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Where will you be on December 21st 2012?

As almost everyone now knows, a doomsday scenario has been predicted to occur on December 21st 2012, but unlike apocalyptic predictions of the past, this one is corroborated by ancient wittings and prophesies from nearly every major and minor religion around the world. If that wasn't enough reason to be concerned, the U.S. and governments across the globe have been frantically building massive underground bunkers and "doomsday vaults", without giving the public any rational explanation for their mad rush. Even NASA has warned us about the "largest ever" solar mass ejections coming in 2012, and they've raised concern about the sudden and unexpected depletion of our protective magnetosphere. And just to make your butt pucker a wee bit more, President Obama just signed an Executive Order; the order forbids astronomers from releasing information about "incoming objects" without government approval... All just coincidences of course.

The Book of Revelation, the Mayans, the Hopi, NASA, and many others, all point towards the sun being our biggest threat in 2012. You've no doubt done some research on all of this, otherwise you wouldn't be here (if you haven't, do it now!).

The sun issue is only part of it. As many of you know, an object has entered our solar system that is the cause of our sun's flare-up, and has begun to have an effect on the inner planets, which is why our weather disasters and quakes of late, have been off the charts in frequency and ferocity. This object is what's responsible for the sudden depletion of our magnetosphere, and has already affected earth's spin. It is believed that once the earth firmly locks on to this object's gravitational force, a "pole shift" will occur, causing massive crustal displacement... Do you want to be on the surface or underground when that happens?

In the simplest of terms, the earth will get pummeled until this object orbits around the sun, and heads back out into deep space. During this onslaught, the sun will burn up nearly everything in the air or on the surface, while massive quakes and tectonic shifts may destroy anyone hiding in an underground facility. So what does that leave?... Yep, submarines.

Operation Aquarius is a team of highly trained naval officers who have used their connections, and pooled their resources to purchase a decommissioned submarine, and we are presently working on acquiring two more. All three will be specially refitted for the sole purpose of surviving the Apocalypse. Because stored food, medical equipment and supplies are of such great concern, we will only have room on each sub for twenty (20) non-crew passengers.

The cost is one million dollars ($1,000,000 U.S.) per seat. No, that's not expensive at all. Military decommissioned submarines that are still sea-worthy are not cheap, neither is the cost of refitting them to ensure they (and we) survive what's coming. Every penny is going into the subs (can't you tell from this fancy website). The truth is, we could've charged ten times this amount, and still filled every seat, but we're just trying to cover expenses, with the full knowledge that after December 21st 2012, money will have absolutely no value anyway. It has been rumored that the secret facilities being set up for the world's elite, are charging in the neighborhood of one billion euros per space, and though they're getting a lot more luxury than we can offer, because their facilities are underground, we think our chances of survival are much greater. But don't worry, if we don't survive, you can request a refund.
Once you've been accepted, you will be given monthly e-mail updates on how the refits are progressing. All three subs will be ready by the end of 2011. You are expected to keep any information about submarine specifications, locations, standby dates and locales TO YOUR SELF!!! You need to understand this; as we get closer and closer to D-Day, and as more evidence becomes clear to the masses, panic will ensue. People will be looking for safety without regard for who they have to harm to find it. If you leak information, and if we have "problems" from panic stricken people that interfere with our boarding and departure, guess who gets the bed on the outside of the sub?

You will need to supply current photographs of yourself and any traveling companions, so the boarding officer can identify you at departure. You will also be expected to keep us aware of any changes in contact information, health status, or traveling companions.

A temporary housing facility for all passengers will be made available near the boarding area. You will be expected to arrive there at least a month before departure. During this month, you will receive specialized training in both survival and basic submarine operations, should the need arise. If the situation warrants it, you will be given emergency instructions via phone or e-mail for earlier departure.

Sadly, based on projections, we may be stuck underwater for weeks, maybe months, which makes it impossible for us to bring your pets on board (we're all pet lovers, so it saddens us too), but you can bring them with you to the housing facility to spend a last month with them. Likewise, there will not be room on the sub for your personal mementos, if they fill more than one suitcase. If there are pictures and paperwork you would like to preserve, we suggest that you make copies of them on DVDs. We will be bringing lead-cased computers that are specially designed to survive severe EMPs, and you may freely store your data there.

So what happens after? Assuming we live through it, each sub has a medical officer, an agricultural officer, an engineering officer, and a number of personnel that are cross trained in all weather survival. If our ionosphere isn't completely screwed-up, the three subs will separate and keep in radio contact while searching for safe harbor. If the ionosphere is screwed-up, and radio communication isn't possible, we will stay together for the search.

We will first try to locate coastal cities that weren't completely washed away, these will provide much in the way of canned food to replenish our rations. We assume that most, if not all of the people in these cities will be dead, and as unpleasant as it sounds, we will be scavenging from what they've left behind. Large buildings that survived will provide excellent shelter, and we are bringing with us several solar generators and atmospheric water generators to meet our power and water needs. Because most of the topsoil will be burned off, we will partially rely on seafood, as we construct indoor hydroponic gardens. We will also have radiation gear and weapons, should use of either become necessary. We want to stay near the ocean, not just because of the food, but also because massive sun induced deforestation may actually cause oxygen levels to be substantially lower inland.

Beyond this, we continue to try and make contact with other survivors, and perhaps rebuild society. It is reasonable to assume that there will be other survivors. At a minimum, the submarine fleets of the world should fare quite well, unfortunately for replenishment purposes, 95% of the world's submariners are men, but chances are that the government's underground facilities (at least some of them) will make it through as well. Consider this, the world and resources that once supported nearly 7 billion people, will be shared by probably a few million survivors at most, so speaking entirely from a pragmatic perspective, the future could be nice for those that make it through.

The e-mail address below is not for "interested parties" who want to grill us ad-nauseam about the technical specifications of this operation. Please understand that everything... E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G is considered classified, except to members of the expedition. Why? For the simple reason explained earlier, identifying the subs, their classes or designations, their locales, their crew members, or anything else, could serve to the detriment of the members of this expedition when departure time comes. The e-mail address below is only for those people who are ready to immediately purchase their seats (assuming any are left when you read this). Send us your contact information and the number of seats desired, and we will send you transaction instructions. Once we have your fee, we will send you passenger confirmation, and other instructions and recommendations (what to bring, physical preparations, etc.).

If we cannot accommodate all members of your group, we will inform you, and give you the option of placing the overflow on a standby list (in case a space opens up), or withdrawing your request for seating entirely. We will only accept payment for seats we can confirm, but we will give priority standby to those people on the list who already have paid members aboard. We are not trying to show favoritism, we are simply trying to avoid splitting up families.

Hope to see you on the other side of this...
"Profundum Servo!"

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