Dienstag, 13. April 2010

Happy Easter and a Happy Passover

All of us at perch. wish you and yours a
Happy Easter and a Happy Passover.

Flowering branches Jack picked and arranged in the front hall at perch.

What could be more fabulous than Spring flowering branches and Easter eggs covered with sparkly rhinestones?

Caroline and Andre and the family are going to brunch. Jack is laying low. Valorie and Alberto may check out the Easter parade in the French Quarter.

We sat around the lunch table talking about Easter memories.

Ian is here today, and said his wife hid 300 plastic eggs filled with candy for the kids in their small back yard last year, and they are still finding them!!!

Jack talked about his father being a hunter and how much Jack hates the taste of rabbit. Apparently it was Jack's job to soak the bunnies in salt water to remove the pellets.

The Vamp ate only the ears off chocolate bunnies, and remembered when her father would hold back hiding one egg until late in the night when all the kids finally gave up the search. He'd put in an obvious spot, saying it was there all the time you little knuckleheads.

Oh the memories....

What do you remember about Easter or Passover, and what do you do now to celebrate?

Beautiful Easter table done by Eddie and Jaithan at Eddie Ross HERE

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