus. Wer hat die größten Chancen? In "Bild" meldet sich jetzt Ex-DSDS-Gewinner Alexander Klaws (26) zu Wort. Über Menowin sagt er zum Beispiel: "Ich fände es armselig, wenn er Superstar wird, nur weil er mal Häftling war".

Was Alexander Klaws sonst noch über die verbleibenden DSDS-Kandidaten denkt und was aus seiner eigenen Karriere geworden ist, lesen Sie in der MSN STARLOUNGE-Fotoshow - einfach hier klicken!


Wer wird also Alexanders Nachfolger? "Im Finale werden Menowin und Mehrzad sein. Mehrzad ist mein absoluter Favorit, weil er einfach der Beste dieser Staffel ist", prognostiziert der Ex-Gewinner ...
Nur noch zweieinhalb Wochen bis zum großen Finale von "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (RTL, 17.4., 20.15 Uhr)! Derzeit sieht es schwer nach einem Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen zwischen Menowin (22) und Mehrzad (29) aus. Wer hat die größten Chancen? In "Bild" meldet sich jetzt Ex-DSDS-Gewinner Alexander Klaws (26) zu Wort. Über Menowin sagt er zum Beispiel: "Ich fände es armselig, wenn er Superstar wird, nur weil er mal Häftling war".

Flores em tecido - Amor Perfeito

Anna Paquin Comes Out as Bisexual

Anna Paquin Comes Out as Bisexual
By Blane Bachelor

Thursday April 01, 2010 10:30 AM EDT

Anna Paquin with fiancé Stephen Moyer


No one saw this coming! Anna Paquin, who plays a telepathic vampire on HBO's True Blood, has come out as bisexual.

Paquin, who's engaged to her True Blood costar Stephen Moyer, makes the announcement in a PSA video promoting the Give a Damn campaign, which features celebritiess speaking out for equality.

"I'm Anna Paquin. I'm bisexual and I give a damn," Paquin, 27, says on-camera during a private taping on Jan. 30 in Los Angeles. Sources said they were unaware beforehand that Paquin would make the announcement.

Others who were present at the taping included comedian Margaret Cho and singers Mya and Jason Mraz.

Paquin's PSA comes on behalf of the True Colors Fund, an organization dedicated to earning equal rights for people who are gay, straight, bisexual or transgendered. The organization's "Give A Damn" campaign launches Thursday, with Paquin's spot as the first of several to be unveiled on-line in coming months.

Other major names in the campaign include Kim Kardashian, Elton John, Whoopi Goldberg, Cynthia Nixon, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Judith Light, Clay Aiken and Wanda Sykes.

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Boa Páscoa

Relógio de Parede

Relógio de parede

Um relógio de parede feito com revistas ( aquela velha técnica de cestaria com rolinhos de papel) e aquelas máquinas de relógio que você compra em lojas para artesanato:

Você vai precisar de : revistas, com páginas mais firmes, de papel couché, uma máquina de relógio, com ponteiros etc,linha de tapeçaria, agulha pra tapeçaria, duas peças plásticas daquelas que vêm em cima de embalagens de cds virgens, cujo tamanho e formato são iguais dos cds, mas são transparentes, e tesoura.

Com a ajuda de uma caneta, enrole os papéis...

Dobre-os mais ou menos ao meio e atravesse-os com agulha e linha de tapeçaria...

E vá fazendo isso com vários e vários canudos de papel...

Até formar uma "mandala", meio irregular, com pontas mais ou menos longas...

Fica asssim.Ou pelo menos deve ficar assim...

Antes de colocar a máquina do relógio, ponha uma daquelas peças da embalagem de cd., para apoiar bem a máquina e deixar o relógio firme.

Do outro lado, coloque outra peça daquelas de embalagem de cd.Você pode cortar um painel redondo para o relógio, colocar números ou fazer uma colagem nessa peça, por exemplo.Que tal boplar um painel em algum programa de computador e imprimir?Bote o artista relojoeiro suiço que existe dentro de você para fora rsrs....

Aí é só colocar os ponteiros...E pronto, relógio novo para a parede!
Fotos: Design Sponge

FIRST LOOK: Brad Paisley Creates Cartoon Version of Himself, Son Huck

By Eileen Finan

Thursday April 01, 2010 09:45 AM EDT
The first time Kimberly Williams-Paisley left her country star husband in charge of their son Huck, she was, he recalls, a nervous mother.

"She was going away to do a press thing in New York, and she gave me this list of things to do like: 'No gluten, make sure he takes his nap, don't let him watch TV,' " Brad Paisley says of the care needs of the now 3-year-old. So, he did what any caring husband would do: He punk'd his wife.

"We no sooner had a 'coast is clear' kind of situation, [then my band and I] went and bought a doll at Toys 'R Us – a life-size, most realistic doll we could find – and dressed it up in the same clothes [as Huck] and filmed," says the practical jokester, known for pranking tour mates Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler.

"We had the doll on a horse, and we wanted to see how far down this hill the stroller would go and what would happen. We filmed all this stuff – these fictitious things that I put my son through – like shooting a gun. He was shooting a revolver at a target, and he's not even 2!"

Such a Hit!
When Kimberly returned, Paisley played his video spoof – which had "horrifying but hilarious" results. It was such a hit with her and their friends that he was talked into sharing it with the Nashville Film Festival.

Paisley, who often makes animated videos as part of his live show, created an animated opening credits sequence (featuring the cartoon versions of his family) to go along with the live action video, and voila: When Mom's Away was born.

The short film will show one night only – in Nashville on April 22, the festival's closing night as an introduction to Entourage actor Adrian Grenier's documentary Teenage Paparazzo – though Paisley says he has no plans to give up his day job.

"I'm not a director, and I'm not a filmmaker of any kind," he says. "I have no plans for this to go anywhere else. But it's fun to do. You're just seeing me being a goof."

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Dicas rápidas e práticas para uma Páscoa diferente

Dicas rápidas e práticas para uma Páscoa diferente

às 09:47 Por Paula Patricia

Quero desejar uma Feliz Páscoa pra tod@s vocês, mas queria fazer isso de uma forma diferente. Trouxe então dois vídeos pensando na seguinte situação: " Quero uma Páscoa bonita e diferente, mas estou sem tempo ou sem muito dinheiro. Preciso pensar em algo prático e econômico".

Sendo assim, encontrei esse vídeo que ensina a decorar a mesa para a Páscoa. Destaco os guardanapos dobrados como orelha de coelho e os ovinhos de chocolate pequenos distribuídos pela mesa como coisas simples que você pode fazer rapidamente e sem gastar muito.

O segundo vídeo ensina a fazer um sanduíche com a colomba pascal salgada do Pão de Açúcar, que é uma novidade interessante. Na verdade, você logo percebe que dá pra fazer com qualquer tipo de pão. O interessante aqui é a praticidade e as cores dos ingredientes, que deixam o sanduíche apetitoso, além de ser bem saudável. O toque final de salsinha e azeite de oliva deixa o prato com cara de Páscoa. É um prato salgado,ótimo pra substituir, por exemplo, bolinhos de bacalhau que são fritos (menos saudáveis), mais caros e mais complicados de fazer.Você pode recortar o sanduíche em formato de ovo da páscoa, em forma de silhueta de coelho, pode rechear com patê de atum, etc.

O Exterminador do Futuro - Filme

Depois de muita conversa, finalmente a franquia O Exterminador do Futuro, que até algumas semanas atrás estava à venda, parece ter ganhado um destino certo. A produtora Pacificor - que atualmente detém os direitos da série - teria fechado uma parceria com a Fox. O motivo? Um novo "reboot", agora com produção de Robert Rodriguez (Sin City).

Rodriguez, de fato, parece ser perfeito para assumir o projeto. Ele produz o remake de Predador, estrelado por Adrien Brody, que, dizem os críticos, chega a ser melhor que o original.

Além disso, o cara parece reunir, numa coisa só, tecnologia e elementos vintage. Veremos como essa história termina.



Odeio mentiras, mesmo as pequeninas ou piedosas. Ainda consigo odiar mais quando as pessoas se mentem a si próprias. Eu já menti a mim própria algumas vezes e custou mais ainda do que se alguém me tivesse enganado. É saber lá no fundo mas fingir que nao se sabe, é ver mas olhar para o outro lado. A verdade gosta de se mostrar, por isso se diz que a mentira tem perna curta. Tem. Às vezes nao vale a pena expor um mentiroso porque o destino há-de tratar dele. Outras vezes expomos a mentira, o engano mas a pessoa ainda está convencida da história que inventou, de tantas vezes que a contou a terceiros para a fazer ser verdade. É por isso que eu sou mais do estilo de deixar andar, nao provocar e deixar que cada pessoa fique com a sua versao. Mas nao é por isso que odeio menos as mentiras.

Acho que o meu maior defeito é a falta de frontalidade com pessoas de quem eu desconfio. Quando desconfio de alguém vou à volta em vez de ir de frente. Acho sempre que se perguntar directamente algo me vao mentir e eu nao vou poder ter mesmo a certeza da verdade. Por isso, começo por fazer perguntas inocentes e se sinto a mentira no ar vou dando corda e mais corda para as pessoas se enforcarem. Para isto tenho que pelo menos saber uma parte da história a 100% e se nessa parte a pessoa falhar está o caldo entornado. Ou seja, provoco que me mintam mas depois de mil mentiras pequeninas mais uma grande nao custa nada e as pessoas acabaram sempre por nunca assumir as verdades, mesmo que até fossem desculpáveis. Basicamente a minha estratégia descobre-os mas também lhes nega a possibilidade de se redimirem. Para alguém que odeia mentiras eu sei que devia jogar mais limpo, mas é uma forma para tirar a prova dos nove. Nao faço isso por dá cá aquela palha, mas quando estou desconfiada esta é uma boa soluçao. Na minha vida nao fiz isto muitas vezes mas foi sempre arrepiante ver a naturalidade com que os mentirosos mentem e empurram as culpas para outras pessoas. Deixa-me a pensar que deve ser muito fácil enganar-me, eu é que apanhei poucos.

A Minha Eterna Mensagem De Páscoa

A Minha Eterna Mensagem De Páscoa


Páscoa é renascimento...
É passagem...
É mudança e transformação...
É ser novo um mesmo ser
Que recomeça pela própria libertação.
Fica para trás uma vida cheia de poeira
E começa agora um novo caminhar
Cheio de luz, de fortalecimento,
Esperanças renovadas,
E um arco-íris rasga o céu
E parece balbuciar que Jesus ressurgiu
para nos provar que o amor
incondicional existe, assim como a vida eterna.

A Todos Desejo Uma Feliz e Santa Páscoa!

Abraço da Luz

Family surprise

Family surprise

Last year Pablo and I hosted Easter Sunday at our house. I was 12 weeks pregnant and we wanted to share the news with our family.

So, while everyone was relaxing in the living room, Pablo got up and casually handed his mother a picture of my most recent sonogram. Naturally, she gasped, then quickly concealed her delight as best she could and handed the photo to Paul's father who, without missing a beat, said, "Who is this? I know this person. Who IS this?"

He was completely serious.

This year we're hosting Easter again at our house, and I'm so excited to cook and spend time with our crazy-in-the-best-way family. I'll be deviling eggs... and boiling eggs... and dipping eggs in dye...

...and with any luck, they'll be 1/10th as pretty as Abby's delicious dozen.*

Hang Around

The weather this week has been oh so lovely!
All I want to do is grab our hammock and hang around all day.

Borboletas de Fuxico - PAP/Passo a Passo

Galleries / Scenic / shreveport

070405 --- Fireworks expode over the Red river and downtown Shreveport/Bossier City during Riverblast 2005. Times Photo/Shane Bevel

One of five 6"-foot alligators on display at Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City, Louisiana soaks up the hot Louisiana sun Wednesday afteroon August 4, 2004 near a pair of boots also on display as props . The Alligators live in their 3,000-square-foot habitat in front of the business along the Red River. The alligators, who are on loan from the Bayou Pierre Alligator Park in Natchitoches Parish, will return to the part when temperatures drop this winter. (AP Photo/Jim Hudelson 08.04.04)

Photo by Jessica Leigh

Greg Pearson/The Times
Canoe trip along Dorcheat Bayou.

09/15/03 Ten-year-old Rachel Kleinpeter of Ruston waves to one of many planes that flew into Shreveport Downtown Airport Monday as part of the National Air Tour which recreates the last visit of the National Air Tour in 1931. Greg Pearson/The Times

Jessica Leigh
Powered parachute pilot Jim Malone flies across a sunset over Shreveport, La. on Friday, May 20, 2005, at dawn. Brothers Paul and Pat Harwell returned to the air after their brother, Bill Harwell, was killed Wednesday when the balloon he was riding in struck at least one power line and caught fire in southwest Shreveport, police said.

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